Dark Desires

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On a late night in a small village, a human prays for the safety of her village to which an unknown figure slinks into the church to prey upon the feeble human girls desires.

Submitted: November 25, 2016

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Submitted: November 25, 2016



The moon was full tonight, its light illuminating the world beneath, though the village on the coast still had torches out. The flames flickered in the night around the edges, hoping to hold the evil spirits of the land away from their homes. So far from any cities or towns, the machinations of civilization had yet drive away the legends of old.


Just beyond the limits of the village stood a solitary church, perched upon a cliff where waves crashed against rock. The priest within had long since gone to his home to sleep through the long hours of the night, but Elina had come up here anyway. Kneeling before the altar, her lips moved in prayers of soft whisper. The moonlight poured in through the stained glass windows, brilliant colours probing into the shadows, for only a few tall candles flickered to bathe Elina in light.


A soft creak behind her broke Elina's concentration. It had been so soft that it could merely have been the old building still settling, but the woman had lived out here long enough to know than to merely assume.


Her blue eyes fell upon a woman with pale skin that seemed to stand out from the darkness, sitting in one of the pews and leaning forward in a way that only her face and hands grasping the top of the seat before her could be seen. Her dark red lips were curled upwards in a soft sensual smile, brilliant green eyes staring at Elina with hunger, though the peasant couldn't tell what kind.


"What do you pray for?" the woman asked, her voice like silk, and Elina felt a shiver running up her spine. She forced herself to look away and look back to the altar, and the statue of the angel behind it. Licking her lips nervously, Elina finally found her words.


"For the safety of my village. Against the darkness," she said firmly, belaying what she felt within. She knew it was dangerous to speak with whatever it was behind her, but she was in the house of light.


"There is no true protection against darkness, just as there is none against light," the sultry purr said, and Elina could hear gentle taps on the stone tiles of the church getting closer. There was a creak of leather behind her, and then the peasant could sense the lips of the woman scant inches from her ear, though there was no breath.


"Dark and light are not so different. They feed off one another, and not the division of good and evil as your church would have you believe," the woman whispered, and Elina felt hands upon her hips. There was no heat to her touch, but Elina felt a heat growing between her thighs, and her breathing started to come faster. She turned her head slightly, and the woman crept closer, until her leather clad breasts pushed against Elina's back. She wished she could say she was ashamed of the contact, but the soft flesh beneath the firm material only sent another shiver crawling up her back, and drew a soft gasp from her own lips.


"They say that passion is a sin, that there can be only love. But what is love without passion? Without the burning fires of lust?" the woman purred, and slowly ran her moist tongue over Elina's ear, and she could not stop the small groan that escaped her lips at the sensation. "Pure," she whispered, trying desperately to cling to her teachings, but the woman's hands slid upwards from her hips and along her sides, curling inwards to stop just beneath her breasts.


"Empty," the woman corrected, and softly bit at Elina's ear as if to punctuate the words. Elina felt the sharp point of fangs against her flesh and in that sensation the revelation of what held her and drew these feelings burning in her flesh: vampire.


Yet, she felt no fear, and instead heard truth in the undead woman's words, felt the truth in her hands upon her body. A truth intensified when the vampire's hands slid upwards and cupped her breasts, squeezing softly through the simple wool dress she wore. A moan spilled out into the otherwise empty chamber of the church, and finally she felt her hands untangling from each other, breaking from the stance of prayer.


"My name is Arynn my little dove," the vampire said, and tilting her body slightly, finally fully seeing the woman pressed against her, Elina introduced herself. Arynn did not hide her pale flesh from the eyes, a tight corset pushed her breasts up and offered plenty of cleavage to Elina's suddenly curious and hungry gaze, bare arms corded with tight muscle and a strip of near white where the black of leather ceased just above her navel. More black leather stretched down from her hips, running to her legs to boots with a pointed heel. Arynn grinned as Elina's eyes ran over her, seeming to enjoy the attention.


The vampire squeezed softly again, and Elina moaned again, feeling her nipples brushing over the wool of her dress, demanding freedom. Arynn leaned closer, and the two women's lips met. The kiss was soft and gentle at first, but Arynn's mouth opened, her tongue darting out to gently caress Elina's lips in their lustful embrace. The peasant relented, her own mouth opening, inviting the vampire's tongue inside, dancing slowly with her own. Hands rose up her chest, finding the ties and strings of her dress, slowly undoing them, and Elina let her seductress do this. With each string undone, the top of her dress parting until the small shadow of cleavage showed itself to the world, Elina felt more and more of her teachings slipping away, forgotten within the burning cauldron of desire that had claimed her mind.


The kiss continued, growing more passionate, their lips caressing turning more forceful, tongues dancing faster and more demanding. Arynn began to pull at the wool, parting the front flap until the dress began to slip from Elina's shoulders and slide down her body. Breasts free, nipples standing stiff in the cool air, the two women slowly rose from their crouch upon the floor. The dress fell to Elina's hips as one of Arynn's hands grasped her bared breast, curling downwards until her fingers could twist at her nipple, drawing a hungry moan muffled by the pressing lips and twisting tongues.


One hand pulled down at the dress caught at Elina's hips, leaving her in the simple panties of a peasant. Elina reached back over her shoulder, caught up in the heat throbbing in her loins and curling through her body, and grasped the vampire's hair, pulling her ever closer, groaning and moaning as the hand at her breast squeezed and twisted her flesh. A hand clasped onto Elina's thigh, and her own caressed the vampire's, as the fingers arched and claws ran up her flesh to her hip, ripping through the fabric of her panties, causing them to flop open and fall uselessly to the floor.


Finally Arynn broke the kiss, and took a few steps back. She grinned, her lips glistening from Elina's tongue, and slowly began to pull at the laces holding her corset closed. Elina stared, taking a slow step forward, pulling her shoes off as her heart pounded within her breast. She bit her lower lip, watching as this dark temptress slowly opened a line of pale flesh up her torso. The pull of dark leather from nearly white skin was torturously long, the line broadening and making Elina's breath come ever faster, a drop of sweat rolling down her face and her back.


The curves sides of the vampire's breasts came into view, and for a moment Elina felt her breath catch, no longer surprised at her intoxicating attraction to this woman, only wanting to see more, to let her fingers and tongue roam over her body once this strip tease was finished.


Dark nipples, as stiff as Elina's own, finally came into view, and the corset finally opened fully, the vampire's breasts exposed to her lover's hungry eyes. The black leather fell to the ground, and Elina took another step forward. Still the tease, Arynn stepped back, and placed her heeled boot upon one of the pews. Topless, and the image of sexual beauty, and the figure of Elina's burning lust, she stood, hands resting upon her thighs, but not moving. Her eyes flicked down to the boot, the silver buckles keeping it in place, then back to Elina.


The awestruck woman gathered herself, and stepped forward on bare feet, not feeling the cold of the stone even with bare feet. She kneeled before the pew, as if in prayer once again, but now to something much darker, and much more erotic. This desecration of holy ground only fueled the growing desires in Elina's soul, and she reached up, running her fingers over the smooth leather, feeling it beneath her fingertips, and finding each buckle, unsnapping them, loosening the boot from the foot of her seductress, her mistress.


As her lover grasped the boot firmly, Arynn pulled her foot free, smirking down at the woman kneeling before her. Elina's thighs were glistening with her need, and Arynn licked her lips at the sight, before putting her other foot upon the pew. Elina groaned softly, and knelt forward. She ran her tongue from the toe and upwards to the top buckle, before letting her fingers pry it open. Shivers ran up her spine as she felt Arynn's eyes upon her naked back, and she quickly moved to the next buckles, and the vampire pulled her foot free.


Looking up at the gorgeous creature before her, Elina's eyes widened when she saw her mistress's fingers start on the laces that ran up the crotch of her pants. The tight leather began to lose its grip around her hips, but before anything could be revealed, Arynn turned. Elina felt her gaze glued to the second skin of leather clutching to the temptress's ass, never wavering as that skin was peeled downwards, revealing the curves of her rear like a pale wave. She reached out, fingertips running from the small of Arynn's back and down over the soft swell of her ass, following the descending line of black over her thighs, as moist as her own, to her calves.


The vampire lifted a single foot, and Elina pulled the pants free of one leg, feeling every contour on the journey, before the pair repeated the process with the other leg. Arynn turned, and the two women, stark naked, their clothes scattered before the altar of the church, looked upon each other, one from her knees the other from above. Lust burned in their expressions, lips parted.


Curling her fingers through the hair of her new pet, the mistress pulled towards herself. A sound between a mewl of pain and a moan of pleasure slipped from Elina's throat, a sound of ecstasy that lingered in the air as her tongue ran up the thighs of her seductress. The taste of her desire sent deep shivers of need up her back once again, and she pressed her lips to the pale flesh before her, kissing her softly and trailing upwards, stopping just before the glistening folds of her mistress.


Turning her head, pet licked and kissed her way up the other wet thigh, leaving a moist trail of her own in the wake of her lips. Finally she was perched on her knees between Arynn's knees, looking up at the beautiful and bare folds before her. She followed the pull on her hair, drawing another moan that washed the nether lips of the vampire with hot breath, and gently kissed, tasting the strong flavour that rolled into her mouth. Another groan, and her tongue curled outwards, flicking over Arynn's clit, earning a delicious moan from the sultry mistress.


Kissing the pussy before her, the pet could not help herself and thrust her tongue upwards, inside the depths of her mistress, her nose full of her scent. The pain in her scalp as Arynn pulled her blonde locks only drove her harder, deeper, tongue curling within her. As she feasted, one hand sliding over Arynn's hip, Elina felt her other sliding down her body and creeping between her legs.


"Not yet my pet," the vampire said in something between a growl and a groan, tugging sharply again, and Elina moaned into the cunt under her mouth and let her hand slide away from herself, clasping onto the flesh of the woman who had revealed so much within herself this night, and driving her tongue harder, deeper, faster.


Sweat ran down her back, and she felt claws on her shoulder, digging in and drawing dark red lines of pain, and it only served to drive her deeper into the madness of desire that had claimed its hold upon her. She heard the moans of her mistress coming faster, louder, echoing in the empty church, until what seemed like much too short a time, Arynn let out a loud howl of pleasure that should have woken the dead.


Claws dug deeper into Elina's shoulder, beads of crimson rising and rolling down her back and chest, curling over her breast as juices smeared over her face.


Seductress pushed the seduced down with her foot, and let out a long sigh of pleasure before looking down at the woman laying upon her back. Her chin, lips and nose glistening with proof of her skill. Skill even Arynn was surprised she had.


A mischievous grin spread over the vampire's features, and she walked towards the altar with her hips swaying, breasts bouncing with each step. Elina brought herself up, and crawled after the woman, enjoying the look in Arynn's eyes when the vampire saw her sensuous movements on all fours, moving up onto the dais the broad altar of wood and stone sat upon.


Sweeping her hand across its surface, Arynn pushed the holy book of the light to the ground with a flutter of pages, and the thump of hard bound leather. Softly, she ran her hand over the stone top, and Elina grinned as she crawled atop the former idol of her prayers. Arynn grinned at her pet's dedication to her new goddess, and pushed her onto her back, before crawling atop her.


Leaning down, the vampire kissed her lover, tongue once again pushing its way between Elina's lips, as her pet pushed her own out, feeling the sharp points of Arynn's fangs. The vampire groaned as she tasted herself, her breasts rubbing against the other woman's smearing the crimson streaks across her skin, legs becoming entangled as hands explored curves and flat stretches of flesh. The gentle lovemaking a stark contrast to what had occurred but moments before.


Arynn finally broke the kiss, her lips trailing down to her pet's neck, teasing the soft skin with her fangs, pressing down but not quite unleashing the torrent of sweet nectar flowing in her veins. Moans slipped from Elina's lips, as she felt her mistress licking at the gashes in her shoulder and down to the slope of her breast, following the smeared path of blood to the stiff peak. Hands roamed over the temptress's back, scratching and pawing hungrily as teeth bit down gentle upon her nipple, fangs making small scratches on either side, tongue lapping at the crimson that flowed forth and over her lips.


The break from her nipple brought a small gasp from Elina, as her mistress trailed further downwards, leaving a path of blood smeared kisses across her belly and down to her crotch. Half off the altar now, Arynn glanced down at the juices smeared over the stone surface, and grinned upwards to the woman who had given herself to darkness.


Two fingers, the claws shrunk down to normal nails, suddenly plunged deep into Elina's womanhood, and she let out a hungry moan of desire that grew only louder when they curled within her, reaching places of pleasure she had never even dreamed of. Her back arched, pushing her breasts up into the air, hands clutching at the side of the altar and entwined within the hair of her mistress. The fingers continued to thrust deep inside her, curling as they slipped outwards, and Arynn bent her head low, and gently kissed Elina's thigh.


The peasant knew what was coming next, and eagerly awaited it, her body tense with the anticipation. Goosebumps rose along her skin even as sweat ran over her in contradiction. The vampire's tongue was soft and gentle in contrast to the hard plunge of her fingers, running in circles over Elina's thigh.


Then it came, the harsh bite as fangs plunged deep into the skin of her thigh. Pleasure erupted through her and she felt herself lost within the bliss of orgasm. Her moans spilled out into the air as her mistress drank deeply from her thigh, excess dripping onto the altar to mingle with the juices gushing from her most intimate of areas. Her fingers tightened in Arynn's hair as she feasted, and brought forth revelation.


On and on it dragged, the orgasm carried through the bite and the long drink. She felt herself getting light headed, the colour slowly draining from her skin as her lifeblood poured over Arynn's lips and down her throat. The vampire groaned in ecstatic delight as she tasted the life of her pet, tongue lapping around her fangs buried within the woman's thigh, though she noted the weakening strength of Elina's moans as life slipped from her body.


Slowly, gently, Arynn pulled herself from her pet's veins, licking over the wound and crawling back up to straddle the peasant. Elina gasped in short breaths as she stared with love she had never felt before even as she slowly slipped from life. Arynn licked her lips as she looked down upon her pet, and slowly drew a claw along her own breast, letting her blood seep forth.


"Come to me, my pet," Arynn purred, pulling the dying woman to her breast, groaning softly as she felt lips sucking at the gash, tongue lapping at the blood gushing forth, and felt Elina's hands rising to wrap around Arynn's back as she was born anew.

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