Drawbridge to Hell!

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And so it begins!

Submitted: November 26, 2016

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Submitted: November 26, 2016



Now that I've been elected, I'm going to live like a king!

I'm flexing my power, with all the perks that it brings.


My personal shadow, the media, is is calling Trump Towers

'White House North', and such is my unlimited powers,


I can demand to live just like a goose-stepping dictator,

while you're just ignorant sheep, historical spectators,


as I trample precedent under my over-sized shoe.

You may not like it, but hey, what can you really do?


I was elected, fairly or not, and I'm taking over, and never

going away! Your life may be headed down the shitter, but if I say it's better,


that's what you'll believe, you gullible little sheep.

Get your hip boots out, 'cause my total shit is deep!



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