I am a Terrible Person

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This is a slam poem that I am using for my ELA class. Please don't let this change your opinion about me, and if you have anything against it please comment or tell me so that I can explain myself.
It all started when we had a class about Black Lives Matter in Social Studies. It was talking about how police are terrible people and black people are all perfect angels. I don't believe in
generalisation, and I hate one-sided arguments no matter what side I'm on, so I brought up some statistics and the such about how not all black people are innocent angels, how not all black people
commit crimes, how some of the cops shooting black people are justified or somewhat justified. In an unrelated incident, I brought up how I'm against radical feminism, but people ignored the fact
that I'm not against feminism itself. I am now apparently a racist misogynistic bigot. One person, in particular, took it too far, and his selective hearing is so amazingly creative, and he refuses
to agree with anything I say. I was having a debate with him and one of his friends, and when his friend started to agree with me he got mad at his friend. He also has threatened me multiple times
with fights. This may seem a bit racist, but I'm sure you can guess what colour he is.

Submitted: November 26, 2016

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Submitted: November 26, 2016



I have something say. My words might really hurt.

Well, what I’m trying to say is that it’s a trigger alert.

As you all know, I’m a terrible person,

But if you don’t listen carefully, your opinion of me will worsen.

So if you selectively hear anything please be ready

To note it down to argue with me instead of taking at me with a machete.

Mom’s spaghetti.


People are sitting around, complaining about oppression,

But you scream in people’s face when they even dare to mention

The fact that you aren’t the only one suffering injustice if you can even call it that,

Has disappeared from your mind, and you can’t even look at

The true injustices of the world.


I’m super racist because I pointed out that Black Lives Matter is an overreaction,

A minor distraction

From the other 99% of the world’s death and action.

It’s millions of people united for a fraction.

That’s never a bad thing, it’s great to see the world can acknowledge something that’s gone too far,

But when I do the same, your hypocrisy is quite bizarre.


The movement is getting better, that is something I must say,

But when I kept on hearing that every other day

A group of people went around burning buildings and beating up cops,

Trying to say that they are peaceful, which makes it easy to think otherwise,

So it shouldn’t be a surprise

That people will oppose.


Maybe it’s because there are people in Africa who die

While we’re too distracted to acknowledge their cries.

People in America, North, South, and Central,

Are joining gangs and shooting each other as we all go mental

Over crazy people who infect the world like a fungus,

Claiming that they were abused by “Hugh Mungus”.


People say that all voices should be heard,

But when you shut people up who are against you, it’s absurd.


I’m truly sorry to anyone who’s ever misheard what I’ve said,

Or those of you who’ve heard some propaganda want me dead.

Watch out for selective hearing, and you won’t be misled.


Please ignore the stupid lies,

And remember to open your eyes

To both sides of an argument so you do not despise

Innocent people who have a different opinion,

And stop wanting to fight me with the help of all your minions.


© Copyright 2018 Bruvton. All rights reserved.

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