False Symphony

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Chapter 1 (v.1) - The kingdom of accusation

Submitted: November 23, 2016

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Submitted: November 23, 2016



Gold....silver....precious starlight jewels....ocean hearts....pure pink pearls. All belonged to the kingdom of Accusation. Being awoken from a 500 year rest to the sound and smell of the jewels and money.....the beautiful colors sparkled below me in the carriage toward that blasted kingdom. My golden green scales could only feel the wind as my yellow eyes peered to the kingdom. It was busy once more....the last time I had seen the kingdom the walls crumbled....the towers shattered as my talons had sunken into their meek defenses. 

"Ladon, you have awoken."

I pulled my head back inside my cavern to turn slowly around hearing my long talons scrap against my empty stone floor to face the chrystal waters of my dearest friend as he slowly raised his dark blue head out of the water. 

"Chua. How have you been dear friend."

Thier silver teeth showed as they  took in a breathe exhaling crystal water droplets into the caverns air.

"They are not going well Ladon. The dragons are dying. We are running out of places to hide....out of places to find our resting places. We must find a way to exsist Ladon."

"Dragons Exstinct? How has this happened?"

"They had found ways to kill our brothers....our sisters...wives...husbands. Some even had the nerve to not only kill them but then use their bodies as goods to sell. To trade....create medicine for those stupid mortal......humans."

"THey believe they are the top of the world do they not...."


"I will destroy them. I will rise and make them remember our STRENGTH. OUR POWER."

"Ladon....listen I-"

"Chua. Come with me."

His black eyes looked into mine to take a deep breathe before light blue sparks flew around his form. I saw his form shirnk....transform. I smiled to see my yellow sparks flood around me and in a bright flash he and I were in our humanoid forms. Chua was still ovious that he was not human. His forarms and hands dark blue with long nails and scales......His ears still sephant like made for the water.

"Ladon please. I shouldn't go. My human form....it isn't optimal."

"Have you not rested dear Chua?"

"I have not rested for 1000 years. I'm afraid I would be of no help to you like this."

He looked away from me as his scales showed more.

"Chua.....rest here. I shall bring us things. Do not worry....my dear friend."

I walked to a worn dusty chest to pull out the clothing I had last worn in this form. I slide them on to stomp the shoes on before heading toward the cavern entrance to hear a splash of water to turn and see Chua's large head resting against the caverns smoothe floor as the rest of his body was swallowed by the pool of water.

"I will return to you shorty Chua. I swear."


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