examination of loneliness

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Submitted: November 26, 2016

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Submitted: November 26, 2016



wondering if I miss her
if i miss the consistency
if i miss the closeness of another human body
the gaurantee of returned love
if i miss her.
i cant seem to solve the mystery of loneliness
and i find it to be synonymous with emptiness.
and i sit and wonder, and wonder and wonder,
do i miss her,
or do i miss having someone?
do i miss her,
or do i miss proximity?
do i miss her,
or do i miss the filling of emptiness.
the ceaseness of loneliness.

yet not all girls flood into my mind,
with such current to push me into a state
such as this, this wonderous state
this examination of loneliness.

but i think of her,
and her, 
and sometimes them.

but with her, it's always the specifics
that pop into my mind
pop pop pop
and she's there, and there, and we're there
then there
there together,
and i see her there, and she saw me back
and we were there.

little bits of conversation flutter in occasionally 
like uninvited butterflies through your bedroom window
conversations of life, and love, and love for life

little pops of laughter flutter through occasionally 
like the uninvited chirping of crickets through your bedroom window
laughter at me, at she, we

and those eyes burn through,
searing, hot
like when you close your eyes against the sun, and it still shines through

and i know that i miss she,
truly she.

but what about the other?
the other her?

thoughts of her crash in too, adamant and harsh
thoughts of skin, softer than my love
thoughts of teeth, brighter than my love
thoughts of eyes, deeper than my love

what about her?

the silence,
the beautiful silence we shared

what about her

amidst that silence the love was overwhelming
you could cut it, you could cut it with a knife
you could smell it, taste it

amidst that silence you could see the universe
in our mututal gaze
silent eyes boring into silent eyes
and you could see the universe

when skin met
it was like heaven to earth

when words met
it was like wind and fire

her eyes like water
and i've dove deep

what about her?

each memory like a painting,
of she.

and i know then,
that i miss she.
and truly she.

a wonderous state, such as this.
an examination of loneliness.

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