If I Call Your Name, You Come and Dance

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A reminder for Nigerians.

Submitted: November 25, 2016

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Submitted: November 25, 2016




I love to read your works, you make not only me proud, but Nigerians and Africans at large, even the world to some extent, I believe. I see you at your best when you play with words to give literal meanings. They make lots of sense about Africans telling and voicing out our history, culture, our undermined civilization and abilities and our fervent potentials. But your recent article on the current administration is somewhat requiring in a way, I feel you have taken more efforts in projecting the problems rather than giving the solutions. As an influential writer, many look up to you, and I’m sure even PMB would read your piece. Though, it was suggestive of the ‘what’ rather than the ‘how’.  Prioritizing infrastructure and creating a business friendly environment is much easier said than done. You can do better by strategizing how to do these with immediate effect in this difficult time for Nigeria, outline a possible plan of getting Nigeria out of this intricate difficulty caused by recession. The problems are already obvious to all, unlike the resolution.

Your tone on the DSS’s efforts to arrest corrupt judges is suggestive of iniquitousness and therefore, serves confirmative for those that aren’t supportive of anti-corruption acts. Even though the DSS used Gestapo style, as long as they have warrants to do so, I believe all criminal cases start from suspicion. Where the judges truly arrested because “their lifestyle suggested that they were corrupt”? Or because they truly are?[1] Mikhail Bakhtin, a Russian formalist, venerates that, a text is a product of an author’s perception of reality, I see this[2] as your mere perception. The fight against corruption is what we Nigerians should all stand for, especially the influential among us.


We are very thankful and appreciative for all your tireless efforts to strangle corruption in Nigeria. It takes courage, commitment, and sacrifice to do all that you have done and are still doing. Your efforts on Dasuki and his allies are very commendable. Please press him harder, more facts are yet to be revealed. A man that single headedly diverted the security funds that would have saved lots of lives. His crime is a bigger one. For his action, Nigerian soldiers lost their lives; as they weren’t properly equipped, many Nigerians were victimized by terrorist attacks, who would have been dealt with from the onset. He is that one person, many Nigerians have sought justice on. But I want to remind you in case you forget. Why una never probe Jonathan, Oristejafor[3], Abdulmumin Jibrin, Amechi, Madueke, Sambo and other APC members that defected from PDP. If EFCC is a virus, is APC an anti-virus?


Whenever I come across your post, I find myself caught in-between laughter and irritation. As if speaking a good English is the ultimate goal of everything. I still can’t figure out why you must write all those, is English a must-know? Please decolonize your mind. You desperately criticize and condemn speeches as if scrutinizing a Ph.D. dissertation, you rather display your talent on an academic writing I suggest. You know all these grammatical rules because you are on the line (Ph.D., MSc, and BSc in Communications), you have been taught and have studied them, if you weren’t a scholar of your discipline, I bet you wouldn’t have known all that you flamboyantly explicate on the media in the name of promoting improvement. If you feel you’re that good, why don’t you get your ass back home and contribute your quota to your beloved country? Otherwise, keep shut and remain there where you think you belong. Except if you are doing an eye-service; wanting to be noticed or to boost your résumé, if it is for sake of correction you do all those, I guess you know how well to correct without making us, Nigerians and the Nigerian Government look stupid before your Western readers. For always condemning and ferociously criticizing this government, would you have managed Nigeria better if you were the president?


Make una fear God o!

Nigeria is in recession but I still haven’t seen any news headline saying you people have reduced your monthly salary, or even canceled your allowances to help Nigeria. While some poor Nigerians turn into beggars, sleep and wake with hunger, you people’s salary is still reading in millions. Make una fear God o. Despite the transportation allowance, you are still riding official cars. You live excessive lifestyles and your families flaunt shamelessly in this period of stagnation, you know no hardship. What is your primary function? An upper body of decision making abi? Why haven’t you make a decision that would solve Nigeria’s problem since? What are you paid for? Now that the country is on the verge of collapsing, what are you doing to help? As many as you are, you still haven’t figured out ways to move Nigeria forward. Is it all about warming benches in the house of assembly and getting paid for that? Nigeria’s constitution seriously needs an amendment.


As the richest man in Nigeria and Africa as a whole, we are really proud of you. The only African standing among the first hundred in Forbes’ list of world’s Billionaires[4], we are so proud to have you and we really love you. You can reciprocate your love back to us by helping the masses, the poor in Nigeria at this time of immense hardship. Rather than lamenting the peroneus situation of Nigerians from afar, a significant move would speak of your distress louder than ordinary words.

 If truly the current estimate of your asset is 36.8 Billion Naira worth, with no capital dept, and the percentage for annual zakat (compulsory alms) is 2.5% of your asset which is roughly 920 Million Naira, then please your next zakat should be used to provide food and jobs for the masses, Nine Hundred and twenty million naira is more than enough to make Nigerian masses weep no more. It can solve the immediate needs of thousands of Nigerians, it can turn a new page in people’s life, and it can do a lot more than I can say. Nigeria has an abundance of fertile land and enough space to establish factories to produce more home needed and exportable products. Please invest and reinvest in Nigeria to create surplus job opportunities.


My people can be very funny at times, they beat up a common-man to the point of unconsciousness or even amputating parts of their bodies impetuously for stealing what is not worth a hundred thousand Naira. But allow filthily fraudulent politicians move around freely and proudly even after stealing an amount that is worth settling our lifetime troubles if managed properly. One of these shameless thieves alone is capable of looting enough fund to build and equip a hospital, to permanently stabilize electricity in the whole of Nigeria or to pay teachers healthily and make education completely free in Nigeria. They squander enough money that can enhance the farming system in Nigeria which would have made food become available and affordable to all without a hitch. Dear Nigerians, rather than being sycophantic towards them, or simply criticizing them on blogs, Facebook or twitter, why don’t you set things right, perhaps they may think twice when next they intend to indulge in corrupt practices.

Dear Nigerians, criticizing and condemning this government wouldn’t help matters, it would only make us always deliberately ignore the positive effects and be blinded at its significances. Let’s be motivating and encouraging rather than being ever-ready to criticize, condemn and disparage. We should think of what to do from our ends to help change the situation rather than always blame the government for every single failure. Buhari is not God, neither is he a magician, so let’s not expect him to set all the damages right within this limited time. Let us believe in ourselves and trust ourselves, we are naturally smart, innovative and intelligent, let’s use that gift now. Do something with your ten fingers.  Though it’s not easy, I know, but feeling and being pessimistic, sceptical, unenthusiastic, negative and reluctant would only make things worse. Should we be that much dependant?

Rather than always throwing hateful comments at our president, why not try to be optimistic for a while. Pray to God to make things easier for him and always give positive suggestions, see the good he has done so far, especially his plans for a better Nigeria. We mightn’t see the immediate effect, but it’s likely ultimate, it would happen someday by God’s grace. To all graduates of BSc/MSc. Agriculture, Food Processing, B. Tech/M. Tech Agric. Engineering and other related courses, it is time to save our nation. Please do not wait for white, blue or even green-collar job, get a piece of land and display your talents. Nigeria seriously needs you now. Start with whatever little you can manage, after all, Rome wasn’t built in one day, they say.


Rather than selling national assets, why not confiscate and auction all those private jets owned by fraudsters bought with Nigeria’s public fund. Why not make the senate a part-time job, as IBB and a cleric suggested[5], at least for a certain period of time, till Nigeria’s economy gets back to normal. We protested tirelessly for the senate to be scraped but nothing seem to be happening, I admire the boldness of Abubakar Sa’idu who maintained his opinion on scrapping them even to their faces[6]. Those who we copy this system of government from are deftly rich and do not know recession. Nigeria obviously can’t afford the Senate. Many public figures have thoughtfully suggested the same, such advice and moves shouldn’t be ignored. Baba, national assets are very valuable, instead of selling them to source money, how about looking into the pensions of politicians most of who have possibly gathered enough before the end of their tenure. Make some amendments to these payments and see how much Nigeria would save.

Thank you for the intended five thousand Naira monthly stipend, please put more efforts in curbing poverty, a lot of people are seriously starving but their voices are not heard when they shout out. You know the other room is very important, many women want to have the opportunity to have it, live in it and serve in it. But no man would talk about marriage without a promising job please do quickly and provide more job opportunities  so that many can get to be there. Instead of projects like that Kano Film Village earlier intended, why not build a medical school, technical school, production factories or even make fields available for farming to those interested, please prioritize agriculture than anything else, establish food processing factories, increase the availability of modern and sustainable farming facilities. I am pretty sure that China and India didn’t invest in cinematography before settling these primary needs.

I, on behalf of all other Nigerians that think like me, wish to commend your efforts towards the development of Nigeria and pray that God bless you and guide your thoughts and actions.



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