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To the one who brought me back to life then sucked it all out of me.
To my beloved F.D

Submitted: November 24, 2016

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Submitted: November 24, 2016





My cigarette, 

when you aren't there I crave you,

the thought of you makes me want more of you,

and the sight of you excites and tingles my skin.

You numb the sting of my wounds,

kill my fears and fill the holes of emptiness and cracks of misery within me.

The moment I put you near my lips, 

and breath you in, deeply as I feel it all in me,

I sense the love and addiction, and breath in more.

Feel the hazy, high feeling out of this world. 

Knowing you're killing me inside, yet bringing me back to life

I keep on bringing you closer, taking more and more, 

 till the end of you reaches;

and burn my lips.

I dropped you on the floor, and you landed on a puddle of my tears.

I knew it was the time to leave.

And to forget you, a chainsmoker I became.



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