The Reunion

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A stage play about a reunion of twelve old friends to discuss a betryal of a thirteenth mutual friend, with the thirteenth member arriving late to their surprise however what will the discussion turn into: conflict or reconciliation?

Submitted: November 25, 2016

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Submitted: November 25, 2016



The Reunion

An idea for a play


Only requires thirteen actors. All men preferably however women who are willing to play men are welcome. Also the names could be modernised, initialled cryptically or shortened for the modern, younger audience.


Either wearing casual wear or army uniforms for the most part, then at the very end wearing robes.

Possible Scenarios


  1. A social help group (like an AA meeting but not). This meeting has no host, so twelve people are mysteriously invited to the same address (a leisure centre with directions to a room with twelve seats already set out). The twelve people have different problems to discuss however they have all something in common, through their dilemmas they come to realise they have hurt the same person. They continue their discussion until a thirteenth person arrives – the person who invited them to the room and is the person who has been hurt by these twelve people. Instead of wreaking revenge the thirteenth man says that bygones are bygones and they are all friends again. At the very end of the piece they are all seen wearing robes.


  1. The setting is an army barracks with twelve army officers. A flash back starts off the piece with them having a boozy get together as they have been told that are about to be demobbed. The flash back ends with them retiring to their dormitory. The dormitory has twelve beds and at the top of each bed has a picture of the person who occupies that bed; however there are thirteen beds in total and on top of the thirteenth bed the picture frame has no picture. They start talking and reminiscing of wary triumphs, but the main theme of their conversation is about a fallen comrade – a soldier who used to occupy the thirteenth bed in the dormitory. Towards the end of the piece the thirteenth man is revealed. At the very end they all wear robes.


In both scenarios you realise that all the characters you have seen have been dead all along, due to them always speaking in the past tense. Also in scenario 2 it clearly states that the comrades seem to be *casualties of a war and at the very end when they are wearing their robes it is not a dormitory that they have been in but an infirmary.


The Twelve Apostles of Jesus Christ.  (Twelve + One = Thirteen) * casualties of a Religious / Racist War.


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