Makes Her Quiver

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Submitted: November 26, 2016

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Submitted: November 26, 2016



Flashes of the ways he manhandles her body; The girth... The depth... His well endowedness sending her body into convulsions, The way he kisses her lips with so much passion causes pulsation; The way he travels the loveliness of her sexy body... sending tremors, trembling her soul as he moans to the sensation; While going down tasting her sweetness... It delivers a vibration, A throbbing fulfillment... A recipient of his lust; As he enters her below... A shimmer as she rushes, Gushing all over as she's being taken; His large anatomy... Enormously she has been forsaken, The spasming of her frame... Overwhelmed with bliss; All about her happiness and its amusement, All about him giving... Not wanting to receive; All about her ravishment and meeting her every need, At times its so hard to believe how well he knows; Just what to do... All the spots and places to go, The dedication as he shows through his affection; At times some slight roughness as she follows his commands, Talking dirty in her ear a blitz of oscillation; Each breath... In rhythm with her hearts palpitation, He is simply amazing... What a gifted man; Whose wonderful with his mouth... Magnificent with hands, Understanding of tenderness... Gently he stirs; Forceful with ever thrust holding on nice and firm, The strength to carry her... Show so much creativity; Spontaneously playing out moments to be remembered, The chemistry between them as their bodies intertwine; Beautiful delectation is the only way it can be defined, As he makes her quiver... Make her reach her peak; He's everything she could imagine when it comes to ecstasy, Not just going through the motions of sliding in and out; Going the extra mile so there is no doubt, There is no question of her release; Drenching him as she flows... Making puddles on the sheets, Her body weak... Drained of its energy; Emotionally... Physically... And of course mentally...

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