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In a place without color something strange happened, Coalette said so.

Submitted: November 26, 2016

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Submitted: November 26, 2016



I recently heard a story of a place known as "Colorless".

I am told that it was a rather strange looking place because there were black things and there were white things, but there were no things with color, at all.

I suppose that this story would not have an ending if it were not for one little girl that took a trip to visit her Grandmother. Her Grandmother lived at the edge of the Mystical, Magical, and Invisible Woods.

The Mystical, Magical, and Invisible Woods were not really invisible, but everything in that wood was white, and in the world of black and white there is no shadows and no shades of gray.

The trees were white, bushes were white, even the ponds were all white. So, with everything being that way, no one could tell if a bush, or a tree, was in front of them; it was quite easy to run into things in those woods. So Grandma told Coalette not to go into the woods.

Another hazard was stuff on the ground. A person could just as easily trip on a rock, or walk right into a pond, before they knew what was happening.

However, there was one exception, ground and pond-wise, and this is where the Mystical, Magical part comes into play.

I was told that somewhere in the middle of the woods there is a Mystical, Magical, Pond, and it can easily be seen; it is like an oasis of color in that colorless place.

I was also told that the pond, and the grounds surrounding it, was a favorite place for Fairies and other magical beings to gather, but only during full-moons. However, the pond could also be a very dangerous place for there are various kinds of monsters that lurk in the area.

Anyway, as I said before, I suppose that this story would not have an ending or even a beginning if it were not for that little girl that went to visit her Grandmother. 

One day after lunch Coalette said that she went out of the cottage to play. She started chasing black-spotted Flutter-byes and after a while she didn't realize that she had wandered into the woods, but by then it was too late and she was lost.

Coalette said that she wandered around for a while, all the time running into and tripping over things. Finally she found a stick to wave in front of her; that helped a lot.

That night the full moon lifted into the night sky and Coalette could see things better. She could even see the Mystical, Magical, Pond and a very beautiful black Fairy who was drinking from the pond.

Suddenly a Pond Monster jumped from the pond and grabbed the Fairy's arm, all the while trying to pull her in. Of course, the Fairy bravely struggled with the monster but Coalette could tell that she was losing strength fast.

It looked as if the Fairy would be the Monster's next meal!

Well, Coalette swung into action! So she said.

Being the spray and determined child that she was, she began hitting and beating the Pond Monster with the stick that she had in her hand. Coalette was little, but she was fast and the stick stung badly on the Monsters skin. Finally the Monster retreated into the pond, filled with pain and frustration; or so I was told.

Coalette says that the Fairy gave her a very big hug, then she began sprinkling some kind of fairy-dust all over Coalette, but the fairy never said one word.

As the dust fell it began forming a small Blanket, the likes of which Coalette said that she had never seen. The blanket was full of color and it was as soft and warm as could be. Afterward that the Fairy just flew off and disappeared into the night sky; not so much as a good-bye

Coalette thinks that the Fairy didn't know how to talk, or was just shy. She also guessed that the blanket was the Fairy's gift to Coalette for saving her from the Pond Monster.

Now, when anyone asks Coalette where she got the blanket she always tell them the story of the Fairy and the Pond Monster.

Coalette told her Father, her Mother, and her two cousins, Noah Light and Al White. She told her Uncle Tallsman too, because he thought that Grandma had made the blanket; Coalette had to set him straight about that.

Nonetheless, I am told that it was that blanket that changed everything in the world of colorless, but I still have my doubts.

Coalette told me that everywhere she goes with that blanket the blanket sheds Fairy-dust. And everywhere the Fairy-dust lands, color appears and spreads.

Now the Land of Colorless is the land of Colorful. And what was obviously black and white before, now has shadows and many shades of gray.


D. Thurmond / JEF  ---  11-23-2016

© Copyright 2018 D. Thurmond, aka, JEF. All rights reserved.

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