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Submitted: November 25, 2016

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Submitted: November 25, 2016



So my friend. How do you do on this beautiful day on planet earth? Seems to be we have now just lived another relentless, thoughtless and reengineered day... Why we must all ask are self  and others... For the lost and forbidden question of the true meaning of the constant flow of the living shall never be explained in a way that you, myself and all others will ever understand.. The human mind or belief can not comprehend the actual reality of it, I believe when are time comes and we pass away, that then the dots will connect into a perfect sequence of perfect alignments of the structural beginning off human life. So As are souls slowly disperse into the invisible but always active astral plain, the plain of two worlds (parallel universe).. Each with actions and opposite reactions to join together to make and create the life we are currently living.

Now lets put this confusing and unbelievable possibility to words and examples that a basic sheep can understand. For my first example you must now picture a slide show or play and each person acting out a character who has a specific role they must play. If they do not play this role correctly or with no ambition and motive the movie/play may be ruined. This is very well played out in are daily lives as we make decisions and choose how we abuse or misuse are unfathomable power house of a brain. Each and everything we do is just another move or round of the game of our lives that we learn and unwilling experience. Starting to understand yet...? Now imagine if every single or just a large number of human beings could unlock this power within the deepest, clouded parts of our brain. These powers can and will be used for the greater good or the sinister senseless evil, but then again everyone may perceive good and evil differently then most...
The start of this good and evil you see was built by religion and laws, because as a civilization grew to mass population, which then led to a unstoppable advancement in technology... So advanced that in fact we start to fracture the ever so fragile structure of planet earth and everything on it....

(Just wrote this now lol pretty amazing what the mind can piece together from endless thoughts, theories and ideas.) 

Signed, Adam Sullivan! Peace and love to all. ?

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