Peripheral Warning

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Last entry on the Personal computer of Mr. Joseph White, December 14, 2009. What follows was found inside a laptop in an abandoned home in rural Solon Ohio two years ago. Last warning of a Mr Joseph White recorded as found.

Submitted: November 25, 2016

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Submitted: November 25, 2016



Hello, my name is Joseph White, and the date is currently December 14, 2009. The current time reads 11:27 in the bottom corner of my computer screen on which am typing out this message. The reason behind it is simple. By 12:00 I am sure that I'll be a dead man. A dead man that will be incapable of getting his story out, his warning. I need this to be found, I need you to read this, I need you to learn from my follies. I suppose I should start at the beginning…


It was about five days ago. Five of the most terrifying and uncertain days of my life. I was spending my evenings like most of those that had come before. I sat in my chair, reading and enjoying myself. My company had given me one of the most generous breaks I had ever received. A paid three-week vacation is all a man could hope for in my line of work, and I wasn't about to lift a finger. I was going to relax if it killed me, and I did a damn good job at it for the first week. I retreated to my home in Solon Ohio and decided to spend all my time there. The snow is no bother at all, personally, I like the stuff. It wasn't like I was going to be outside that much anyway. All I needed were my books. I can go anywhere with those.


Anyway, last Tuesday I sat, alone, in my house. The snow quietly fell outside my window and all lights were dimmed except for my reading candle. I find that too much light distracts me from my reading, but I'm getting off topic. I was abruptly torn from my fantasy by a cold draft on the back of my leg. Turning around in my chair, I noticed that the back door was slightly ajar. Annoyed, I got up to shut the thing. ¨Damn wind,¨ I distinctly remember muttering as I latched the door shut once more. As I turned to walk back to my chair, I noticed that my light had been snuffed. Deep down I felt that the wind had nothing to do with my light or the door. However, it's in my nature to care less about trivial matters. Whatever had opened my door and snuffed out my candle wasn't going to do it any longer.


I decided to go to bed early Tuesday night and slept well into midday. As I said, I wasn't going to care about anything this vacation. Nothing reality had in its vast arsenal could force me to. But, as the day dragged on, I started to notice things that were… off. Parts of my house would look different that they had yesterday, I would lose track of what I was doing easily, and I became far too frantic over the simplest of things. All of these abnormalities would come and go, though. Well, except for one.


Have you ever gotten, and I know you have, that small dart of darkness that moves quickly in the corner of your eye? So quickly that you barely have time to process the fact that something may or not be behind, beside, or above you? If you have, you know that these occurrences are few and far between. You'll forget that they even happened an hour after they occur. Well. Not. Mine. By Thursday, whatever I had let into my house was moving around behind me at virtually every minute of the day, and don't think that just because you can't see it at night that it goes away. It doesn't.


At night, when I lay shaking in my own bed, I can feel its smooth, long finger reaching up from under my mattress to touch my quivering body. It knows that I know it's here. It knew that I knew the second I saw my door open that night, and now… it toys with me. I spent most of Friday and Saturday in the corner of my living room, back to the wall. The only comfort I had was the fact that it couldn't be behind me. Oh, but how wrong I was. How wrong I was to think that I could outsmart that thing! Yesterday, while I had my back to the wall desperately trying to hold back tears, I felt its presence dart by. Feeling it inside my very being had become all too natural to me, but the thing that got me was the fact that this time, it came from above me. Not a second after I realized what a fool I was, I felt thin long fingers run through my hair and down my neck. I know that it laughed at me. It laughed at my insolence, it laughed at how weak I was. Oh, how I prayed for a quick death. Eventually, it stopped taunting me, and I sobbed myself to sleep in the corner.


I spent this morning desperately trying to escape my own home. I just can't seem to find my own door anymore. I'm not even sure if it's snowing outside because my windows seem to be missing as well. My phone must have been misplaced around Wednesday or I would have tried that by now, I think. In Fact, the only useful thing I have right now is this computer. A few hours ago, I managed to come to terms with my situation.


Whatever I had loosed into my house will be the death of me. I now feel its presence once again. It darting about in the unfamiliar abyss of darkness around me, stopping every so often to make itself known with a deep cut. I find it becoming increasingly difficult to stay awake. But here I sit, typing this warning to you. To whoever finds this, spread my warning. That anomaly in the corner of your eye, that split second of movement. DO NOT acknowledge it's presence, DO NOT give it a second thought, and DO NOT dwell on it. However, if you decide to care just a little too much about what may or may not have opened your door in the late hours of the night, be prepared to face the fact that whatever it is may not like being watched...


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