The Stain

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An original character I came up with on Halloween 2016, but needed to create a back story for the Halloween party I went to. I think it has potential to be a really good horror story:

"An everyday guy, betrayed by humanity, deals with the Reaper, becomes a fearsome legend!"

Submitted: November 25, 2016

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Submitted: November 25, 2016



“The Stain” is a dark and fearsome character who is an assistant of the final Judge of a living person (“The Grim Reaper”).  As a result of what happened to him, he made a deal with The Reaper to carry on living, although at a price.

The person who later became “The Stain” was an every day guy, who rose from being the “picked on” at school to becoming an accounts clerk at a local bank. However he wanted to climb socially higher, so when he heard that a wok colleague (his friend) was going for an Investment Banker position in London, he also threw his name in the hat. Unfortunately for him his friend got the role and he didn’t, but at the time it really wasn’t that big a deal, so he congratulated his friend without any real jealousy.  Although unknown to him, his friend didn’t really recognise him as a friend and the fact that he was leaving a “pathetic, clingy freak” he could not get to London quick enough.

Our accounts clerk, year after year applied for the Investment Banker job and each application was denied. Simultaneously this causes him to develop psychological issues, as he becomes incredibly anxious and paranoid leading to him developing an obtuse version of Bi- Polar Disease. He begins to self harm and the children and some adults where he lives are constantly calling him horrible names, more potently a couple of incidents he was beaten up by groups of school thugs on the way home from work. He developed a pathological theory in his mind saying that “these stale mundane antisocial overconfident people who are foolishly accepted by society should not be tolerated as all they do is offer misery to other people’s lives and therefore with the many chances they have had, they show no will to reform their hurtful ways. Therefore if their “self proclaimed” purpose is to cause pain to others and to not change their ways, then I say that their “rightful” purpose now is to face The Reaper as they seem to think that they have earned the right to unruly disrespect which to me means that their lives are done with, as they have forgotten the idea of living harmoniously. They should die slowly and painfully by surrendering their brains (as they do not think before they act) and their hearts (as they have no need to care and therefore do not love).”

In all of his painful struggles, a stroke of luck at last comes to our accounts clerk, after eleven years of applying he has been accepted to join the world of the Investment Bankers in London.  On arriving to London, he is reunited with his old friend that used he used to work with at the bank, however his “old friend” is now part of a group of power hungry, shark like, fast paced Wall Street like bankers that have next to no consideration for others and this time he is truly honest with what his thinks about our accounts clerk turned Investment Banker. This awakens his pathological mind and his suffering returns.

On Halloween the “Wall Street Sharks” (the so called name of the Investment Banker’s Social Group) decide to end the life of our newly made Investment Banker. So down a dark alley near Canary Wharf they disguise themselves and wait for their moment. They attack him horribly causing him to bleed heavily, however little do they know that our new Investment Banker has suffered around twelve years worth of psychosis and has come savagely prepared. One by one the “Wall Street Sharks” are diminished by our new Investment Banker slashing the throats of these “overconfident, inconsiderate thugs” until they lay dead and his suit is stained with their blood. Although part of him is satisfied, he realises his wrong doing. So with heavy heart, he decides to commit suicide with the blade he committed his sin and crime with. Just after the minute he dies a dark, mysterious hooded figure approaches him. It is The Grim Reaper. He says to him that he has watched his struggle and his development of his reasoning of why certain people need death as a punishment. He offers our man a deal, to live on for eternity and satisfy his needs by aiding The Grim Reaper’s work, however at a cost. He would always wear the blood and ashes of his victims, they can only be on The Reaper’s list and his executions can only happen on Halloween. Our man sets his own terms as well. He says that he would agree to this if he could keep the brains and hearts of his victims as they “did not think” and “did not love”. The Grim Reaper agrees.

So every Halloween a pale bloody figure appears to take away the overconfident and the inconsiderate, and the fact that he cursed to constantly wear the blood and ashes of his victims for all eternity he can only be called “The Stain”.

(P.S. Be very careful if you have ever appeared as an Investor on either Dragon’s Den or Shark Tank. “The Stain” is watching you!)

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