era-ending girl

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Submitted: November 23, 2016

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Submitted: November 23, 2016



Once in an era, this girl is born, with a hallowed soul and a handsome heart. This girl, the era-ending girl, she sparkled among polished jewels.

She looked as if someone painted a galaxy upon her skin, drawn the sun into her smile. Her veins were like tapestry, intertwining blue and purple under a silken veil. Her eyes held the power of a dying star and her voice enraptured like a black hole.

She was loving, giving, selfless. Her heart bled for longing and care, for family and friendship, the ability to cherish. Her muscles strained for others, to carry world after world upon her thin shoulders. 

So, she hummed sore notes and smiled brightly to chase away the troubled pain. And when the aloneness washes a wave too high and swallows her whole, the hurt-filled lungs of a damaged girl unable to capture the breath to call out to those she carried, are filled. And when she finally coughs out enough to whisper, she's overpowered by the carried. So, she stifles her cries and continues to tend to the flames of self-destruction while the others tend to theirs.

But, one day this era-ending girl will be so filled with hurt she'll burst, collapse, shrivel into nothing, and with her the worlds, no a whole era. She'll stay true to her name and, when that era crumbles and a new arises, another girl will shine under the worldly weight she's destined to carry.

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