Show Me Your Soul

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Chapter 11 (v.1) - Unfaithfulness

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Submitted: December 17, 2016



~ Unfaithfulness ~




I think my eyes were about to pop out.

Did I really hear that word?

And I didn’t even mean the pet-part.

I stared at Ace who looked like he was about to have a headache.

“Is this what you’ve been telling people?”, he asked her, his voice flat.

Victoria snickered. “It’s the truth.” She took a step toward Ace and suddenly there was a change in the way she looked.

Even though I felt out of place, I couldn’t move my legs. I could only stare at them.

“Ace”, she said and the way she said his name wasn’t something my stomach liked. “I’m here to bring you to your senses. Come back to Chicago. Please.”

Ace closed his eyes, cursing under his breath. “Did he send you?”, he asked, his tone harsh.

She shook her head. “Of course not. But I–”

“You’re wasting your time”, Ace cut in.

She picked up her wide smile. “That’s what I thought you’d say, baby. I’m staying for a while in L.A. Oh, and I’ll need an appointment. My tooth is hurting me for a while.”

His brows furrowed. “I won’t treat you.”

“Who said I want a treatment from you.”

That woman turned her gaze to me. “So, I guess he never talked about his fiancée, huh?”

I snapped out of this trance and came back to planet Earth.

Fiancé. Victoria. A limousine.

My narrowed eyes darted to Ace who was growling, “Ex.”

“No, he didn’t mention a fiancé. He was too busy having fun.”

I smiled at her. “You should keep a better eye on him.”

And with that, I headed to the entrance and was gone before I could hear him call my name.


The rest of the week I kept busying myself with studying. Which was so not me but I forced myself to sit and actually study.

The reason was not to avoid Ace or possibly Victoria or any other fiancé that might pop up in the hallways, because I had no reason to feel ashamed or embarrassed.

Nothing had happened between us. There wasn’t even an “us”. 

My chest ached when I thought about it.

It reminded me of my parents and what had happened to my mother a couple years ago.

I walked through the hallway, trying not to fall asleep while walking.

On the big board at the hallway, our new patient list hung out and I caught a glimpse. There was my name. And the name of my patient nearly gave me a heart attack.

Victoria McHugh.


Was she kidding me? What the hell did she want from me?

I wondered if Ace knew about this.

I walked along the hallway and headed to the stairway. I took two steps each time until I arrived at the second floor, going straight to Meyer, the one who’s in charge for patients.

I knocked.

“Come in.” I found her sitting at her desk with an amount of papers piled at her side, her face nearly glued to the laptop’s screen.

“What can I do for you?”, she asked and kept looking at the screen.

“I wanted to ask you if there’s a possibility that I could give my patient to someone else”, I asked without preamble.

At that, she looked up and blinked at me through her reading glasses several moments. “You know the rules Miss – uh –”


“Yes, Miss Martesse. You can’t refuse to treat a patient as a student, I’m sorry.”


I bit my lip. “And there’s no way you could make an exception?”

Her eyes were as hard as steel. “Are you having trouble with a patient?”

“No, I mean, yes. Kind of. It’s complicated.” I sighed. There was no way I could tell her the real reason and even if I did, she would probably just say I should get a grip.

She folded her hands under her chin. “I’m sorry. But rules are rules. When you have your diploma, you can refuse to treat patients in your own practice.”

Wow. Thanks a lot. She smiled and turned her head toward her laptop again.


Was she testing me? Or maybe she did want to talk to me about Ace. Yeah, as if I knew anything about him.

I could play sick, but that would be coward. No, I’m not scared of that girl. And most of all, I didn’t do anything wrong to feel ashamed.

I squared my shoulders and headed to the locker room, changing into scrubs. Once I was all white, I walked to the treatment rooms where Ruby was already waiting for me.

With half a bagel in her mouth.

I chuckled. “You know we’re not allowed to eat here.”

“Yeah, but I’m starving. I had lab courses the whole morning. No fun at all.”

I forced a smile and started preparing the equipment. This would be just a check, sooo I wouldn’t need a lot of stuff.

“Huh, let’s see, our patient is… Victoria McHugh”, Ruby said, already on her way to bring her in.

My hands were sweaty and I honestly started pacing back and forth like a freak. I didn’t even know why I was so nervous, but that woman somehow made me nervous.

Ruby let her in and closed the door.

Victoria was looking as fancy as she had when I had seen her last time.

She smiled. “Hello, Cecily.”

“Oh, you know each other?”, Ruby asked.

When I opened my mouth, Victoria shrilled, “Yes, she’s friends with Ace, my fiancé. You don’t happen to know him?”

She smiled sweetly. And suddenly I wanted to wipe that smile off her face.

What?”, Ruby shrieked, looking from me to her several times.

I balled my hands to fists. “Ex-fiancé”, I recalled. Hopefully Ace had been saying the truth.

My words had an effect though: her smile vanished. “We’re soon getting back together. We belong together.”

I frowned. “Congrats.”

Her bitchy smile was back on her face. “I came to talk to you, actually.”

“I have nothing to say to you.”

“Oh, you don’t have to say anything. Just stay the hell away from Ace.”

I blinked several times, looking at her like she was the crazy one. Because, yes, her request sounded a little bit crazy.

She took a step toward me, her eyes narrowed to thin slits. “He’s out of your league. And if you think you even had a tiny chance with him, honey, well then I have to tell you that you’re living in a fairytale.”

I couldn’t help but laugh. This was ridiculous. “Who said I’d want something from him? Frankly, I pity you. I pity any girl who ends up with him.”

She raised her pointed chin and her smile changed into a mocking one. “You wouldn’t say that if you’d really know him. Anyway–” She made a dramatic pause, flipping her hair over her shoulder. “He would never want anything from someone like you.”

My eyebrows twitched. “Oh, but you must be really irresistible if he flies across the country just to get away from you.”

Now I knew I hit her where it counted. There was so much hostility in her look that it made me gulp.

“Listen to me carefully. I know Ace. He just wanted some fun and forget about me. But once he’ll realize what he had given up, he will come back to me. You were just his distraction. Insignificant. And soon forgotten.”

Oh wow. This felt like a slap. Worse. She made me feel like I was trash.

I walked past her and reached for the door. “Get out.”

“What the–”

“I won’t listen to your insults anymore”, I said, firmer. “So get. The. Hell. Out.”

After an awkward staring-to-death-silence, she snorted and rushed out of the door.

I released the breath that I was holding until now and sat on my chair, feeling a huge weight lifted from my body.

“Cecily, what was that?”, Ruby asked meekly.

I totally forgot she was even in this room.




My mind was spinning as I sat on the bench at the foyer, resting my head on one of the couches. Ruby was occupied with another patient while I was replaying the whole conversation with Victoria in my mind.

Feeling too tired to fully grasp what had happened, I stretched my limbs on the little couch. No one was here. Lectures started, lab courses or treatment with patients. Either way, I was getting some private time that I longed for.

I dozed off until the noise of some clacking high heels woke me.

Then I heard some other steps.

“I don’t know why you’re so stubborn, Ace!” I recognized Victoria’s voice. She sounded nervous and all the confidence she had radiated back then was gone.

I flattened my body, so that the back of the couch hid me fully.

“I’m not going back”, he said, sounding annoyed.

I straightened my head and risked a peek at them. He was standing with his back to me, towering Victoria, so that I couldn’t even see her face.

“Why? Is it because of her?” She snorted. “Don’t tell me you’ve started to like her.”

“Of course not.” There wasn’t a moment of consideration. As if she just asked him the most ridiculous thing in the world.

“That’s what I thought. No one could ever understand you the way I do.”

Ace snorted. “Yeah, that’s why you fucked my brother.”

Holy… moly.

“You neglected me”, she whispered and I barely heard her. “But I want you back! When you left, you didn’t even give me the chance to explain anything!”

He moved, so I quickly dropped my head, praying that he didn’t see me.

Explain?”, he repeated. “Oh, you pretty much explained everything when I saw you two rocking the bed.”

His tone was indifferent and even though I shouldn’t feel embarrassed, heat reached the tips of my ears.

“Well, that was the only way to get your attention”, she pouted.

“And you did a great job”, was his answer, full of sarcasm. “Now do us both a favor and go back to Chicago.”

“I am not leaving without you!”, she shrilled.

There was a pause where Ace exhaled deeply. “Goddammit, Victoria. Do I have to spell it for you or what? I don’t love you and I’m pretty sure I never did. Just leave me alone for fuck’s sake.”

Again, there were footsteps but this time they were becoming distant. Ace left her standing with her shoulders slumped down and her sobs filling the silence.

What he’d said was hurtful, but what she’d done had been worse.

I felt sorry for her. Huh? Okay, did I hit my head or what? An hour ago, she had been calling me a distraction that only eased Ace’s boredom and now I felt pity for her?

I needed to check my head.

Cheating was something I could never forgive.


Victoria did neither come the next day nor during the whole week. I guessed, she must’ve understood Ace’s message pretty well this time. Although she had been a bitch to me, I still felt sorry for her. Dammit.

I focused on whatever the hell I was reading in my clin chem textbook on my way to the facilities. The bus wasn’t full like usual but I still found it hard to concentrate. Sighing, I stuffed the book inside my bag and got out. The walk after that wasn’t long.

When I saw the glazed entry door, someone tapped my shoulders.

I spun around and saw Marc giving me a warm smile. “Sorry, I didn’t mean to startle you. I called your name but you seemed a little off.”

Yep, sounded like me.

“Yeah… I was daydreaming”, I explained. “What’s up?”

I gave him a quick check and was quite glad to see that he looked better. Freshly shaved, his hair neatly styled and his perfume stinging my nose. Yup. He was looking good.

He flashed a smile. “I’m fine. How are you?”

“The same as usual.”

“Great”, he said, shifting from one foot to the other. Was that nervousness I detected?

“I wanted to check up on you because last time we spoke, I was kind of... fucked up”, he sighed. “David told me that I passed out while I was talking to you.” He frowned. “I’m sorry.”

Like a total dumbass I had completely forgotten about him. Or even the incident. The only thing that had me reminded of it had been my back, but now it wasn’t hurting me anymore. “Oh, yeah. Don’t worry about it. I guess we’re even now.”

I saw some of his tension lifted from his shoulders when he laughed softly. “Yeah. Just hoping neither of us is going to pass out ever again.”

Same here, buddy.

I sensed someone passing us, barely brushing my back with his arm and still, it was enough to tense up my body. I knew who it was before seeing his thick, black hair or seeing his blazing eyes.

Ace walked past us, wearing a bored expression as usual, and disappearing behind the doors.

Last time I had seen him, I had been snappish, implying that he’d been the cheating one. And now another kind of guilt gnawed at me.

Marc cleared his throat, tearing me away from my thoughts.

“Anyways, thanks for your help at the Ball. If there’s anything that you need – just tell me. I’ve got notes that could be helpful or… we could grab a bite someday. My treat, of course.”

I needed to apologize to Ace. I didn’t want to. Heck, I’d rather deal with a drunk Marc again than say those three words to Ace. I am sorry. How hard could this be?

“Thanks for the offer, Marc”, I said hastily. “But I need to go now!”

I left a perplexed Marc standing in the without giving him the chance to reply anything. Sorry, Marc! But I needed to speak to Ace.

I started to run to the foyer and looked around.

No Ace.

Maybe he was already in the stairway? I rushed there, taking two steps each time just to end up panting. But there he was, heading to the third floor.


He stopped.

“I… I need to talk to you–”

The steps of someone else interrupted me. The tall frame of Paul Kim caught my attention as he made his way to us.

“Hey there”, he greeted us.  

I greeted him back, watching his eyes switch between Ace and me.

“So… have you heard about my party this Saturday?”


I was the last person to ask if there was a party somewhere.

Paul Kim sensed that, too. “Yeah, I’m gonna throw a party at the frat house. A few friends. No big thing. You two could come, too.”

Um… let’s see. Paul was popular, so a few friends would be the whole campus probably. A party at a house full of drunken people I barely knew? Oh yes, that sounded tempting. Note the sarcasm please.

I was about to decline when I remembered Alex. Alex!

She’d kill me if she knew there was a party and a chance to meet Paul Kim. And I had promised to help.

I sighed. “Yeah, sure.”

“Cool. See ya”, he said and nodded toward Ace who gave a quick shrug. I had no idea what this meant in dude-language but Paul understood and walked away.

I cleared my throat. “I wanted to–”

“Why did you agree?”

Okay, thanks for interrupting me. I knitted my brows. “Why not? This could be fun–”

“Have you ever been to a frat house?”

I swear to God, if he interrupted me one more time, I was going to lunge at him and rip off that arrogant tone in his voice.

“I know what I’m doing, you don’t need to babysit me”, I snapped.

Okay, frat parties weren’t exactly the kinds of parties I had been to lately. Or at all. But this would be just like any other one.

He smirked. “Fine. But don’t come crying to me if someone tries to fuck you.”

He whirled before he could see my jaw basically hit the floor.

All my previous intentions of apologizing reduced to powder.

Like I’d ever apologize to a dickhead who was so full of himself like a… a… God, I could not even come up with an adequate comparison.


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