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And we are different we all know that.......

Submitted: November 25, 2016

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Submitted: November 25, 2016



" May be i am different, or may be i am not , i thought that peoples are just some kind of robots and i am the one who is right and my way of thinking is totaly different "



 I always dream of such stories where i am the hero and everyone else is zero, i dont know from which point i have started the dream, at first i thought that it was my mistake but then i suddenly realize that no one knows how dream start....my dream is tooo,be smart,intelligent and different...i always love my dreams because dream is the only place where i win..



There is a place name " DAVID MILE " created from me and my freinds, where we can dream and no one can disturb our dream situated in underground tunnel  we named it "DAVID MILE" because david was our freind,he came with us to dream in tunnel when he sleeps he never came back,some of us thought that now he is living is his dream way faaar from us ........and we thought that he is the only one who wins...


" 34 december 1999 "

A regular day we came to tunnel and lay down ourselves to start a dream, i close my eyes and when i open it i saw DAVID MILE crying and shouting SAYING SOMETHING "LIER.....".didnt wasting my time i open my eyes and take deep breath and say what happened, i look towards my freinds and and i saw no one is there the tunnel is empty but only me..... then i thought that i came with my freinds and where are they ?... " ISHOUT AND START CALLING MY FREINDS NAME "...

Suddenly notice that my voice is not coming out from my mouth like i want to say something but i cant...my heart beat increases..then i remember that in only dream it happend to peoples that most of the time theirvoice wont come out ...am i in dream still....



how can i wake up myself if i dont know that it is dream or not,i came out of tunnel running towards my house running fast, fast as i can and then i stop and dont know where my house is...i thought that in the end i am going to wake up so calm down that it is a dream so i sit and close my eyes to wake up everytime i open my eyes i wake up at same places i dont know what to do, i ran but always come towards tunnel i am thinking that everyway is link to tunnel i last plan to visit tunnel and lay down and close my eyes thinking that i can woke up or may be not ....


 " LIER "

i woke up and seeing my freinds still sleeping and dreaming in tunnel and everything is good made me cry after coming back to real life, this incident is the worst part ever i faced in dream after this i stop dreaming in this tunnel ,went home and told whole story to my freinds made them believe to stop dreaming but they wont and they still go to tunnel for dream but i quit...after few days few of my freinds parents came and asking me about they haven t seen their childs do they where they are...my first thought is that are they in tunnel,are they in problem i told them a lie and run towards tunnel to see what is happening i look through the hole i didnt see any one no one is there later police came they asked my whole story i tell them we all go to tunnel for playing stuff....police search too much but they havent see anyone my parents didnt allow me to go to tunnel i was really astonished that where are they....if they are in dream then why they are not there..police closed the case after not finding my freinds i thought that they are still somewhere still... and they need but i dont know where they are...................




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