Cancun can do!

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Humor  |  House: Booksie Classic

This poem was written on the way to and at Playa Del Carmen, Mexico where I attended my cousin James' wedding to Latino rose Avelina, hope you enjoy.

We wake as the Lark cries,

With anticipation in our bones,

As many a year since taken to the sky,

To add more merriment to our tomes,

Our preparation done with smiles,

Undertaking many miles,

When we fly from Mans to Cancun,

In agreement we say can do!


First is this the flight long haul,

Told by Katie we would enjoy,

All is pleasant so there is no brawl,

So in this daze, the laze is our ploy,

To celebrate this, done with smiles,

We feed to prep us for the many miles,

When we fly from Mans to Cancun,

In agreement we say can do!


The Champagne cork like plane ascends,

We toast of the voyage and marriage,

Of both family and the making of friends,

And a drop more for this carriage,

Continuing with our smiles,

As we travel our many miles,

When we fly from Mans to Cancun,

We say in agreement “can do!”


Although we say can do! To Cancun,

Our place is more coastly calmer,

On our steel worm we will swoon,

To our home for two weeks, Playa Del Carmen,

Still with Cheshire cat smiles,

We look out the window at many miles,

When we fly from Mans to Cancun,

We say in agreement “can do!”


We are not only here to soak up rays,

A wedding we will see,

Between Latino rose, and our James,

So we sup to their matrimony,

Therefore we with festive smiles,

Will toast to their many miles,

When we flew from Mans to Cancun,

Still we concur together “can do!”


Now we truly become enthralled,

On our outings in lovely haze,

We immerse in a xenote nature called,

Making friends at TurtleBay,

Our bodies nourished after many miles,

We continue with our widened smiles,

We remember flight form Mans to Cancun,

Still we are chanting “can do, can do!”


The eve of our journey back comes,

With food and drink a’ plenty,

Our zealous joy makes us hum,

As each glass in not one but twenty,

We toast again with many smiles,

To our fantastic travelled many miles,

We prepare for our wagon to Cancun,

We reluctantly say “can do, can do!”


Our memories lovingly banked,

From Mexico’s Caribbean coast,

We hope we have left you thanked,

With our ceremonial toast:


Thanks for our history lesson,

About all things Mayan and cool,

We now know of players sacrifice,

To their Gods, lying in their pool.

Our gratitude does not end there,

As we saw on stage glorious combo,

Batman and Bane perform their act,

At the great Coco Bongo.

We have been Dantes on this trip,

So we have had our great guides,

Special thanks for being there,

Friends, jovially by our sides.

Again I raise a glass,

To James and Avelina,

Toasting in good faith,

That their lives are more serener. 


So clearly I can evaluate,

With words that joyfully congregate,

When told I was to fly from Mans to Cancun,

I am glad that I said “sure, can do!”


Submitted: November 25, 2016

© Copyright 2021 Bleed Fen Rigs. All rights reserved.

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