Back On Black

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Submitted: November 25, 2016

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Submitted: November 25, 2016



Back On Black


Hey, I’ve heard it many times, today’s a special day,

one that’s been exported from the good old USA.


It’s not a normal Friday, it’s got a special knack,

no this one is extraordinary because I’ve heard it’s black.


There’s going to be so many Sales, bargains by the score

and when I think I’ve seen them all I’ll just discover more.


The advertisements are bombarding me with things I must not miss

if I don’t take advantage of this day I’d be forever remiss.


I can go and do battle with the hordes, queue in the check-out line,

or there’s even more on the internet for me to buy on-line.


They want me to do something, and that something is to spend,

and if I do not have the cash, on credit I can depend.


But there’s something that I’ve noticed, these Sales that I can see,

they only have expensive brands and not the ones for me.


It’s really not a bargain when it still costs twice as much

as what I’d usually buy if I wasn’t pushed, as such.


And then there’s cyber Monday which seems pretty much the same,

another big contender for the consumerism game.


No, maybe there’s something missing, something I do lack,

but it hasn’t influenced me – I’ve just turned my back on Black!



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