Don't Talk About it

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Submitted: November 24, 2016

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Submitted: November 24, 2016




Don’t Talk About it

Every once in awhile I would take a glance around the room just to collect my thoughts and give my eyes a break from my phone. The only light that was on in my room was a painting I got at the Outer Banks last summer. Its an image of the boardwalk, the lights fade away within distance of the pier. “That’s it! I can’t handle the both of you here anymore.” I could hear my landlord Berry Cooper outside my window preaching to my mother. “It would be a different story if I was just you here, your boy is causing too much trouble and making my life harder than it should be.” I knew exactly what he was talking about but it wasn’t my fault. You see my best friend Anthony doesn’t always make the best decisions but he sure is loyal.


You see me and Anthony do the same thing every night. We get a big bag of … let’s just call them “sandwiches”, go back to his house and listen to music and just talk about life. This night was different though, unexpected.


Honestly I didn’t want any trouble I just wanted to go to Get-Go get some munchies, get my swisher and go. I always get two Kit-Kats for me, a bag of Sour Patch Kids for Anthony and two water bottles. Anthony always puts me to shame when I walk back the to car by announces to the world that all the food is for me. I was waiting for Anthony to roast me the second I stepped out of the building. I heard nothing and the car had been abandoned  from its original spot and was replaced by a rusty green mini van.


Confused and panicked I stood still for a minute convinced I had one too many “sandwiches”. Next thing I know the door to the ice cooler right next to the entrance swings open. that alone scared me. When Anthony screamed “what are you doing!” I was terrified.He has such a deep voice for such a skinny guy I don’t understand it. “ You should have seen your face, I think that is my new favorite face that you could ever make” he said with tears coming down his face. “You would have been scared too, don’t even try to deny it” I replied embarrassed. We walked around the right side of the store where he had kept the car hidden. As we round the corner I get a glimpse of the wicked Wesley Cooper. He acts like he owns me just because his dad owns the motel my mother and I stay in.


“Well look who it is Dirty Dan and his orphan brother Ugly Anthony”. I think that was Wesleys way of introducing us to the two goons sitting in the back of his moderately new pick up. I was willing to ignore his very creative nicknames and move on with my night but Anthony wasn't having it. “Nice to see you too Wesley tell your mom I said hi. Oh and do you mind asking her for my underwear back I forgot them last night”. I was shook, I couldn’t believe that come out of Anthony's mouth. Not because that’s something he wouldn’t usually say but because Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum looked like they could juggle the two of us with no problem.


“What did you just say to me Orphan Boy?” Wesley replied visually


“You heard me Pinhead” Anthony grumbled under his breath


“Don’t make me beat you in front of your brother now. Now tell me what you just said to me”


At this point both of the gentlemen that were on the truck were now posted side by side right behind Wesley. This didn’t faze Anthony whatsoever he stood tall and kept a straight face. I had never been so daunted in my life, I mean I’ve never even been in a fight before. I know how to make a fist and all that but I’ve never physically hit anyone before. We were doomed and Anthony knew it too but he wasn’t going to let that scum bag talk to us like that. Anthony looked at me and darted his eyes in the direction of the car and quickly back at Wesley. I knew what I was supposed to do and I waited for him to make his move. Wesley got real close to Anthony so close Anthony was able to punch Wesley right in the nose. He had been doubled over and Anthony was able to kick him into one of the fellows groins and have the fellow and Wesley laying on top of each other on the cold cement. The other large fellow moved quickly to the opportunity to mangle Anthony. That’s when I threw the bag of goodies over my shoulder and swung with all my might because I knew if I didn’t put him down on the ground he would personally walk me to heaven.


I had to close my eyes, I couldn’t bare to watch what I was about to do to this poor man. I felt the vibration of the bag come off of his face. Its was thick and he let out a harsh scream and then a big thud. I ran for the car and didn’t look back I could hear someone wasn’t very far behind me. I was praying it was Anthony but I wasn’t about to turn around to check just to discover it isn’t him and trip over myself. I jumped in the passenger's side and locked my door. Thankfully Anthony was the one on my tale and he had his key ready.


After the incident we went back to Anthony's place and did what we usually do except we didn't say one word about what had just happened we just let it be. If I would have know it was going to get me kicked out of my house I might have tried to calm Anthony down. Maybe I never never would have gone out tonight, it would have been for the best.


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