Soul (A Star Stable Fan Fiction)

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This is a fan fiction of the game star stables :) I've really enjoyed this game and I would suggest it for any girl who likes horses! A popular way to play this game is to role play with your friends using the quest story line of the game itself. This particular story was a role that I was in while playing with my friend Kate. It was so fun that I thought I would make it into a Fan Fic!
Notice: I will use many references from the Star Stable game and all of the credit goes to them! I am not taking ownership for the premise of this story.

Submitted: November 25, 2016

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Submitted: November 25, 2016



I stood waiting for Kate while all of the others filed in. Unlike almost everyone else, she represented an entire faction. To mess with Kate was to mess with the army of whitches, wolves, and scarecrows she ruled over. Other than Frip, the leader of the leaders, Kate was the most powerful person in the circle. That is, if she would ever show up. She was a dangerous person to misplace.

Ten minutes later, everyone was standing next to their assigned rune waiting for the apropriate person to stand under the rune with the words Golden Hills written in ancient Jorvikian. Personally, I thought that the glowing pink runes were too dramatic, but Frip thought that they added hope to these dark times.

Finally, the stomping of hooves could be heard clomping their way up the dirt hill to where the congregation of impatient leaders were waiting. Kate, on her black morgan, rode up to her post. She then looked around impatently as if she was the one waiting on us. I narrower my eyes at her and she scowled right back. Despite being in the same situation, we had never really been friends.

We didn't look anything alike with me being pale with black hair and her being tan with brown hair, but we were still very similar. We both ruled very powerful factions and were both too young to vote with me being 16 and her 17. The only person close to our age was Lisa, representitive of Eastern Silverglade, and she was 22.


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