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what augmented reality will be like in the future

Submitted: November 24, 2016

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Submitted: November 24, 2016



Marketers are always the biggest audiences waiting for the newest technologies to come out. This gives them the opportunity to reach a new range of consumers more effectively and efficiently. Augmented reality happens by using certain sensors, a compass, software and little projectors. Augmented reality is just the beginning and is rising steadily. This content can be accessed by viewing an image with a mobile device that creates an action. This is used to fill in the gap between the digital and physical realities.

 Currently, there have been great strides in the world of construction. For instance, according to, construction workers who are working off old-fashioned blueprints state that work on a project that uses them is more time consuming. A software names Bently gives you a prior display by having the blueprints at your fingertips. The gives the worker detailed instructions on how a specific piece of construction should be done.

 Likewise, clothing companies would want to invest in augmented reality technology to use it for fitting trials, instead of having long waiting lines to try on clothes for the fitting room.

Immediately think of what these new technologies could do for the interior designers market. Envision the designer being able to easily show their clients what their future homes or businesses would be like. All the designer has to do is point their smartphone, tablet, or laptop camera to an empty space to add furniture, change the color of the walls, and illustrate floor options. The field of construction is not the only place that could benefit.

 Similarly to construction, the future for the medical field would be highly advanced by using augmented reality. Accordion the article “11 extraordinary uses for Augmented Reality,” on, medical students use ARnatomy instead of studying regular anatomy textbooks. This uses augmented reality to find out exactly what type of bone is being studied. Thus, revealing all of its information on a screen, and it allows the user to manipulate a model. Phlebotomists, in Australia use AccuVein, which is an item that contains a detector that takes the infrared photons from the heat given off from the body. Then, it converts them into voltage, which is converted into an image that projects back onto a patients’ skin. Further, surgeons can also use augmented reality to get access to a live image of a human subject when performing procedures.

Soldiers can receive detailed three dimensional maps when they need information on their surroundings. “You are able to perform your mission with high awareness of their surroundings, with enhanced safety, speed, and in close coordination with team members,” ARA claims from

Imagine a world where consumers will use their phones to acquire further details on how an object was crafted or installed far beyond what is listed. Augmented reality is our future as we enter the world with higher education to explore endless discoveries. Humanity has flourished in a plethora of ways and will continue to do so using this technology.

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