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Submitted: November 25, 2016

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Submitted: November 25, 2016




"This is Adwitya Gauri, 42 year old woman ,busy running an oldage home very happy to see you madam,so shall we start" "Of course" replied Adwitya with a beautiful smile. Journalists eagerly asked her many questions at last one among them asked her "Madam what do you title yourself ? " Adwitya replied even without thinking "THE UNSUCESSFUL LADY",without replying for more questions she walked straight and looked at Ganga a 76 year old woman living happy at her oldage home. Gauri sat on a chair thinking about her past.

Gauri was the daughter of a priest and she lost her mother when she was young,she had 3 elder brothers, each one of them cared her the most,she enjoyed each and every moment of her life. Once her neighbour bought a new television, she went to see it,she saw something strange in it 'what is this?" she asked her brother "cricket"he replied."Cricket "she replied that word many times and something that she noted the most was the umpire ,seeing him she herself built a dream of being an umpire,she watched cricket everyday and herself learned some basics, but unfortunately her father fixed her marriage.She was married to Dr Rishik a typical Indian man.

Even living with Rishik Gauris dream was being an umpire,so she decided to get out of house at that night,she planned everything and she get out of the house,suddenly she saw Rishik ,she got scared but he was there to fulfil her dream,he dropped her at the railway station and gave her the adress of Mr Sanjay Yadav current umpire of Indian team.While the train was ready to leave he put sindoor on her forehead and told "i will wait here for my sucessful woman" .Train went away , next morning she reached Delhi and searched for Sanjay and at last she found him,he was totally intrested to see a woman who was intrested in umpiring , he began to teach her and finally her chance came she was to umpire the very next match of the country just the day before the match ,she was called by Sanjay ,she walked to his room and saw her elder brother there and he told "come let us go" "but why" her brother forcefully took her to the railway station" "what are you doing?"she asked "Rishik died" he replied without any expression change in his face. 

Tears floded through her eyes thinking all those. Madam a guest is waiting you called a staff

The unsucessful women walked straight


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