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What happens when The Joker and Harley Quinn were about to have sex and then Poison Ivy comes thinking that Harley and her were going to be having a "girls night"? Of course, a threesome

If you are not +18, then read at your own risk.

Submitted: November 25, 2016

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Submitted: November 25, 2016



Hello! Before you read keep in mind that this is a short story about a threesome and that this story is mostly for people +18, Beside that, enjoy!


Harley’s POV

It was noon. The joker and I were watching a movie while he was caressing my back with his long and thick fingers.

“Wanna know what I’m thinking of?” Mr. J asked while grinning

“No Puddin, tell me” I reply with a huge smile

Usually he is an asshole to me, but recently he has been nothing but nice and kind to me. Which was weird but I liked it.

“You and I in bed, naked”

“Mmm, interesting” I smirked and he stop his fingers at the top of my undies

Then he entered his fingers letting a moan escaped through my lips when he started to caress my clit.

I looked at him with a smile while he keep working his magic on my intimate part. I didn’t want to let him down so I touched the middle of his jeans feeling a huge tent behind my hand.

“Somebody is too excited, huh?”

“Only for you”

And that is when he let himself on top of me and started to kiss me like never before. I wanted this to last forever. But who am I joking? Clearly myself.

He then continued to kiss my neck while his fingers finally entered my center slowly but with determination.

“Mmm, Mr. J” I moaned

I led his face to mine and kissed him passionately while trying to hold back some moans. He inserted another finger in, moving it in circles this time.

“Take off your clothes” I said with a playful voice

He smiled at me and took off his shirt letting his muscles visible along with his well worked torso. I was about to do pleased him until somebody slammed the door.

“P-Poison Ivy, what are you doing in here?!”

I was in shock. I was just about to do it with the joker and she came in.

“I thought that w-we were having a-a girls night” she responded with a confused and nervous look on her face

Oh yeah! I totally forgot. I’m such a bad person!


I didn’t know what to say until the joker said this:

“Wanna join?”

Actually this wasn’t a turn off at all. I actually find Poison Ivy very attractive. So this idea from my insane boyfriend didn’t affect me at all.

“If you join, you could have the best night of your life” I said in a seductive voice while standing up and getting close to Poison Ivy

I looked at her eyes and leaned closer and finally kissed her. I wrapped my arms around her tiny waist and kissed her harder. My hands started going down until it meet her big ass and squish it. Her lips were soft, big and seductive.

The joker came on the other side of her and started kissing her neck while wrapping his arms around her and his hands barely touching my hips. Until a long time of making out, we decided to move to my room.

So I hold Ivy’s hand and went walking with the Joker beside to my room. I opened the door and said this:

“I want you two to make out in front of me”

They both smiled and start to kiss slowly. I wasn’t even jealous which surprised me a lot. The temperature was rising and what it was almost an innocent kiss turned into a steamy, hot, kiss.

I bite my lip when they didn’t stop when they got into bed. Joker gave her on last kiss and when closer to me and kissed me rough and hard. By the time We were finished kissing Poison was naked. Those curves of hers could make everybody her victim and especially with those big and round breasts of hers.

I kissed her neck then went down to her breast and lick her erected nipples. “This is heaven” I thought. On the other side there was the Joker taking my and his clothes off till we were all naked. I was so focused on my friends satisfaction that I didn’t notice when Mr. J and on my intimate part until his tongue started to lick my clit. I obviously let a huge moan out.

“Oh fuck, Mr. J” I said while I felt his teeth biting my clit.

“Lay down honey” Poison Ivy said

I did as told and then Ivy did the same damn thing that I was doing to her minutes or seconds ago. Play, lick, and kiss my breasts and nipples. This was paradise. The Joker down there and Poison up here.

“Poison, you think I should entered her completely?” said my boyfriend with a sinister smile

“Of course Mr. J” answered Ivy while smiling at me

The joker stand up to put a condom on and then came back with his huge cock on his hands.

“How much you wanted Harley?”

“I want it. Right now!” I almost screamed

“How do you want it?”

“Hard, fast and deep”

He positioned himself to enter my core and did so. He filled my insides and it felt so fucking good. Poison Ivy kissed while all of this was happening.

The Joker moved harder and deeper. 

“But I want some!” screamed Poison Ivy

“Wait a little baby” moaned my puddin and kept moving

Over a while we both reached our climax and he moved over to Ivys.

“Ready honey?” he asked

“Yes!” she answered desperate

He also entered her but from behind. I can’t myself so I started to please myself with my fingers. The Joker kept fucking her hard. Until they both moaned intensely and ended up in both. I positioned myself on the Jokers torso.

“Best.Sex.Ever!” I yelled and then we all started laughing


Thanks for reading! Hope you liked it :)

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