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This is the prologue to a legendary saga about the Hunters

Submitted: November 25, 2016

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Submitted: November 25, 2016



Three days and fourteen hours was all it took for the clip to empty out. And it was all it took for my life to go down the drain in one simple motion, with no explanation for why it had to happen. I was happy. My life was a big bundle of joy wrapped in blankets while Stranger Things played on repeat in front of me 24/7, it was a good life. Yet somehow, it had to end. Like all things in a happy mans life, it comes to a crashing end in a sudden yet forceful way that convinces you to just give up.

And I was that one lucky victim that fate decided to choose.

I was a Hunter. A species created to serve and protect the human race from those that threaten their lives. We've been here for millions of years, and have made use of every second given. Because we care for them, they're our legacy as a people and we must make that last for as long as we can. Hunters are a secret to humans, they have no idea we exist, and we intend to have them never know. They wouldn't be able to take it, and they would be to terrified of us.

But, those days are over now. They'll know. We no longer have time to contemplate on which mission we should follow, what we should have dinner, or what sword we should get for our child's first hunt. It's all done now, it's all obsolete for us. We have become the hunted, the huntees if you will, the prey. And these last few days are all I can say for now, for the battle hasn't ended yet. For now, I hope you can understand how dire our situation is, and you just might know what the Hunters thought in their last days. Including me, and the others that died for the salvation and the ever fleeing Rapture that stands before us and everyone above.

This is our saga.


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