An Essay to English Teachers

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I have written an essay in basic form, learned in about year 8 or 9, to mock and poke my finger through the holes of the basic essay format. If you liked it let me know. :)

Submitted: November 26, 2016

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Submitted: November 26, 2016



A message to all teachers, English being the pejorative bunch amongst an otherwise helpful group of intermediaries between our youth and adulthood. Teachers teach, art teachers help young minds develop their creative sides. It can be argued that English slots right in the middle of creative and academic subjects, most schools seem to honour English as the one subject we must pass in order to pass school altogether. Yet the capability of passing rests not on how hard a student tries, but how much a student curves themselves to the format of a table. A table of A to F.


Failure is so close to a top mark that one mistake could land a student from a close pass to a complete failure. There is room for a close pass yet the criteria for a failure is binary, yes or no, pass or fail. A failure could pave way for inspiration, or fear, to not fail again. Though a teacher with their heart involved should be the mainstay for close inspiration for students. It’s deplorable that students who haven’t got a teacher that puts in 110% are left in the wake of those with the former. A teacher that hones a student’s creativity is only what we can hope for.


Creativity is what drives people from boredom. Yet the only aspect of creativity in English is when the students are tasked with a creative writing task. And even then it must contain certain criteria to pass, and even in most cases, be about a certain subject. I myself failed one task because I wrote in the theme too subtly, because I made the teacher work to understand the fact that a particular word was missing. Another way people seem to fail is by linking themselves into their essays, this is forbidden “to prevent bias”, yet how is an essay written by one person going to remain unbiased? Especially considering that we were required to find a point of view about the task before writing it. The creativity of writing is being lost. Unbiased writing is for the emotionless scientists that tell the facts, straight and true. Companies control and bias them anyway which only leaves schools with the faceless, the masses.


It is a fact that hundreds of thousands of groups of twenty-odd students must be taught the same facts, tested in the same format, and sent on based on their individual abilities. But that is completely possible to do without having such an arbitrary line that determines whether or not someone is going to proceed to the next level of schooling. There needs to, and already is, a system that grades people, failing being one of those grades. The problem being how quickly a teacher will resort to failing a student, a teacher should try everything to ensure a student understands a concept, instead of blaming the students’ lack of interest or the parents’ lack of help.


A student that has the mental capacity of a pile of bricks could pass another subject if they tried their best, yet a young genius could fail if they had their mind elsewhere. It seems that for English the interest is irregardless and skill is a forming factor of the grading process. So I and my bricks now have a bias against the first, and therefore the most important steps of academia.


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