The Tooth

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Three children and a human-like dog with magic, Laurabella, travel using their STADEST FD, Space, Time, And Dimensional, Extraterrestrial, Super Travel (For Dogs), so that Laurabella can be accepted back into her home.

Submitted: November 25, 2016

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Submitted: November 25, 2016







































The STADEST FD Machine:


The Tooth













By: Saphire Gem

Illustrated by: Kristina Gatz





















































For my second grade teacher, Keith Hertzog, who inspired me.


—S. G.












































"Laurabella," Commander Silver shouted, "you are a disgrace to all dogity!"

"Wh-wh-what did I do?" Laurabella pleaded.

"You've let our stray get out of the Pound!" Barked Silver, "How could you do this? We're all DOOMED!"

"N-no, I didn't, Sir," Laurabella shivered, but grew more confident, "I could show you."

"Fine then," the commander bellowed, "lead the way!"

"Yes-yes, Sir. Right away, Sir.” Laurabella turned around and walked swiftly, but nervously down to the cages. she rounded a corner and headed toward Copper's cage. "See, she's right-," what stopped her was that the cage was dark and empty.

"She disappeared the night you were on duty," Silver growled, "Why is that?


"I... don't...know," cried the pound guard "I watched her like a Caucasian Shepherd the whole darkness."

"What about when you went to the fire hydrant?" Interrogated the master mind.

"Uhhhh," Laurabella dropped to her belly and pleaded not guilty.

"I will not except that!" Roared Commander Silver, "You will be banned from the dog world and I will take away your-"

"Please, Sir, no. Please, no!" whimpered Laurabella.

"Do not interrupt me," Silver was furious now. "I'm taking away your magic, and there's only one way to get it back.

 "What is that?" Laurabella asked hopefully.

"I'm not telling you!" Silver bellowed for everyone to hear.

"S-s-s-s-sorry, Sir," whimpered Laurabella.

"But I will give you a hint," relented the commander, "You will know what to do if you've payed attention to the Great Book lessons."

"Thank you, Commander, Sir," the poor dog stammered.

"Now be off with you!"

"Going now, Sir,"

"As the scrawny dog was walking out of the Divine Dog Dormitories, she got many looks of sympathy, and a few small chats with some of her best friends.

"I'm so sorry you have to leave," Brasslyn whimpered. "We'll all miss you."

"Things will never be the same without you." Luciano yelped

"Safe travels, and remember your training." Goldy nudged Laurabella affectionately.

Laurabella whipped up all the courage she had left in her. "I'll miss everybody in this room, even you, Commander!" She bellowed, then ran out as fast as she could tears streaming down her cheeks.





























Chapter 1

The clouds fought the sun for possession of the sky but was defeated, and all that was left were a couple white, innocent bystanders. I shouted to my friends over the fence between our houses. “Get three shovels from my shed, I’ve got an idea!” The twin brothers did just as I said and came over to where I was.

“What are we doing, Kiera?” asked Thomas. He had pale skin and dark brown hair, almost black. His eyes were a sharp green, just like his favorite color. He stood at normal height for his age at eight. Just like his brother Aidan, he loved the cold.

“We’re going to dig a huge den under the biggest tree in my yard. I got the idea when Laurabella was digging under one of these trees, like dogs do. It looked like she was having so much fun, and I thought it would be nice to have like a secret hideout for the three of us to use!” I said while playing with my long, thick, dark brown hair. My wide blue-grey eyes stared up at my friends, since I was very small for my age. My watch displayed my favorite color, orange, and my pale skin demonstrated I preferred cooler weather. “So, where should we dig?”

“You want the largest tree, correct?” interrogated Aidan, looking around my vast yard with an estimate of a dozen trees and a beautiful vegetable and flower garden.

“Yes, whi–” I was cut off by Aidan holding up his hand to ask me to be quiet. He was almost the same as his brother except had light brown hair and blue eyes. His favorite color was red and was far more intelligent for any of his other class mates in 4th grade.

“That’s where we should dig,” he broke the silence after a minute, pointing to an oak tree in the left corner farthest away from the house. It stood about ten feet away from the fence on both sides.

As we walked towards the tree, Thomas interrogated me. “Hey, so, where is Laurabella?”

“I don’t know. She was here just a few minutes ago.” I decided to call for her. “Laurabella!” Then came running a small dachshund. She had black fur, except for her paws and under her eyes, which were a mix of brown and orange. Her nose and neck were white as well. She stopped beside me and rubbed against my leg. I pet her, and then she trotted beside the tree we were standing and started clawing and digging through the grass. The three of us laughed, and Aidan exclaimed:

“She can read our minds!” He then began to dig beside Laurabella, and Thomas and I followed suit. We must have dug for three hours, fueled by the ice cold lemonade and wonderful shortbread cookies my mum brought out to us. We laughed and told stories while we dug and sometimes horse-played like best friends do.

When we were done, we used the spare dirt to make a wall with a little opening for us to walk through. The hole itself was three feet deep, and the wall added another four feet to the den we made.


* * *

One day, we were sitting in the den together, and Laurabella did something queer. She started running around us on the walls of our small cove; she got faster and started jumping. All of a sudden, there was a torrential wind so strong, that I had to hang on to Thomas to stay on the ground. Around us there were blue and white streaks, the colors of the sky and cloud above. When Laurabella finally stopped sprinting, we weren’t in the den any more. We had arrived in a treehouse! We peeked out the windows and saw flying cars and hover boards everywhere! We couldn’t believe our eyes, and I was very confused. The boys knew exactly what happened.

“We time traveled!” Thomas exclaimed.

“Laurabella has magic,” Aidan wondered out loud.

“What?” I still didn’t know what happened.

“When we were in the den, and Laurabella started running and jumping around us, she brought us to a different time and place,” Aidan started to explain.

“She brought us to the future and put us in this old treehouse,” Thomas finished.

“Why though?” I queried.

“I don’t know. Maybe it was an accident,” Thomas pondered.

“Or maybe she has an actual reason. Like she’s looking for something,” Aidan pondered. We all laughed at the crazy idea of my pet doing something like that.

Our laughing was interrupted by a musician popping out of thin air. He was playing a piano-violin, which has a bow and strings that he played on, but instead of strings at the neck, there were piano keys. We listened intently until he finished and then clapped vigorously. He held out his hat, and Thomas apologized profusely for not having any money to tip him with.





















Chapter 2

We had started walking around the strange version of Johnson City, TN, my home town. A sort of technician came up to asked and bluntly asked, “Who are you kids?”

I chirped a small “Kiera!”

The twins did their regular of how they introduced themselves. Aidan pointed at Thomas and said Thomas, and Thomas did the same with Aidan.

“Well I’m Keith Hertzog. My students call me Mister Hertzog,” he said while shaking our hands. He was kind looking man with a sparkle in his eye. His head was covered with grey hair about two inches long. He smiled at us in a way that made us feel overpowered with happiness.

“Students?” I probed. “What do you teach?”

“A technology class,” he clarified. The twins shared a knowing glance that explained their thoughts. They thought it was hilarious that this man taught a class about the technology of the future that we’ve never seen. “You should come! We usually teach to kids your age. It’s really fun. We learn about how all new technology works and how to build older ones. When you join the class, you’re supposed to call it techknowlogy!” We all laughed at his play on words.

“Well, it depends on the cost,” Aidan commented.

“Cost?” Mister Hertzog laughed. “There is no cost! It’s at 6:30.”

“Well then I’m sure we could come,” Thomas decided.

“How about you come have brunch with me?” Mister Hertzog offered.

“Sounds great!” I chimed in.

We walked across town with him, and where ever we went, everyone was really nice! We went to a restaurant called Gladus Gritz, which was supposed to be a representation of our time, but was far off from accurate. He caught us up on all that he had taught so far but explained it wasn’t too important to catch up since we were going to start a new unit. Later the three of us shared a joke about how we could “predict the future” if we went to all these classes. We slept in the treehouse since we didn’t know how to get to home and couldn’t tell anybody we were from the past. We were woken up early by Laurabella’s barking, so we went to class.
















Chapter 3

The three of us sat at a group of desks together when we got to Mister Hertzog’s class. Only about half the students had arrived, or at least we assumed it was half because of the number of seats in the room. The chairs and tables were very different then we were used to. You stood on a certain pad that detected your size, and then a desk and chair were lowered to the ground, and they fit your size perfectly and was your favorite color already. All the kids in the class had very strange styles. The boys’ hair stuck out in every direction and wreaked with some sort of hair product we weren’t familiar with. Most of the girls’ hair reached down to their waist, but some were even longer. It appeared as if they never brushed their hair but still kept it very clean. The boys had turtlenecks with long gold necklaces, and the pants were horizontally striped with bright colors. The girls’ dresses went to the knee and were extremely poufy and displayed a variety of colored horizontal stripes. Once all the desks were down from the ceiling and occupied, Mister Hertzog walked.

“Good morning, class!” he exclaimed excitedly.

“Good morning, Mister Hertzog,” everyone chimed in.

“Ok, so,” the teacher began, “today we will be learning about how to make a hover board.” The twins and I shared a glance of excitement for learning how to build a futuristic device. “This will be a very simple version of a hover board, so it won’t work as well and might not look as pretty. If you find the base of what used to be called a skateboard, or transportation devices that used to be used my kids your age. Next use epoxi-azule glue to secure shoes of any kind that can fit over your regular shoes on to the base. After that, find some very strong electromagnets and use more glue to secure those on. Finally secure a strong fan to the back of the board in a fashion that it would be able to swivel around. Tie a lightweight rope to the fan so that you could pull on to change the direction of the fan. You will use this to turn right and left or move forward. If you need to move upwards, just pull the front of the hover board up while directing the fan straight forward. As long as you keep above the hover board paths this should work. Also be sure to wear a helmet for safety.”

We worked with hover boards and asked questions until the end of the hour class, and then we were dismissed. At that point we headed back to the treehouse to try and figure out how to get home. We were climbing up the ladder when we heard a quiet, moaning sound. We looked around, and in the corner, there was a young grey squirrel shivering in the breeze. Its fur was matted, and the poor thing had fleas, but it was adorable! We stared at him in shock for the better part of a minute. Aidan slowly backed out of the treehouse, and Thomas and I followed suit.

Eventually, we found a veterinarian that was willing to come back to the treehouse with us to check out the squirrel. We walked up to the treehouse when the vet, Dr. Janice, stopped. She told us to join hands and hold on. We were confused, but Thomas grabbed her left hand and Aidan’s right. I grabbed her free hand and then my ears became clogged, like when you take off in an airplane. I felt lightheaded, but that quickly passed. I had to close my eyes, but when I opened them, we were in the treehouse!

“What-t just-t happened?” I enquired.

“The Globe Traveler!” she replied, surprised. “Don’t you know? Everyone uses them these days.”

“Uh. . .” Thomas thought through his next words carefully. “That’s right, I remember!”

“Um, yeah,” Aidan continued, “the Globe Traveler.”

The two of them winked at me, so I knew to pretend like I knew what it was. “Yes, my mum uses it sometimes. I just never used it myself before.” Thomas smiled at me so I knew I said what I should’ve.

“Okay. Good,” Dr. Janice seemed relieved. “Well let’s take a look at this poor squirrel! Could you three back as far away from the squirrel as possible, please?” We did as she said and watched her work. She pulled some nuts out of her pocket and then sat on the ground about five feet away from the squirrel. She reached her arm out as far as she could from her position and set a nut down. She closed her eyes and just sat very still for a good three minutes. The squirrel continued to cower for a while, but then it edged to the nut and stole it. The young squirrel immediately ran back to its corner away from us. The vet continued to set nuts down, closer and closer to her, until the squirrel was sitting right in front of her. Then she held the rest of the nuts out in her hand, and the squirrel jumped up on her and ate the rest of them.

Once the squirrel finished the nuts, the doctor began examining it. She figured out that it was a boy, he could see and hear fine, had probably been abandoned for at least two months, and was malnourished. She decided that this squirrel would survive after taken into captivity until it was old enough. She then took the heartbeat of the squirrel to make sure it didn’t have any heart problems. She pressed her stethoscope up against his chest, paused, put a puzzle expression on, and moved her stethoscope around the squirrel’s body. She still looked puzzled and then said something that shocked us into silence for a long time.

“This squirrel has a very slow heartbeat. He doesn’t seem like he should have a slow heart especially this sluggish. It seems more like a human heart.”













Chapter 4


The veterinarian had been gone for a while and we were trying to think of how to get home, when Thomas had an obvious but brilliant idea.

“Why don’t we just ask her?” he thought out loud.

“What?” Aidan replied.

“Why don’t we just ask Laurabella? I mean she has magic, so she might also be able to communicate with humans.”

“That’s a good idea!” I had another thought. “Laurabella always seems to understand me, and I never knew why.”

“Well, come on then! Let’s ask her,” Aidan waltzed over to Laurabella and said, “How do we get home?”

She looked confused at first, but then she trotted over to the entrance of the treehouse and started barking.

“She wants to get down on the ground,” I commented.

Thomas picked her up and carried her down the ladder, and we all followed. As soon as we got down, my small dog jumped out of Thomas’s arm and sniffed around for a minute. Then she started digging right beside the tree. Exasperated, Aidan sighed, and Thomas sat down. I still had faith in Laurabella though. I sat next to her as she dug. Eventually, Aidan shouted over to me.

“Kiera! We were wrong. She can’t communicate with us; she brought us here on accident and is probably looking for a bone or something.”

I didn’t care. I kept watching her as she dug and then I saw something. “Guys! Come over here! She found something.”

“What a bone? Is it magical or something?” Aidan replied sarcastically. He and Thomas laughed at the joke.

“No, I’m serious! It looks like a red collar, and is that something else?” I had gained their interest, and they walked over.

“I think the other object is a ring,” Thomas supposed.

“You’re right,” Aidan alleged. “Kiera, I think she wants us to put those on.”

“Okay, I’ll put on the ring. Thomas, how about you put the collar on Laurabella.” Laurabella dipped her head towards the collar, as if she understood us. We put the items on, but then paused. The items were the same red and looked like the same style. What do we do now? I thought. Suddenly I heard an elder woman talking. She said, “Oh my goodness! This is so itchy!”

“What?” I exclaimed. “Who’s there?”

“Kiera, what are you talking about?” Aidan said, alarmed.

“Somebody’s talking, but I don’t see them,” Why don’t they believe me?

“Kiera!” I gasped. It was the women speaking again. “Kiera, it’s okay. It’s me Laurabella.”

“What?” I couldn’t believe my ears! “Laurabella’s speaking!”

“No . . . she’s not. She’s barking,” Thomas was confused.

I studied my finger with the ring carefully. “It must be the ring and collar! I can hear Laurabella speaking with them.”

“You’re right, Kiera,” Laurabella assured me. “That’s how it works.”

“What’s she saying?” inquired Aidan.

“She said, ‘You’re right, Kiera. That’s how it works,” I replied.

“Well, can she understand us?” Thomas probed. To answer his question, Laurabella walked over to him and seemed to give a human like nod. “Cool!”

“Laurabella, how do we get home?” Aidan got us back on track.

“All we need to do,” Laurabella began but gave me time to translate periodically. “is go back to the treehouse, and I’ll take you home.”

“Well, then let’s do it!” Thomas was eager to get home, but Aidan had a different thought in mind.

“Wait. Won’t our parents’ have been worried?” he asked.

“Oh, yeah,” I forgot about that I replied.

“And we can’t tell them about magic,” Thomas chimed in.

“Well, I guess we’ll just have to burn that bridge when we get to it,” I decided.

“We need to take the ring and collar off. Your mum won’t know where it came from,” Thomas exclaimed when we were all up the ladder. I took the ring off my finger and then carefully slid off the collar.

“Are you ready, Laurabella?” I asked. She barked so I assumed that was a yes.

She reenacted what she did in the den, except on the walls of the house. When we arrived back home, everything was exactly how we left it. Even the creases from where we were sitting were still there. We scampered inside, and immediately started apologizing to my mum where she was washing dishes like she had when we left.

“For what? What are you apologizing for? What did you do?” She was panicked, afraid we had done something terrible. “What happened?”

“Wait. How long were we gone?” I was confused.

“No more than ten minutes,” she replied, in a querying tone.

“Oh . . .” Aidan was trying to think on his feet.

“It’s just that . . .” Thomas tried to save his brother. “We were playing in the tree! And . . . a branch fell when we were on it. We thought you might have heard the noise, and been scared.”

“Oh! Okay, then. No I wasn’t scared. Thank you for being concerned.” We were all relieved she reacted this way. “Go on out and keep playing. Just be more careful.”

“Okay, I just have to get something.” I scurried upstairs and grabbed a travel shampoo, a small can of bug spray, and an old comb. The three of us tried to walk casually out of the door. It was not very nonchalant, but Mum seemed to believe it. When we closed the back door behind us, I held up the supplies and said, “We have to clean up that squirrel!”

Upon request, my dachshund took us back to the den. The squirrel had jumped up to the top of the tree but had not managed to travel any farther than that. I climbed out the window of the treehouse where I could see it but wouldn’t scare it away. I continued climbing up the tree where I found some nuts. I decided to try the same trick that the vet used, and it worked! I was able to pick up the squirrel, climb back into the treehouse, and down the ladder. Eventually, we found a clean looking pond to clean the squirrel in.

“Kiera, wait!” Aidan stopped me quickly. “Don’t dunk the squirrel in, just use your hands to put some water on it. The water dunk might shock it too much.”

Carefully and thoroughly, I washed the squirrel. It seemed to like me, which was strange. All my life, animals seemed to really like me, which was why I wanted to be a vet like Dr. Janice. When I was done, I combed through the young male’s fur, and then rubbed some bug spray through it so some of the flies and mosquitos would leave. I removed all the ticks and washed the bites thoroughly. Finally, I was satisfied I had done a good job.

“Can we name him Greypaw?” I asked while studying his fur.

“Why’s that?” Thomas inquired.

“Look at his front right paw,” I said, holding out a paw that was a much darker, more beautiful grey than the others.

“Oh, wow!” Aidan peeked at the paw. “Sure, Kiera. Let’s name him that.”

“Look at his big, bright eyes!” You could finally see them now that there wasn’t fur in them. “He’s so adorable!”

“He’s cute, but he has a human heartbeat,” Thomas interjected.

“I wonder why,” Aidan drifted into one of those daydreams that you can never snap him out of.






















Chapter 5


We had traveled back to our home in the present and slept there for the night. After breakfast, Thomas and Aidan came over to my house so that we could play, and we had no intention of going back to the future yet. We would be going later though, so I had packed a backpack full of supplies. We went into the house to look for Laurabella when she ran at us! I thought she was going to start playing with her, but she started nipping at our heels like a herding dog would. We started backing up and ended up going out the door, through the backyard, and fell into the den. Then Laurabella jumped in with us and stopped attacking us.

“Woah!” I asked now that I wasn’t concerned for my immediate safety. “What are you doing?”

Laurabella did not make any attempt to communicate with us but instead started running around the walls of the den.

“She’s going to time travel again,” of course Aidan understood what was happening.

We were prepared to end up back in the treehouse but instead found ourselves in an 1800’s hen house.

“Kiera,” Thomas jumped straight into action, looking around where we had arrived. “Put the ring and collar on.”

I had the collar and ring in my backpack. I pulled them out and Laurabella immediately ran over to me. As soon as I put the red items on, Laurabella started speaking to me.

“We need to be quiet or else the farmer will come find us and I can’t think what will happen then.”

“What’d she say?” Thomas queried.

“Be quiet, or else the farmer who owns the hen house will get mad,” I whispered.

Suddenly we heard footsteps. The three of us knew that the farmer was coming. Thomas ran to the left and Aidan to the right. I didn’t know what to do, but Laurabella told me to follow her. She was bounding ahead of me and I had to run faster than I ever had to keep up. She kept on turning corners so that the majority of the time I had to trust my instincts on where to go. Once I went the wrong direction, but luckily where I went was a dead end, so I knew to go the opposite direction. At one point, when running down a long hallway I just saw my dog jump and then disappear. I was sure I could trust Laurabella, so I jumped in the same place. All of a sudden, I was falling! It was only about five feet when I looked back up after my landing, but during the fall, everything felt slower, so I thought it could have been twenty feet. The fall didn’t hurt me because of the distance, and my backpack was fairly light, but I couldn’t say the same for Laurabella. She is a whole lot smaller than me, so her fall was more traumatic. I found her on the ground panting, and blood was gushing from a wound in her leg.

“Laurabella! What happened? Are you okay?” I cried. She replied something, but it was mumbled so I couldn’t make it out. “Speak to me!”

When Laurabella finally spoke, her voice was weak. “When I landed in this hole, the shock of the landing was too much for my small legs. I fell down and scraped my leg on a sharp rock. I’m fine. I can get up.” As she told me her story, she tried to get back on her feet.

“No! You need to rest!” I spotted some hay in the corner and laid her on it. “Here. Let me fix you up. I brought supplies.” I put latex gloves on, and then I found some disinfectant and carefully washed the small scrapes around the wound. Next, I made sure there were no large pieces of debris inside the wound. I had Laurabella take some pain killers to help the pain. I had to breathe for this next step. I’d never done it before. I took out a suture needle and some thread. My dad was a surgeon so I was able to find them in his study. “Laurabella, this is going to hurt.” Carefully, I stitched the wound closed. It was messy, but it did the job. I’d seen my dad do it a thousand times before. Next I pulled out a roll of bandages, disinfected them, and wrapped Laurabella’s wound. Throughout the process, Laurabella howled, but I had to ignore it because I knew it was for the best. Finally, I sat down and was able to relax. “I wonder how the boys are doing.”

“We should go look for them,” came Laurabella’s voice. It was stronger but still small.

“No. You need more rest. The twins will find us.” I said immediately.

“But we need to go!” Laurabella shouted exasperated.

“No. You need to rest, and that’s final!

“Fine,” she relented grudgingly. “I’ll stay.”

“And anyway,” I assured her. “We’ll be safe here.”

I climbed up onto another hay bail and lay down. All this running exhausted me! The two of lay there in silence too tired to make conversation. I checked on the small dachshund to see her shivering. I dug through my back pack and found two blankets. I lay one on her and wrapped the other around me. Now that I was comfortable, I fell straight to sleep.


* * *

I woke with a jolt when I heard a large thump. I spun around prepared to see the farmer with a pitchfork or something. Luckily I saw Aidan lying on the floor. He obviously had not seen the hole and just fell right in.

“Aidan!” I ran over to him. “Are you okay?” Aidan just moaned in reply. “Aidan!”

“I’m up!” He sat straight up. “Are you okay? What happened?”

“Laurabella and I have been here for a while. We jumped in on purpose, well she did. I just jumped in because she did. I’m fine, but she wasn’t too lucky.” I looked over at where she was laying. She was so exhausted that she was still sound asleep.

“Oh!” Aidan couldn’t see the bandages because of the blanket on top of her. “What happened?”

“She scratched her leg on a rock. I had to sew her up.”

“But . . . you’ve never done that before.”

“And I did a pretty great job for my first time!” I said laughing.

“What kind of supplies do you have in that bag of yours?” Aidan had an expression that meant he had an idea.

I started searching through my bag. “I’ve got rope, thread, needles, bandanas, blankets, disinfectant, pain killers, water, duct tape, snacks, gloves, flashlights, bandages, sunscreen, bug spray, and . . . that’s pretty much it.”

“Okay. I got it. Get out the flashlights, rope, sunscreen, bug spray, bandanas, duct tape, and blankets. We’re going to make a stretcher.” Carefully, Aidan began taping the flashlights, sunscreen, and bug spray together. He made two poles that were longer than Laurabella separately. Next, he began creating a bridge between the two poles for Laurabella to lay on. Aidan wrapped the rope around the bottom of the stretcher twice so that the entire stretcher could be lifted parallel to the ground from one point. He was able to find rocks that he could climb on so that he would get out of the hole. On the ceiling of the hen house, he found a gap that he could thread the rope through.

“Move Laurabella carefully onto the stretcher. I’m going to use this makeshift pulley to haul her up,” he shouted down to me. I managed to do this without waking her or moving her leg. Aidan already had the stretcher elevated so that she wouldn’t have to touch the cold hard floor. It must have taken ten minutes, but Aidan steadily brought my injured dog out of the hole. I climbed where Aidan had before, and together we kept Laurabella on the stretcher and took her away from the ominous chasm. Finally, we marched off to find Thomas. We walked for a long time, and there was still no sign of Aidan’s twin. We sat down to catch our breath, when everything went black.

Next thing I knew, the twins were leaning over me, shaking my shoulders. It was kind of funny though. They looked almost the same, and they had the same expression on their face. I actually started laughing, but I had to stop quickly because there was a throbbing pain in the back of my head.

“What happened?” I moaned.

Thomas held up a pan and gave his goofy smile that I always loved. “I thought you were the farmer, so I hit you with a pan.”

Despite the pain, I couldn’t help but laugh. I slowly sat up and rested against the wall. “A pan? You hit me with a pan!” I thought this was hilarious because I thought that only happened in the movies. “My best friend hit me with a pan because he thought I was an old farmer! Wow! That’s a story to tell.”

“Yeah. I saw you holding Laurabella—”

“Laurabella!” I was concerned because of her injury. “Where is she?”

“She’s fine,” Aidan assured me. “There was no hay in here so I made her a bed of blankets. She woke up.”

“Oh, good. I’ll check on her.” I stumbled over to the bed because I was still a bit dazed. She looked much better than before. She rolled over to look at me.

“Thanks for taking care of me,” she said. “You did a really good job.”

“Thanks and you’re welcome,” I replied. “Call me if you need me.”

Thomas called over to me. “Oh, and to apologize for before, I brought eggs! And we have a pan, so if we start a fire we can cook something.”

“Great!” Things were starting to look up. “And I have lots of other snacks as well. Now let’s get working on that fire.”













Chapter 6


It was around midnight when we awoke. We heard the sound of muffled, large, leather boots walking along the wood floor. We looked at each other, our eyes widened by fright.

“The farmer,” Aidan mouthed.

“Oh, no,” I returned.

Thomas jerkily woke Laurabella, and she stood up with no problem so we thought she would be fine on her leg. Then, the wooden door slowly began creeping open. When he was revealed, we discovered the farmer was a scruffy, old man with a diagonal scar across his face. His eyes were filled with rage and terror from his past years.

“What are ye doin’ in ma heen house?” then then he spotted Laurabella. “And ye gotta beast in ‘ere?” Laurabella was just able to bite back a growl.

Our gang ran out the only exit other than the one the farmer was blocking, and he followed us. Our short legs couldn’t carry us very quickly, but neither could his. He had a limp, and those boots couldn’t have been good for running in. Despite his disabilities, he was gaining on us. I noticed Laurabella was lagging behind. She only lasted alone for a little while when her leg started giving her trouble. The old farmer was leaning over to snatch her, and I was too far away to save her. I watched as the menacing man pick her up and swing her over his shoulder. I couldn’t take it.

“NO! STOP! PUT HER DOWN!” I screamed at the top of my lungs. I had stopped in the middle of the hall way. “It’s four against one. We can overcome you.”

“Laurabeela!” the farmer had stopped to look at my struggling dachshund. “Ye came back to me! Remember me? It’s Charlie.”

“Charlie?” Laurabella relaxed and turned to me. “This was my owner a long time ago. I ran away to try and . . . well, I’ll tell you why later.”

A tension in the room that I swear you could have cut with a knife. It felt like a giant’s hand was squeezing my chest. I couldn’t breathe. Maybe that’s why my chest was in pain. I didn’t know what to do. Sun spots started appearing around my vision. Laurabella. I couldn’t lose her. I couldn’t –


















Chapter 7


I don’t know what time I woke up, just that it was still dark. I was in a bed. Not a comfortable one, but better than I expected. I sat up and saw Thomas and Aidan. They ran over to me.

“Kiera! Are you okay?” Aidan looked worried.

“We’ve been asking that question far too much recently.” Thomas remarked which made me giggle.

“Yeah, I’m fine, but what happened?” I assured them.

“You passed out after Charlie picked Laurabella up and claimed she was his,” Aidan explained.

“Oh,” I rubbed my head. “Laurabella! Where is she? Did you let him take her? Don’t tell me he has her! Is she—”

“Kiera, Kiera.” Thomas stopped me. “It’s okay!”

I was panting at the time. “Where is she?”

“She’s um, with the farmer,” Aidan said cautiously.

“WHAT?” I literally had to be held down by the boys.

“When you passed out, I took the ring, and Laurabella said that she’d stay with him for one night, but we were his family now,” Thomas began. “He agreed even though it’s obvious that he would try to keep her. We have to trust Laurabella. She has a plan. The old man invited us to stay with him until you were back on your feet, and your dog said it was a good idea. Come on. We should go downstairs.”

Reluctantly, I calmed down. We walked downstairs, and I discovered this man had a much nicer house than I expected. The living room had two huge, maroon, cushy chairs, and adjacent was an old, family couch. Surely this man didn’t have children or friends for that matter. There was a beautiful redwood coffee table that looked custom made. Then, I saw the farmer, and my face hardened. Wait, was that the farmer? He looked like a lord in his new attire. His britches and coat were mahogany, and he had a frilly shirt poking out underneath. The coat had a long tail, exceeding the length of his knees. On his feet he had knee length socks and grey shoes, assumedly appropriate dress shoes of the time. His hat was triangular and made of the same mahogany fabric as the rest of his suit. He almost looked handsome. There beside him was a woman. I guess he did have a good character because she looked like his wife, and she was beautiful! She had medium long, curly, brown hair. She had a gorgeous dress mad of yellow with grey polka dotted fabric that touched floor. Her bonnet was the same fabric and looked very expensive.

“Ah! Ye’re awake!” the farmer explained. “Come ‘ere. Ma wife made ya some tea. It’ll make ya feel betta.” His voice boomed in the small living room.

I warily wandered over to the table and sat down. I looked at the tea, imagining it was poisoned. Laurabella trotted over me and nodded. I took a sip of the tea. It was really bitter. “What kind of tea is this?” I choked out. I didn’t want to be rude, but it tasted terrible.

“Oh, yeah,” his wife spoke. “I know it tastes teerrible, but it’s good for ya! Ye’ll get some nice drinking chocolate once ye’re done wit’ dat. By the way, ma name’s Jinny.”

“Oh, okay. Thank you, Jinny,” I replied. I quickly gulped down the tea when it was cool enough. I coughed because of the taste. I had to admit, it did make me feel better.

“Okey,” Jinny said. “We’ll let that settle in her stomach, and then it’s cocoa time!”

We moved over to the sitting are and got comfortable. The adults sat in the large chairs, and the three of us sat on the couch. Charlie plopped Laurabella onto his lapped and stroked her. We sat in silence for about ten minutes until Jinny gave us the hot chocolate.

We gingerly sipped the hot chocolate and instantly smiled. It was the most amazing cup of cocoa I had ever tasted! It was rich but not to dark. It had the perfect amount of creaminess and was just hot enough. As we sipped, we ended up just talking and talking to the couple.

“One day we were just playing around, and we found a stray dog on the street. We ended up keeping her and named her Laurabella,” I said at one point. “Recently, we dug a den and . . .” Aidan stopped when he saw Laurabella’s scared look she didn’t want Aidan to reveal the secret of magic.

“Weell? What’s the end of yere sentence, boy?” the farmer demanded.

Aidan just sat there like a fish out of water. Luckily, Thomas saved him.

“He has bad memory and neither Kiera nor I know what he’s talking about.”

“Ah,” the farmer seemed to believe this. “Oh, weell.” 

Aidan shot Thomas an ungrateful glance. Thomas shrugged. The farmer could not clearly see these gestures because of his bad sight, and his wife was too busy knitting to notice.

“Weell,” the farmer started standing up. “It’s about time the missus and I retired. There’s an Inn up the way you can stay een overnight. Ye can come back een the morning to get Laurabella. Do ye have money?”

“No, we don’t have money,” Thomas stunted.

“Here’s five dollars,” he handed us just one bill which surprised me. I felt sure a room for a night would cost at least one hundred dollars. “That should cover you.”

We left the house without Laurabella which scared me. I wished her a safe night. When we were out of earshot I whispered to Thomas, “It doesn’t feel right leaving Laurabella with him.”

“I know, but we don’t have another choice.”

We arrived at the Storyteller’s Inn before dark and got a fairly good room. Thomas had to sleep on the floor though because there was only one bed that fit two people. We fell asleep quickly after our exhausting day, despite our worries.
























Chapter 8


“Wake up. Wake up!”

I groaned. “Five more minutes>”

“Laurabella’s in trouble,” Aidan sounded panicked.

At that I sat up abruptly, remembering where I was. “WHAT?”

Aidan had already started running out the door. “I sensed it. Don’t ask how. We have to go. NOW!”

The only light was the full moon and the plentiful stars. Sleepiness still blurred my eyes. Thomas had already signed us out of the hotel. My legs were still asleep, but I knew we had to continue for Laurabella’s sake. We ran all the way there, and I was prepared to just barge in.

“Stop!” Thomas didn’t let me pass. “We can’t just run in there. We don’t know where she is or what’s happening to her.”

“Wine cellar,” Aidan stated with a faraway look in his eyes. “The farmer isn’t with her.”

I was amazed. “How—”

“I feel her. She’s cold.” I hadn’t noticed that Aidan was shivering.

“We’ve got to go!” Thomas shouted. We weren’t being cautious anymore. There wasn’t time.

Aidan picked the lock, and we tried to sneak downstairs, but in vain. The farmer saw us and brought out a gun.

“She’s mine now!” he shouted.

“That’s not going to happen!” I replied as I slid through his legs just barely missing a bullet. The twins charged at the old man, which confused him. He didn’t know where to shoot, so he shot upwards and put a hole in his ceiling. The three of us ran downstairs and found Laurabella curled in a ball, shivering.

“Laurabella!” I ran to her side and cuddled next to her.

“Oh. Thank-k goodnesssss you’re here,” She mumbled. “I’m so cold!”

I picked her up, but immediately she started clawing at me. “Let me go,” she said. I set her down and she told me to follow her. I told the boys the same. We didn’t walk far when we found a very strange room. It was fairly small, and had wooden shelves everywhere. It was like a library without books. Laurabella grabbed a small gold key with her teeth and climbed the bookshelves. She placed the key on top of a small safe that was painted to camouflages with the shelves.

“Open this!” I heard her say and translated.

“But that’s stealing!” Thomas pleaded.

“Laurabella wouldn’t steal without a reason,” I defended my pet. I was already trying to open the safe. “I’m not strong enough. Aidan, you try.”

Aidan walked up like it would be easy, but still wouldn’t budge when he tried. “Let’s just pick it up run!” he said exasperated.

“Laurabella said it’s too heavy,” I commented after Laurabella barked. We heard the farmers clacking shoes on the stairs.

Thomas got frustrated and did the unthinkable. He stepped forward and picked up the box like it was a feather. Then he ran into the wall and smashed into smithereens! Aidan and I had to recover from our shock quickly and follow him. We ran to the hen house where, despite her injury, Laurabella was able to do her running thing to get us back home. When back in the den, we just lay there in the shade of the tree.

I decided to break the silence after a few minutes. “You have SUPER STRENGTH!!!” I was dumbstruck.

“I prefer the word, herculean strength,” he was trying to sound confident and cool, but was actually very surprised himself.

“Kids!” We heard my mother’s for the first time in days. She of course thought it was just a few hours because of the strange time difference. “Come in for lunch!” We laughed when we remembered nothing special had happened in this world.
























Chapter 9


“So, what happened again?” I probed Laurabella for the third time.

We had warmed Laurabella up, and she was recovering from the trauma we just faced. She was doing her very best to explain to me the concept of the Great Book Mission, which is to collect seven items from each of the seven continents, and if she completes this task, she is welcomed back into the Dog Kingdom.

“We don’t know what will happen when the Great Book Mission is complete, but it is as old as time, literally. If there is something as old as time, it will either be entirely evil or entirely innocent, no in between. I’m hoping for innocent because I—” Laurabella quivered at this point. “I miss my family and friends! I just want to go back home!”

“Don’t worry Laurabella. We’ll get you home. I promise,” I said, even believing myself. I looked at the twins and relied that they couldn’t understand what Laurabella said. “You two should see your faces!” I said, laughing hysterically. Then I added, “I’ll catch you up later,” and continued to focus on my dog. “What was in the safe that was so important?”

Laurabella sniffed a little bit. “The first of the seven legendary Great Book items: a tooth from the first ever short-faced bear!” She said the name very passionately.

“Wow! That’s so cool!” Then I thought for a moment. “Why have such a big safe if it’s just a tooth?”

“It’s bigger than you think,” she replied. “It’s a whopping five inches long!”

“Woah!” I was dazed imaging a land animal that big. “It . . . isn’t still alive is it?”

Laurabella made what sounded like “her-her” like a dog’s laugh. I wondered why it wasn’t translated. “Of course not! It went extinct a long time ago.”

Embarrassed that I asked such a stupid question, my cheeks turned cherry red. “Oh, um. That’s good.”

I decided that I had left Aidan and Thomas in the dark for too long, so I relayed our whole conversation to them. Laurabella had to remind me of a lot of the key points.

“I think there’s something else I better tell you,” Laurabella started saying. “Remember when I followed you around when you guys made the den?”

“Yeah,” I laughed. “We thought you were like, purposefully influencing our decisions.”

“Well,” Laurabella looked guilty of something. “I actually was kinda controlling you.”

“Urgh!” This made me irate. “No wonder it felt so unnatural!”

“I’m sorry. I truly am! And I had to get it done that day because in order for me to STADEST FD, Space, Time, And Dimensional, Extraterrestrial, Super Travel (For Dogs), I had to make the machine, or a hole in this case, three days before the spring equinox on a leap year, and only travel to other spring equinoxes in other leap years, so I had no room to try my luck.

“Oh. Okay. I guess that’s fine then.” I replied.

“Hey, Kiera?” Thomas spoke up. “Can I borrow the ring for a little bit?”

“Yeah, sure.” I handed him the ring gingerly.

“Thanks,” then he turned to Laurabella. “So, how do I have herculean strength?”

“You see,” Thomas gasped in surprise at Laurabella’s voice. “A lot of people have super powers, but can only harness them when exposed to magic. You know, Aidan has telekinesis and the sixth sense.”

“Woah! I know he’s demonstrated his sixth sense, but how do you know about telekinesis?”

“They come as a package.”

“Oh cool,” then Thomas relayed the conversation to Aidan and I, after I had repeated my conversation with Laurabella from earlier.

“Psh!” Aidan made a hand gesture like his brain exploding. We all laughed at him.























Chapter 10


After studying the safe for a while, Laurabella announced how we were going to get the safe open. “There is a special type of water within the wall of this house.”

“In a wall?” I was shocked. Thomas had given me back the ring, so I could understand her.

“Yes, in the wall.”

“How are we going to get there?”

“With the STADEST FD Machine.”

After I had translated, Thomas asked, “How will we survive in a wall?”

“You just have to stay calm and be prepared. You’ll need to breathe slowly as if you’re just in open air. The magic from the STADEST FD Machine will do the rest,” she replied. It was getting kind of hard to translate all the time, but I did it anyway.

“Okay. I’m ready when you guys are,” I stated without any preparation.

“I’m not!” the twins shouted in unison. They took about five minutes to “get ready”. I didn’t understand why they needed so long. I was really bored while waiting for them to get prepared, and I didn’t hide it when they were done.

“Finally! I’ve been so bored!”

“Well! Into the den!” Laurabella commanded. “Kiera. Will you count down from three?”

“Sure.” I still didn’t see what was such a big deal. “Three, two, one. Here w—” What stopped me was I couldn’t breathe. My hands flew to my neck and I leaned back, gasping for air.

“Come on, Kiera,” I heard my dogs voice from everywhere and nowhere. “Just relax. Breathe normally.”

I couldn’t do it. I heard Thomas’s voice in the same fashion. “Laurabella! She can’t do it! Take her back!”

Them Aidan joined in. “Please! Do something!”

Then, I could breathe! I realized I was back in the den. I collapsed and tried to catch my breath. I heard Laurabella trying to talk to me, but I wouldn’t respond.

Thomas took the ring off my finger and put it on his. “Laurabella says it’s time to go back,” he said.

“What about Kiera?” Aidan demanded.

Laurabella barked, and Thomas said, “We’ll leave her here. She told me I need to take her out of the den.” I felt Thomas wrap his hand around my arm and easily lift me out of the den.

This next part is just what the boys told me, but they didn’t tell me the whole story. While in the wall, everything gaseous was now solid and vice-versa. Liquids were the same. So, they stepped on mouse holes and through mice. Also, every inch was a foot, so they walked roughly a mile.

The water was guarded by a mini cockatrice. Laurabella said, “Half the size, twice the power.” Aidan distracted the bird, Thomas grabbed it but did not kill, and Laurabella got the water.

They arrived back in the den, where I was sitting beside it wide awake. “You guys got the water?”

“Yep!” Thomas replied. “We need to soak the key in it, and then the safe will open.”

When we got the safe open, I shrieked at the size of the tooth. The boys laughed at me, but I didn’t care. I was just glad that one seventh of our journey was over.













Chapter 11


“So what now?” I asked. “Do we go on and find the next object?”

“Not so fast—” I gasped because I could hear her voice, even though Thomas still had the ring.

“How can I understand you?” I said alarmed.

“You just found your superpower.” Of course I had to translate to Aidan.

“Thomas, you can keep that ring. You need it the most because Aidan has the sixth sense as well.” I liked my superpower. Every little girl’s dream is to talk to animals!

“Continuing,” Laurabella said, a bit annoyed. “Next we’ll be going to South America to find the first ever parassaurus claw. We need to pack up and prepare if we’re going to travel more often.”

“Well, Laurabella, you and I need to bury this tooth in the den, and then we’ll get some tools from the shed,” after saying this he turned to Aidan and me. “The two of you need to get camping backpacks prepared. Aidan could you pack one for me?”

“Yeah, sure,” Aidan was always willing to help his brother.

“Would you like a little saddlebag, Laurabella?” I asked. I planned on sewing two small bags on the side of a little shirt she has.

“That would be great!” she sounded very enthusiastic about the idea.

Once we had everything packed we met back in the den.

“So, it’s official,” Thomas remarked. “We’re actually doing this.”

“Yep,” Aidan took a deep breath in. “We’re traveling the world.

“In the STADEST FD Machine,” I put in.

“Yes,” Laurabella confirmed, but there was no need to translate for Aidan. 

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