Cedric and the Old Ones: the Return of a Race

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Science Fiction  |  House: Booksie Classic

(Don't judge until Chapter 5. I wrote this to make the turn of events more pronounced.) The story of a boy named Cedric as he attempts to find his place in the world. Follow him as he struggles with loss, gain, identity, and even love. This is a story of how a person that knows only loss and insignificance can rise to the challenge and find his true path in life. Nothing in life is ever easy or straightforward, but no matter how the road winds, we can always find a path to follow. For Cedric, choosing the right path might just lead him into darkness.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1

“Cedric. Cedric. Cedric, wake up. Cedric, you need to wake up! Cedric!” Cedric sat up straight in his bed and slowly scanned the sun-... Read Chapter

Chapter 2

Cedric slowed his speed as he approached the school. He looked around and spotted a few expensive-looking cars going in the same directio... Read Chapter

Chapter 3

Meredith had just finished showing Cedric where the main office was, when another bell signaling a class change sounded. She seemed surpr... Read Chapter

Chapter 4

Cedric pulled into his driveway and turned off the motor. He didn’t see any signs that Rachel was home and guessed that she had stayed ... Read Chapter

Chapter 5

Cedric awoke feeling rested. He felt too rested. Cedric felt his heart rate increase as he looked at the time on his phone. He had fiftee... Read Chapter

Chapter 6

Cedric could feel himself floating, but he couldn’t seem to open his eyes. It was pitch black, but Cedric didn’t feel afraid. He felt... Read Chapter

Chapter 7

Cedric was led into a large, open room with a large bed up against the wall in the center. To its left and right were night stands large ... Read Chapter

Chapter 8

Cedric awoke to the sun creeping over the horizon. His whole body felt like it was encased in soft, fluffy clouds. He rolled onto his lef... Read Chapter

Chapter 9

Cedric was only a few steps behind Louise, when she suddenly came to a full stop just outside her room. He nearly plowed into her because... Read Chapter

Chapter 10

A week pasted from the time that Cedric had decided to open his mind and a small portion of his heart to Louise. He spent much of his tim... Read Chapter

Chapter 11

  Cedric awoke, once again, on some kind of hovering cot. He was restrained as well. The only difference was that he was encased... Read Chapter

Chapter 12

I promise. Those two words haunted Cedric, even as he lay holding Louise. They felt like a death sentence. He felt a cold enter his... Read Chapter

Chapter 13

Cedric woke up feeling more refreshed than he ever had in his entire life. He watched in amazement as the sun came up over the horizon. H... Read Chapter

Chapter 14

Cedric woke up on the half of Louise’s room that was closest to the door. The other half, no where it should have been, was gone. The e... Read Chapter

Chapter 15

  Cedric sat in his perch next to the window. A few hours had passed since he and Louise had eaten breakfast. He was watching the pe... Read Chapter

Chapter 16

Back in their room, Cedric and Louise were able to relax a bit. Cedric went and lay on the bed. He was too tired to think anymore. Dealin... Read Chapter

Chapter 17

Cedric awoke with an excited buzz moving through his veins. Soon, he would be on his way to some kind of vacation getaway with Louise. No... Read Chapter

Chapter 18

Cedric watched the scenery pass by. It was really a beautiful place to be. There were trees everywhere outside of the immediate area of t... Read Chapter

Chapter 19

Cedric exited the vehicle and took in the sight before him. The beach was beautiful. The beach appeared as one would back on Earth, but t... Read Chapter

Chapter 20

Cedric pulled his soaked shorts down to his ankles and stepped out of them. He and Louise had been in the water for hours, and he was rea... Read Chapter

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