Show Me Your Soul

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Chapter 17 (v.1) - Hope and Miracles

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Submitted: January 19, 2017




~ Hope and Miracles ~




Saturday was just as awful as at Eng’s Touch.

Well, awful for me. Dexter and Anna seemed to enjoy their time together. They kept talking about college, their weird hobbies, e.g. to always question everything the professor says (what the fuck?) and their common mindset to treat as much patients within the shortest time as possible to maximize their chance to get some good points from the Doctors. Ugh…

He even gave Anna some advice how to study for the next courses. Double ugh...

I just wanted to go home and cuddle with Zazzy while watching my favorite telenovela on the internet. Oh, and then I should study, too. But I’ll do that at midnight – as usual.

After finishing their coffee and me eating some delicious cheesecake, they exchanged their phone numbers and he proposed to drop us at our houses, but Anna shook her head, saying she needed to go shopping at the mall. Because I didn’t want to be twenty minutes alone with Dexter and his exams-patients-talk, I decided to go to the bus station together with Anna.

As he drove away, Anna grabbed my arm, looking at me with sparkling eyes. “He’s so cute, isn’t he?!”

Huh? “Um… yeah…” But boring as hell.

“He’s so experienced. All those advices, I’m sure he’ll be a great dentist!”

I tried not to roll my eyes. Because it had been a while since I’d seen her so gleeful, I kept my comments to myself.

Well, well, it looked like I was good at being Cupid!


When I was back at home, I heard a familiar voice.

Noah was there.

Salut, Cecily”, he greeted me, all smiles. He didn’t seem to have had an argument with Dad.

“Hey…”, I said a little carefully. “I didn’t know that you were coming”, I remarked and hugged him.

“Yeah, it was a spontaneous decision.”

I threw myself on the couch and listened to him talking about New York and his applications.

A muscle popped on Dad’s jaw and I prayed he wouldn’t snap at Noah for still being jobless.

Noah’s lips cracked a grin. “So… now that we’re all here, I wanted to tell you some good news.”

“Oh?”, Mom squeaked, her eyes wide.

“I didn’t want to say it on the phone. And… um, I also kind of had to come.”

Okay, now I was getting curious. Dad looked up from his laptop. “What is it?”

He cleared his throat. “I got a job interview at Electronic Foundation in San Francisco. I booked a flight for tomorrow in the morning. The interview is on Monday.”

“That’s… great”, Mom said sheepishly, glancing at Dad.

It was a good chance for him and he could visit us more often, but…

“I know, I know”, he added. “There’s still a high chance they won’t take me. The concurrence is just too big. My counselor found the job offer by chance and told me they needed an IT engineer who has almost the exact specifications as me.”

He was excited, and I was happy for him.

My lips curled to a smile when I walked to him and hugged him tightly. “Noah, that’s great. I really am happy for you.”

He nodded, hugging me back.

I sat down next to him, words failing me when I thought about a possible rejection. I just didn’t want him to be disappointed in the end.

“And if I get the job, I can get a credit”, Noah said.

It was my mother who spoke first. “That… that would be really great.”

She put her hand on my father’s. “If the bank is going to give him a credit, maybe, we could celebrate our anniversary with the money you just earned. We could go to Inagua like we had planned for so long–”

“Don’t raise your hopes too high”, Dad cut in. His brows knitted together.

Noah kept staring at him, but just got up and walked upstairs. Unusual for him. Normally, he would’ve snapped at Dad for being that unsupportive.


“I’m going to prepare dinner”, Mom huffed. She was looking forward to their anniversary. She had planned this whole trip before Noah got arrested but buried the thoughts once we figured how many debts he had.

Dad and I were alone in the living room, both of us absorbed in our thoughts.

“You shouldn’t have said that.”

My father turned his eyes to me.

“He’s a disappointment”, he grumbled and focused on the papers next to him.

Speechless, I got up.

Disappointment… I wondered what he would do if I’d disappoint him someday.




We wished Noah good luck once we got at the airport and he promised to call us after the interview.

Which he did.

He told me it went great – better than expected, in fact. The CEO seemed to be interested.

“What about your stay in jail?”, I asked on the phone, sitting on the bench at the clinic. My favorite place if I wanted a piece of quiet, far away from curious students.

“He was… uh… surprised, but he didn’t seem to be bothered.”

“Really?” I put down my sandwich, placing my phone on my other ear. “Wow, he seems cool.”

“Mhm…”, he mumbled.

“Yeah, they’ll call be by the end of the week.”

Fingers crossed.

I had missed my brother.

And I was happy he was getting his life together.


“They seem happy”, I said to Ruby and Cassy at lunch when I turned around and saw Anna giggling with Dexter at the table across the room. Her face was red and her glasses laid as usual askew on her nose but then he gently adjusted them which turned her face even redder.

“Ugh… it’s giving me nausea. I can basically see rosy hearts and flowers whirring around their heads”, Cassy sighed. “I mean, everyone can see that they have a crush on each other.”

“Wow. Someone seems to be in a good mood.”

She rolled her eyes and stuck her finger in her mouth. “It’s just ew.”

“I think it’s cute”, Ruby said. “Leave them alone, Cass.”

She snorted. “I am. But I’m not the only one noticing their lovey-dovey shit. Josh and Eric already fired a couple questions about them at me and even Ace–”

What?!”, I almost shouted.

She and Ruby grinned “Oh, look, Rubes. Someone seems to be interested in what Ace told me.”

“Nah”, I mumbled, meaning it. Or trying to mean it.

“Fine. Then I won’t tell you that he asked if Dexter and Anna were dating. I told him yes. And that you have zero interest in Dexter.”

I rolled my eyes. So much to my glorious plan. “Thanks”, I mumbled, shoving a forkful of my salad to my mouth.

She giggled. “Why does it bother you? Technically, I’ve done you a favor.”

“I beg your pardon?”

She shrugged. “Yeah, well, now you know he’s interested in you. He seemed kind of relieved to know you’re not dating that nerd.”

That wasn’t a proof. I knew he was interested. But rather in having fun with me. His dislike toward Dexter was only a feeling of competition. Definitively not because of more.

“He doesn’t want a relationship”, I told them.

Cass shook her head. “And when did he tell you that?”

“After we made out.”

Their forks fell on their plates.

Before they could say something, I explained.

“I was wasted, okay? And maybe horny. But it doesn’t matter. He wants to have fun. No commitment, no responsibility.”

“Oh. My. Gosh!”, Cassy bubbled, totally theatric. “You guys made out? Why did I miss all of that? And why didn’t you tell us before?!”

I mumbled a few explanations, not revealing the real reason.

“Man, you two are just too complicated”, Cassy said. “But who am I to judge…”

I arched an eyebrow. “Everything okay between you and Michael?”

She sighed and pushed her plate back, “Yes. No. Urgh… I don’t know. I got into a fight with him, lately. Maybe that’s why I can’t stand seeing lovers now.”

“What happened?” Not that I was the right one to discuss relationship problems.

“We had a date on Wednesday at six, but I had to assist Perillo with a patient until past seven, so I came kind of too late. It already happened twice last week and he waited for me until I had left the hospital, but this time he cancelled. I was mad at him but he’s also angry at me for not keeping my word. But that’s not my fault that the treatment takes longer than expected or when Rayden wants to see the reports directly.”

She looked at her phone and sighed. “Whatev. Gotta go to my class.”

She rushed off and Ruby and I kept looking at our friend leaving the cafeteria.




“I got the job!”, Noah basically shouted in my ear. “I’ll start working next month!”

Happiness washed over me. “That’s great.”

“But isn’t it too early, Noah? Is your contract without notice?”, Dad asked skeptical.

“No, no, it’s fine! Um… don’t worry, they can’t sign me off for a year – at least.”

Dad nodded slowly, but his frown didn’t leave his face. Noah must have noticed that, too, so he added silently, “Papa… please believe in me. Just…just be happy that you don’t have to pay my debts next month. You can keep your money and… and go to Inagua with Maman!” He looked hopefully to Dad.

I turned my gaze to Dad and saw a him smiling. “Papa, that would be really great. We can organize a party to celebrate your anniversary! I mean, it’s your wedding anniversary and something special! We haven’t done that for ages… and Maman would be really happy if all her friends would come.”

Even I started to get excited. Last time we had a party in our garden with catering, good food and many people was on my 18th birthday.

After persuading Dad that it would be a nice opportunity and that it could unofficially be celebrated because of Noah’s new job, too, I headed to my room and called the party planner who was a friend of my Mom’s

She was glad to hear that we’re going to celebrate such a wonderful thing and said she was going to prepare everything. I made her promise not to tell anything to Mom.

Unfortunately, my mother overheard that conversation while I was on the phone, so she asked me what we were planning.

“Um… nothing Maman. That was nothing”, I stuttered.

She narrowed her eyes and grinned widely, “Ah non, Cecily, I know you! Your father is just as secretive lately. What are you planning?”

I shook my head but she was persistent, “If you tell me now, I’ll tell you what kind of surprise I have for you.”

“You have a surprise for me?”

She nodded, her grin growing wider. Oh, my badass mother did know how to get me. I sighed and gave in. “But you have to promise to look totally surprised!”, I added. She was already on cloud nine.

“Yes, yes…”

“No, really. You need to act surprised”, I pressed.

She nodded, giving me a thumb-up.

“And what’s my surprise?!”, I asked.

She smiled. “You’ll get my car.”

Oh! I looked at her with eyes wide open. “I know, I know, it’s not the best or most beautiful car but at least you won’t come late anymore. I hope.”

“No, that’s great! I like your car and it’s better than taking the subway or bus”, I said truthfully. “But what are you going to drive?”

“Don’t worry. We gathered some money to pay Noah’s debt next month, but now that we don’t have to pay anymore, we can use the money for other things. You can have the car now of course.”

That was great. Really great.

We talked about the party and she helped me with the guest list. She gave me the phone number of her and Dad’s friends that I should invite.

“You can bring yours, too”, she added. “I’d love to see Alex, Cassy and Ruby again. Even Josh and Eric hadn’t been here for a while. Oh, and what about Ace?”


She giggled, “Wouldn’t it be nice? He’s so gallant. And very friendly.”

Um… no.

“Um… I don’t think that’s a good idea, Maman.”

She tilted her head. “I know he’s not your boyfriend but you could invite him as a friend. Like Josh and Eric.”

Yeah, but I hadn’t made out with Josh or Eric.

I sighed. It was her party. And I didn’t want to explain how complicated things were between us right now. And there was also a chance that he won’t want to come.

Organizing the whole thing made me happy. Truly happy.

When I drove with Mom’s car – no – my car, I plucked the AUX cord into my phone and started singing in my car, which I hadn’t done for too long.

I even started humming the last song I heard through the hallway.

“Wow, Cecily. It has been a while since I’ve seen you being so gleeful. And even singing”, Ruby said as she tickled me lightly on my rib.

“Yes, Cecily. Could that have something to do with the information I gave you about Ace?”, Cassy added impishly.

I rolled my eyes. “No! Definitively no! Not every time a girl is happy, it means that a boy is responsible for it.”

They grinned and exchanged their typical Cassy-Ruby-glance. I sighed and continued. “It’s because of my parents. They’re celebrating their anniversary and they want to throw a dinner party. Also, my brother, err, changed his work and is moving to San Francisco. Which is great. Now we don’t have to travel across the country just to see each other.”

“Oh my gosh, that’s awesome! When is this party? Are we invited? Oh my God, I need a new dress!” Cassy was in her element.

I laughed and told them they and if their parents would like to come this weekend, they would be of course invited, too.

Ruby smiled sadly. Oh, crap! “Sorry Ruby, I forgot about… um…. your parents.”

“No, it’s okay. Dad moved out a couple months ago and they’re soon going to sign the divorce papers.” She shrugged her shoulders. “I think it’s for the best. They didn’t get along for a while.” She smiled sadly. “I don’t think they’re even ready to be in a room together.”

“Are you sure, you’re okay, Ruby?”

She nodded and told me not to worry about her. True, her parents had lived separately for a long time, so the divorce made it just official. But I knew what it was like to have parents who didn’t talk to each other, didn’t want to see each other or acted like teenager.

I hugged her. I didn’t know why I suddenly wanted to but I was glad when she hugged me back.


Okay, I was really in seventh heaven the whole day. That song didn’t want to leave my mind and I was humming it constantly. I heard another song during our midday break, but then I got an earworm.

Since it was my turn to clean the ortho lab by the end of the day, I plugged my earphones and lost myself into the music.

Galanterie, égérie, marchande d’amour, remplie d’ennui… blah blah blah… Elle aime trop ça, les gros lauds-sa, blah blah… ”
“I don’t think she does sing ‘blah blah blah’, Cec.”

I almost had a heart attack.

Removing my earphones, I slowly turned around, cursing myself that I didn’t close the door. The moment, I saw Ace leaning against the doorframe, his eyes glowing and his tongue playing with the candy in his mouth, I really had a heart attack.

I gulped and tried to ignore his tongue. “First, it’s a male singer. And second, why are you spying on me, you perv?”

“I wasn’t spying. Also, this is a public place for us students”, he said and cocked his head to the side. “What’s the name of this song that made you do those… interesting moves?”

He crunched his candy between his teeth.

Oh, shit… I had been dancing. To a dirty song.  

“As if I’m going to tell you, Ace.”

He chuckled. “Then tell me at least what’s making you so cheerful”, he said and his face turned serious.

I sighed. I was happy. And not even this douchebag could take away my happiness. “Come in and close the door.”

He arched his eyebrow but didn’t ask further. When he did as I told him, I explained. “My brother, Noah, got a job in San Francisco”, I said and couldn’t help myself from smiling.

His eyes widened. “That’s great. Congrats.”

“Thanks”, I said, clearing my throat. “And… um… my parents are celebrating their wedding anniversary this Sunday. Unofficially, it’s also a party to celebrate Noah’s new job.”

I didn’t know why I was so immensely honest to him. But he already didn’t tell anyone about Noah being in jail or me being drunk at the frat house or anything else.

“My mother asked me to bring some friends. Josh, Eric and the girls are coming.”

I had promised. Argh. I took a deep breath. “So, if you’d like to come, too, then… um…”

Unsure of where to look, I just focused on the door.

“You want me to come to your family party?”

Oh God. That sounded weird. What was I thinking? Heat flowed through my cheeks and bit my tongue for asking.

“Yeah, you’re right, it was a stupid idea. Just forget it”, I babbled and turned around to continue cleaning up the room.

I heard him utter a sigh as he took a step to me. He touched my arm and I forced myself to turn to him. “I didn’t say it was a stupid idea.”

“Yes, but…”

He snorted. “But what? But you always jump to false conclusions?”

My cheeks burned. Surely, he must be thinking about the Victoria-thing.

He exhaled deeply. “I’m sorry, I can’t come, Cec. I need to work.”

I shrugged my shoulders, indifference radiating through every cell of my body. “Whatever. I really don’t care. I just promised my Mom that I would ask my friends.”

His eyebrow rose. “And you don’t mind at all if I come or not.” His voice was raspy as he took a step forward.


He came closer until his chest was inches away from my face. “You’re a terrible liar”, he said and placed hand against the wall. When did my back hit the wall?

His body was towering mine, making my heart speed up. “And we’re anything but friends. Admit it. You want me there because you’re crazy about me.”

His breath was making me dizzy. I could smell an orange flavor.

“I’m not”, I breathed heavily. “I’m not even attracted to you.”

Lie. Lie. Lie. Lie. Every cell of my body was saying Lie.

“Not even the bit?” He lowered his head, his lips brushing my cheek.

I shook my head. “No, you’re arrogant… and…”

“Yes?” Heavy, hot breaths tickled my skin, driving my heart into a serious cardiac situation.

“Insolent”, I gasped.


“Commanding. A jerk-face.”

“Maybe”, he admitted. “But that’s exactly what you like. Your cheeks are burning.” He ran his index finger along my jawline. “I can almost hear your heart speeding.” He let his hand wander along my throat to my upper sternum. “And your eyes are basically pleading me to kiss you.”

I stared at his energetic eyes that were full of desire and lust.

But nothing… more.

“I’m not, asshole”, I repeated steadily and shoved his chest a couple inches away.

His grin didn’t falter. “Then why did you lie to me about your date with Dexter?”

Because I wanted you to tell me how you feel about me.

But he didn’t. And maybe never would.

The moment I opened my mouth, the door burst open.

“Cecily, do you want – Oh!”

Josh and Eric came in and I explosively wrested myself away from Ace’s arms.

“Hey, guys!” Shit, my voice sounded so damn high-pitched.

I cleared my throat, trying not to look somehow guilty? Embarrassed? Both probably.

Ace ran a hand through his hair, looking anything but amused. He sure wanted to hear an answer to his question. Well, then I could kiss Josh and Eric right now.

“Sorry, we didn’t want to interrupt something”, Josh grinned.

“No, you didn’t!”, I said. “What did you want to ask me?”

“Do you want us to drive you home? I came by car this morning and can drop you at your house – if you want”, Eric offered, his eyes switching from mine to Ace’s.

Great. Now they would make their theories and annoy me for the rest of my life.

But his offer was sweet. And very thoughtful.

“Oh, thank you, but I came by car, too.”

“Oh, okay”, he said.

Not giving me a second glance, Ace headed to the door when Josh snapped his fingers.

“Oh Ace, Aro was looking for you, earlier. Don’t know what he wanted, he just said something–”

“Thanks, Josh. I know what he wanted.”

He was gone before anyone could say something further.

What the hell was that?


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