how to never fear rejection

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how to liberate yourself from what people think, gain respect and do what you want to do freely.

Submitted: November 25, 2016

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Submitted: November 25, 2016


1. Start by evaluating them. Questions, or making a statemenr or ask for a favor. Do it uniil they feel at ease opening  up.
2. Then is your chance to share your own story or comment about yourself.
3. That will make them feel more comfortable and begin to feel at ease bringing you any conversation.
4. Once they pass, it'll feel natural to let go and be yourself and say what you think without being rejected.
5. If they don't open, remind them that you are evaluating them by:
6. Giving them the Benefit of the Doubt. Try again some other time. Then again. And that is it!  And if they don't open then WALK AWAY with pride and STAY AWAY.
7. DO NOT do the evaluation again when they already failed.
8. If they speak to you, talk with pride and assertiveness (short and staright to the point). This helps them see that you are respecting yourself by drawing a line.
9. If you need to speak to them for getting something you want, speak up and assert it. You don't want to become a doormat, so respect your needs.

10. Say and do what you want for yourself without trying to please them, because they don't deserve it. Move on to other things or people that do work for you. Enjoy what you are doing and the things around you, if not go find something. 
11. If they've tried PLENTY of times to get your attention, make them work for it, and give them a chance, if they fail and walk all over you again, do not be friends again. They don't deserve it. Value yourself.
12. Always avoid arguements by collaborating and finding something you agree with, if nit ask if you can talk about it some other time.
- the approaches above show that you are strong, confident, attractive and not in need of their judgment or validation. - it Decreases stress and increases confidence.
People tend to reveal thhemselves when they feel like they (a) have PLENTY of room to speak (b) won’t be judged for their actions, and (c) feel like you are curious to hear their answers. Do this and people will instantly feel at ease in bringing any conversation to you. - see whether they react. In any case, you will break the ice, and keep your "footing"of power 

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