Show Me Your Soul

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Chapter 24 (v.1) - Plagued is my consciousness

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~ Plagued is my consciousness with the burden of debts ~




He is my son.

He is my son.

He is my son…

Thomas Skidmore’s words kept echoing through my head as my brain tried to process what he just said.

“So… I see he didn’t mention me at all”, Mr. Skidmore said after seeing my frozen body.

He is my son.

He is my son.

He is my–

Snapping out of my thoughts, I turned my scowled look to him. “Yes, he did mention you!”, I snapped, my voice rising.

“You’re a monster! He told me what you did to him when he was just a child, he showed me the scars you caused!” I was yelling at a middle-aged stranger but I didn’t care.

I didn’t even care about our neighbor’s aghast look when he saw me shouting.

The man kept staring at me through his eyes, his gaze as piercing as Ace’s. Although the color wasn’t quite the same. I studied his face. He had a strong jaw, just like Ace but… I couldn’t detect any other similarities.

“I admire your sympathy for my son, Miss Martesse”, he said calmly. “But I’m not his biological father.”

I blinked several times. Feeling my lower jaw hit the floor, I stammered, “N-Not his… what!?”

He exhaled deeply, a hint of a smile on his lips. “I would love to tell you the whole story about how I met Ace’s mother but I’m afraid I don’t have that much time”, he said, gesturing to our bench at the porch.

“But I would like to talk to you about something else.”

I contemplated whether this man was even telling the truth about Ace or not. He had never mentioned him, but then, Ace was always very secretive.

My curiosity moved my legs to sit next to him. “And what would you like to talk about, Mr. Skidmore?”

He cleared his throat. “First of all, did Noah say anything to you?”

My eyes darted to meet his gaze. “H-How do you know my brother?”

This was just too weird. Who was this man? And how did he know my family or where we lived?

“I take that as a no”, he reasoned.

Leaning back on the bench, he stared at our yard.

And started talking.

My chest tightened with every passing second, with every minute. I listened to Skidmore’s words and tried to process what he was telling me. Thoughts whirled in my head and blocked any coherent answer.

God, this had to be a joke. Ace wouldn’t… Ace couldn’t… Noah’s job… our debts…

“You paid his debts?”, I whispered as he finished, my voice becoming thin.

Skidmore’s eyes pierced mine with an intensity I knew too well. He might not be his biological father, but they shared the same aura.

He shook his head. “No, Cecily. I didn’t pay. It was Ace.”


“What? H-He couldn’t possibly have…”

Rubbing his stubbly jaw, he explained. “Well, I assume Ace told you that his mother got sick when he was a teenager.” I nodded while he continued. “She asked me to set up two accounts for both. With Christopher, Ace’s older brother, we weren’t afraid he would do something stupid with that much money. He was always more… reasonable.”

Yeah, a reasonable asshole that slept with the fiancée of his brother. Very reasonable. Skidmore must have sensed my scorn.

“I know, he made a big mistake”, he said.

“But he was always a mature boy who knew exactly what he wanted to do in his life. He started college and we gave him his part of the fond. Ace whereas was… different. After he graduated from high school, he didn’t know what to do for almost a year before he applied to a college. Shortly before he got engaged to Victoria, I believed he was now ready to have his money. But after the thing with Christopher happened… he threw everything away. Literally. He threw the papers and the bank-books in the trash.”

He did what!?

Oh, I could kill him right now. “But… why would he do that?”

Skidmore’s face twisted. “Well, Ace and I were never on good terms.”

Hurt flashed across his face when he exhaled deeply once again. “Also, I knew about Christopher and Victoria.”

My eyes widened. “Oh…”, I whispered.

“I tried to speak to them a couple times since it was their duty to tell Ace the truth. He should have known it from his brother or his fiancée, not me. But Christopher was… well, and when Ace found about them in such a humiliating way, he was frantic. When he had found out that I knew, he blamed me too. And Ace… can be very unforgiving.”

Waves of anger and sadness heated my cheeks. It broke my heart to hear how he had treated his stepfather. Maybe it was wrong not to tell him about his brother and Victoria, but there was so much love in the way he talked about Ace. He cared for him, I could see that. But Ace could be so stubborn.

“I’m sorry”, I murmured. “I-I need to speak to him.”

I got up, Skidmore joining me.

“Well, I can’t stop you even if I tell you to keep that a secret, right?”, he said, grinning.

I shook my head, blushing at my determination. I needed to talk to him, to apologize deeply.

Not that I didn’t trust him with Aro, but he also paid such a high sum without telling me… I still couldn’t believe it. He could have told me what he had done so many times. I don’t want to think about what would’ve happened if I’d known before.

“That’s what I thought. Well, it doesn’t matter. He already hates me. If you tell him or not, it won’t affect our relationship.”

Again, I felt a sting in my heart to see this man talking so sadly about his relationship to his stepson. I didn’t care about blood or biology. He acted more like a father than his biological father ever did and that stupid idiot wouldn’t see it.

“I am so sorry, Mr. Skidmore”, I mumbled again.

“Call me Thomas. And why should you be sorry? You’re the reason why my son came back. You’re the reason why he acted so selflessly.”

Weakly, I managed a smile. I was not as proud of myself. I didn’t know Ace good enough to be sure enough to say he did it out of selflessness or sympathy or maybe even… more?

“I need to see him”, I decided.

Skidmore nodded to his driver who opened the door. “Do you want me to bring you to him, Cecily?”, he asked as I headed to our front door.

“Um, I don’t want to take up your time, Mr. Skid–…uh Thomas. You already did so much by coming all the way.”

“You don’t take up my time”, he said gently.

“Oh okay, but I need to get dressed first”, I said, looking at my pajamas.

He nodded while I slipped through the door and rushed to my room. I put on the first dress that I saw on my chair and grabbed my bag.


I was never in such a fancy car, but I guess now I understand why everyone likes them. The seats were incredibly comfortable and the inside very spacy with a minibar at the corner and a couple buttons on the inside of the door that I didn’t dare to touch.

“Do you know the address to his place?”, I asked as soon as the driver got in.

Thomas placed his hand on my shoulder. “He’s not in his apartment, Cecily. He’s at the hospital.”

Blood drained from my face and air was stuck in my throat. “What?”, I croaked. “Oh my God, is he alright? W-What happened…”

Emotions blocked my mouth from forming words. I tried to focus on Thomas and banished every possible horror scenario in my head.

“Calm down, my dear. He has been injured because he got into a fight last night. His condition is stable. He just had a concussion and a couple of bruises. Oh no, please don’t cry.”

How could I not? It was all my damn fault. He must have gone to Aro and beat him up or maybe even that Jax. And everything because of me. This was not a heroic or knightly act, this was just crazy! Because I was making him crazy. Tears spilled down my cheeks and my breath caught in my throat.

“I-It’s all my fault! My own, stupid fault”, I sobbed.

Thomas handed me a cottoned tissue that I took silently.

“No, it’s not, my dear. Sadly, that’s not the first time he got involved in a fight. I’m just grateful the nurses had found my number in his belongings and called me last night.”

“Did you see him? Did you talk to him?”

He shook his head. “No, I know he wouldn’t want to. But he’ll be released today.”

The drive was quick, Thomas calmed me down with his gentle words until I felt like seeing him and not bursting out into tears anymore.

The driver pulled the car at the main entrance of the hospital, and my heart stuttered.

“I guess it’s time for me to leave, then”, Thomas said, giving me an encouraging pat on my shoulder.

“You’re not coming, too?”

His eyes met mine. “No, I think it’s for the best if I’m not around. He won’t be pleased to know I had told you.”


I feared for Ace but hearing the hurt in Thomas’s words made me angry. He didn’t deserve to be treated like that.

“The nurses told me he lies on the fifth floor, room five hundred sixteen. I arranged a single room since he’s a little… grumpy when he’s in that state.”

I gulped and got out of the car.

“Thank you. For everything that you did for him.”

“Cecily?” I turned around. Thomas smiled warmly. “You are welcome to visit me with Ace in Chicago and stay as long as you want. I would love seeing Ace back in our house and get to know my son’s girlfriend.”

Ace’s girlfriend? I wasn’t sure if he’d ever speak to me after everything I have done, the thought alone was squeezing my insides. Yet telling him that I was not his girlfriend after all the way he made to Los Angeles would be an insult.

“Thank you very much for the invitation. I can’t promise that he’ll… but I will try”, I said meekly.

He nodded. I turned around and headed to the main entrance.

Most people don’t like the smell of hospitals. It gives them sometimes nausea or brings back some bad memories. Luckily, I always liked the smell of disinfectant. But right now, it was giving me a headache and I feared the state of how I’d find Ace was going to determine whether I will still like the smell or despise it for the rest of my life.

Getting out of the elevator, I turned left and headed to room five hundred sixteen.

My hand trembled as I wrapped my fingers around the door handle.


I should have knocked.

I really, really should have knocked before.

Ace was standing next to the only bed in this room, his back to me, his clothes tossed on a chair.

I found myself in awe of his hard, lean frame as he stood naked before me, only a hospital nightgown covering his front.

I tried to tear my gaze from the tanned outline of his magnificent form, but it was no use; his majestic ass simply caught me off guard together with his bruised, muscular back. The three scars that I came to love were facing me, inviting me to kiss them from his shoulder blade to his hips.

Before my eyes could examine any more things as he turned around, I quickly shut them closed.

I wish I were just invisible.

“Cec, what are you–?”

“Oh my God, I am so sorry! I should have knocked… I-I–”

I felt him taking some steps toward me. My eyes were still closed, I didn’t dare look at him.

“What the hell are you doing here, Cec?!”, he hissed. He must be a few inches away from me.

“Um…” I slightly opened my eyes, and focused on his face. 

Air escaped my lungs and I sucked in a sharp breath. His cheekbones showed purplish marks, a long suture was running above his left eye, together with a reddish bruise on his temple. 

“Oh my God…” Tears threatened to well up again, but I pressed my lips together and tried to calm down. Guilt was tearing me apart. “What happened–?”

“What are you doing here, Cec?”, he repeated, anger flushing his eyes. He tried to run his hand through his hair but ended up flinching as his sore, purple knuckles touched his hair.

“I–uh… Thomas came to me”, I almost whispered. His hair obscured his eyes yet I could see the blazing light flashing in them.

“He did what?!”

Grabbing my shoulders, he closed the little space between us, only my dress and the fabric of the gown separating our bodies.

“What did he say? What the fuck did he say to you, Cecily?”, he shouted, squeezing my shoulders under his strong fingers. His eyes were wild behind his injured face. His wonderful face that was injured because of me.

“He told me… everything.”

Light streamed through the window, cutting Ace’s face in harsh features. Anger rolled of him and I could see it was taking him everything not to lose it completely. A dangerous look swept over his face that made me take a step back. 

“Ace, I–”

“Fuck!”, he shouted and slammed his fist into the night stand. I gasped at the loud impact of his punch before he grabbed his glass of water and smashed it against the wall.

“He had no fucking right to do that!”, he yelled. “I told him not to say anything! I knew I couldn’t trust him!”

Rage seeped out of Ace, coursing like a tidal wave through his body as he continued cursing heavily.

In an attempt to get hold of his hand before he could throw another thing across the room, my legs moved on their own.

“Ace, that’s enough! Stop!”, I shouted and flung my arms around him. 

And he really stopped.

His heart was slamming against my cheek but his breathings slowed.

And then I shoved him. Hard. The crook of his knees hit the edge of the bed and he was jerked back.

“Cec, what’s going on with you?”, he gasped in pain.

The back of my throat burned, and my vision started to blur. I blinked several times, refusing to shed a tear.

“What is going on with you, Ace?” I sat on his lap and pushed his chest down to the mattress. He tried to sit up but my hands carved into his skin, stopping him from moving. Ignoring his genitals under the thin fabric of the gown, my hands clenched into fists. My arms trembled, my grip got weaker as tears dropped on his chest.

“Cec… stop”, he said and gently wrapped his fingers around my wrists.

“How can I not stop, Ace?!”, I cried. “I am not driving you crazy. It’s you who’s driving me crazy! What were you thinking when you followed Aro or Jax or whoever?! Last night, I wanted to tell you that I was sorry and you just disappeared, making me think that you hate me! And now after I heard what you did for Noah… for my family… for me, I know that you really must hate me right now! And ‘I’m sorry’ is just simply not enough to tell you how incredibly sorry I am for having doubted you, Ace!”

The tears flowed and this time I couldn’t stop them.

“Stop, Cec.” His callused fingers chased after my tears, his hands palming my cheeks.

“Why the hell should I hate you?” He lifted my chin.

“B-Because I-I’m… probably the stupidest girl on this planet”, I sobbed.

He chuckled. “Yeah, you’re right.” He straightened up and kissed the corners of my eyes, my tears slipping into his mouth. “But you’re my stupidest girl.”

Grabbing my neck, he drew me toward him, and laid his lips on my lips.

His soft mouth sparked an ardor inside me as I tasted my own salty tears on his lips.

My eyes were wide-open when the heat started to fill my body. His lips never stopped stealing my breath each time I felt their softness against mine.

Ace was looking back at me, his eyes so close that I could see my reflection inside his pupils. It felt like an eternity had passed since the last time we had kissed. My soul craved for him, his touches. For his soul.

“I could never hate you”, he panted. 

His voice was hoarse, his eyes honest as those words left his lips.

I chose to believe him. My mind wasn’t thinking, debating or analyzing anything.

All I knew was that no one existed around us. I was too drowned in this moment with him. Us. And it felt heavenly.

“I was so scared something terrible happened to you”, I managed to say as he kissed the corner of my mouth and continued along my jawline.

“I know. I’m sorry, baby”, he said as his lips brushed mine.

I didn’t know whether we were kissing for a minute or an hour yet my mouth felt bruised, but I couldn’t let go. His hands were running down my arms, rolling multiple shivers down my core. His touches were light and strong at the same time, as if he was afraid to touch me too firmly so that my skin would burn him.

“Don’t ever do that to me again”, I pleaded, my lips not able to speak further since they craved to feel his again.

“I won’t.”

His face contorted in pain as he propped up on his elbow and shifted his body. He leaned against the pillows when I tried to get up but strong arms wrapped around me and kept me on his lap.

Wisps of hair clouded his luminous eyes, and I ran my fingers through them. Inclining my head, my heart fluttered as I kissed his lips.

“Say my name”, I begged. “Call me Cec again.”

“Cec”, he said, when he kissed my cheek. “Cec.” He kissed my other cheek.


His hands moved to the hem of my dress, caressing my bare thighs as my fingers moved to unbutton my dress. It was as if they were doing it on their own, disobeying my inner, reasonable voice that was stating how careless it was. But that voice was getting insignificant to the feeling of sheer excitement in me.

I pulled away, letting him take my dress off me.

“Fuck”, he cursed.

He studied my body, pausing at my breasts and between my thighs.

Sparks flew in his eyes. He opened his mouth but nothing came out. He was speechless. I made him speechless.

I looked at the new underwear I had bought at the lingerie store with the girls. It was one of the black ones, with straps right underneath the underwire and tight laces at the top. My breast looked fuller, ready to pop out as the matching lace cheekies were revealing half of my butt and marginally hiding the front. They were super uncomfortable and I already missed my old panties, but I hadn’t had the time to change into something handy. Turned out to be a good thing.

 “Err, I bought them recently. You… like them?”

His teeth caught the side of his bottom lip. “Mm…”, he mumbled. He shifted a little until I felt a bulge beneath me.

“My cock just answered your question.”

Despite my embarrassment, I giggled. His nonchalance mixed with my hormones that seemed to be on overdrive were shutting off what was left of my reason. My hands wandered to the back of the hospital gown, carefully unknotting it.

Sucking air through my teeth, I touched his hard chest covered in purple, green and red bruises. Like a painting, like a tattoo blanketing his torso. The lump in my throat grew, threating to choke me. I swallowed hard.

The pad of his thumb stroked my lips. “It will heal”, he said and kissed me.

Breathing against his lips, I shifted my legs to get a hold of the gown.

My voice shook. “May I?”

He just nodded and let me toss it on the floor.

My pulse picked up as I could feel him clearly under me. Curiosity got the better of me and I found myself longing to catch a glimpse. I looked down and my eyes widened.

“Holy… moly…”, I gasped.

Oh, it was big. Much bigger than I had thought it would be. How could it possibly fit…?

Holy moly?”, Ace said, shaking his head like he just tasted something bitter. “Cec, what a huge turn-off. Don’t you dare say that when I make you come.”

Oh boy. Blush colored my cheeks and I was pretty sure one could see steam coming out of my ears. I would’ve made a comment, but this view was a wee bit distracting.

Without his permission, I poked the sensitive skin of his bulge, grabbing it around my tiny hand and squeezed it lightly, as if his sex was a crazy scientific experiment I just had to touch.

“Have you ever seen a dick in real-life before?”

“O-Of course I have! Last semester, I had anatomy… just like you.”

At that, his body shook with laughter. “So, my only concurrence is a seventy-year old corpse you had dissected last year? Oh Cec…”

I chose to take my inexperience as a good thing if it made him laugh so freely, but, damn, my ego was scratched.

“Hey! I also saw a porn once!” I slammed the palm of my hand against my mouth. The words were out before I realized what I just said.

His grin vanished, replaced by a dirty smirk and a sparkle in his eyes. “Oh, really? Such a dirty girl. How come?”

I shrugged one shoulder and answered honestly. “I was streaming a movie and there was a pop-up. I was curious, so I… ah, never mind. I was a teenager and just curious.”

He chuckled. “What a pity we didn’t have anatomy together”, he said.

I trembled as he whispered in my ear, “It would have been really nice learning your anatomy und you mine.”

He was still trying to suppress a laughter but his abdomen was hurting him from the contraction. I dismissed that guilty feeling inside of me as an idea crossed my mind.

I leaned forward. “If I’m too inexperienced for you, I can gladly walk out of this room, dress up like a nurse and try to find a few young, male patients to look at their–”

Firmly, he grabbed my arm and narrowed the space between us. Volts of electricity seemed to ignite from the places where our bodies met.

“Don’t you fucking dare finish that sentence.” He leaned forward and pressed his lips against mine.

“God, you’re so innocent”, he mumbled inside my mouth. There was something in his voice… like he was awestruck. Like my innocence was seducing him in every way a woman could seduce a man.

My hand traveled down his ripped abdomen. I took my time exploring his steely muscles. Along the intersection of his abs down to his navel. And then more down until I stopped at his hardness.

A defiant voice inside my head was telling me to show him that I could not be only innocent.

I tightened my grip and let my palm wander along his length. It felt unfamiliar having something so soft and hard at the same time in my palm. 

“Cec”, he gasped for air, clearly taken aback from my sudden boldness. “What are you… doing.”

His eyelids flickered as he cupped my buttocks with his hands and squeezed them. I guess he really liked my butt.

I pumped a little faster which rewarded me a light moan coming out of his mouth. He gave my butt a squeeze with each movement.

“Baby… I’m going to come… if you keep doing… this.”

A thrust of adrenaline rushed through my blood when I brought my face down. Instinct coursed through every fiber in me and fearlessness guided me. I stretched out my tongue and watched his eyelids fling open.

Our eyes met; his full of surprise and mine challenging.

My heart was racing and I actually didn’t quite know what to do when the salty taste was on my lips. But there was no way I’d stop now.

As my tongue reached the top, I summoned my courage and wrapped my mouth around half of him, trying to ignore the urge to make any sounds.

He hissed as his hand moved reflexively to my shoulder, his finger gripping me.

Confused, I stopped and looked up, “Should I stop?”

“No! Fuck, no. Continue. Please.”

Leaning down, I took him in my mouth, this time a little more than before. It was bigger than I thought and completely unfamiliar, but I wouldn’t stop. My hand kept moving up and down on the bottom as my mouth was on the top of him. I sucked my cheeks and Ace’s hips rocked slightly, thrusting into my mouth.

“God, Cec, you’re… great”, he moaned, his breathings rapid. I risked a peek and looked up.

Seeing him in sheer ecstasy was… amazing.

He was losing control.

I was making him lose control.

“You really need… to stop… or I’ll come… into your mouth”, he panted.

So what, an inner voice told me even though my jaw was slightly starting to ache, but I wanted to experience it. And I wanted to see him coming undone.

I couldn’t believe that seconds were enough to make a man feel that way.

A strangled moan escaped his lips when a flow of warm, salty liquid ran down my throat. Coughing, I swallowed it down.

“Are you okay?” Silky lashes shaded his eyes but when he looked at me, they were more than glowing.

“Yeah”, I said, wiping my mouth.

“Shit, Cec. That was… ”, he started as he wrapped his arms around my waist, pulling me closer to him.

My fingers curled around his hair. “Awful?”, I asked, unsure what his expectations were.

“No, God, no! I never thought a virgin could be so good at a BJ.”

My stomach did a little flip. “Well, I told you I was a virgin, not a nun”, I said, kind of pleased with my achievement. 

“Lucky me”, he whispered, planting soft kisses along my collarbone. “I wanted you to lay your hand on my cock since San Diego.”


Okay, I was not any better: I thought about equal things during lectures.

Tantalizingly warm breaths fell on my skin. His kisses got slow as he let his lips wander between my breasts.

“And there’s so much I want to do to you.”

Despite his injuries, he flipped me over.

I yelped. “Wha–?”

“My turn, baby”, he said as his body was over mine.

His brilliant eyes roamed along my body, like he was kissing me with each look.

“You’re so… pure”, he whispered before bringing his lips to mine.

He seemed at a loss for words yet it amazed me how a word like pure coming from his mouth was somehow giving me a proud feeling. A feeling as if I were… rare. Ace always made me feel so special. So unique. So wanted.

“Please, Ace…”, I whimpered as the tip of his nose brushed my neck, his lips inching closer to my most sensitive spot. Well, my second.

“I’m ticklish there… especially there…”

“You think I care”, he taunted, and continued his kisses down to my belly. A thrilling heat cascaded through my body, my veins.

“Cec, baby–”

A knock at the door brought us back to reality when a nurse rushed in, a millisecond after her hand brushed the door.

“Mr. Skid–”, she started, but froze as she saw us.

Oh my God!” she and I shouted in unison.

“Give me a fucking break!”, Ace yelled as I hid my face behind my palms. She stammered apologies while basically running out of the room.

“Why are we always interrupted, dammit?!”, Ace groaned in frustration.

I couldn’t help myself from laughing. This was definitely one of the most embarrassing moments in my life and even Ace had to chuckle. He buried his face in the pillow to choke his laughs but it was no use. He laughed deeply, the sound dulcet to my ears.

“Come on, Ace”, I said and clapped his buttock. “Let’s get you dressed and leave.”

“Yes, ma’am”, he joked and started to get off me.

I frowned. Again, before my pudency could tell me otherwise, I gripped his manhood a second time. I pulled him closer and squeezed it gently.

“Don’t you ever call me ma’am.”

Surprise faded from his face, replaced by a big, wide smirk. Nodding, he gulped.

I released my grip and sat up.

“Oh, Cec… you are so going to pay for this later”, he said with a triumphant smile around his full lips that made me gulp.

I got up from the bed and turned around, giving him the privacy to get dressed.

“You still can’t see me naked, eh?”, he said as he slid though his jeans and t-shirt.

“Shut up”, I mumbled, feeling suddenly embarrassed for what I just did to him as I put on my dress.

I turned around and saw his fair t-shirt that he had worn yesterday. It was ripped at the collar and some blood had sullied the fabric.

Images of last night appeared and I couldn’t help but feeling guilty mixed with sadness rising in me as I touched it.

“It’s not my blood”, he said and cupped his hand around my cheeks. I leaned in and let the warmth of his hand assure me he was fine and safe.

“Don’t do that again, Ace”, I said, my eyes looking hard at him. I didn’t want to think about what other things could’ve happened last night.

“I won’t. I promise”, he said but his eyes told me he had no remorse for what he did last night. What scared me the most was that odd feeling that he would do it again.

“Now let’s go home”, he added.

Home. Oh… That felt like a sting in my chest. Surely, he wanted to rest at his apartment by himself.

“Oh, okay. I’ll accompany you to the cab”, I mumbled.

At that, Ace frowned, shaking his head. “I mean, we are both going home. To my place.”

My eyebrows rose while a sweet warmth rolled up my tummy. I was glad he thought about us, which reminded me of– “On one condition, Ace.”


“Tell me what happened after the frat party when I had told you about Noah. And the deal with Aro and what happened last night. I want to hear everything. From you.”

My gaze was piercing him. The unspoken threat settled over us like a blanket. I needed him to tell me the truth, from now on. No secrets.

He understood. “Okay, I’ll tell you everything. But first, let’s get out of here. This place is making me sick.”

I nodded and together we made our way to the nurses. Whisperings stopped when we arrived, and I spotted the nurse who caught turning all red. Quickly, I looked away and waited until Ace signed the discharge papers.

Once we got outside, the bright blue sky and the warm temperature caressed my cheeks. I felt Ace’s hand wandering to mine and our fingers intertwined automatically in such a perfect way, as if they were made to stick together like that.

And finally, he started talking.


By the time we arrived at his neighborhood, he finished. I knew he told me everything. Everything that Thomas said, he repeated. Everything he and Noah did those few days when he wasn’t at college, he told me. Everything that asshole Aro said at the frat house, he told me. He told me everything.

At the end, we were quiet, only the sound of the vehicle whirring.

“I’m sorry I didn’t believe you, Ace”, I said so quietly he barely heard me. “But I promise I’ll pay you back. It shouldn’t have been you to pay him for shutting his mouth. I gathered some money and I’ll get a job–”

“Cec, stop it”, he said, bringing my hand to his lips. “It’s okay.”

I tried to say something, and after stammering some sentences, I found my voice again. “No, Ace, it’s not! That would be the least thing I could do. After everything you did–”

“Cec”, he cut me off, his voice deep. Determined. “I don’t want you to pay me back. Ever.”

I still wanted to discuss it but there was something in his voice that muted me. Knowing that it would be pointless for now, I dropped the topic.

Knowing that I was defeated, Ace smiled triumphantly. Yep, he was still driving me crazy but for now I enjoyed being here. With him.

I leaned my head on his chest, carefully not to hurt him. I already hurt him enough.

“Do you–?”, I started but the howl of my stomach interrupted me.

Ace arched his eyebrow, looking down at me, “You’re hungry?”

My cheeks flushed, giving me away. “Do you have something to eat at your place?”, I asked and already expected the answer.

“Nope”, he said, popping the ‘p’. Fantastic.

Sighing, I asked the driver to bring us to the next grocery store which he did. We were quiet until he pulled into the closest store to his apartment.

“We could just order something”, he said grumpily. Clearly, he hated shopping.

“No! That’s really unhealthy and you need nutritive food to heal properly”, I answered as we entered the store.

“You are already my healing”, he said, kissing my fingers.

I rolled my eyes but my heart did a small backflip. Hearing him say such things was sweet. Romantic, even. But not the Ace I came to love.

I snorted. “Oh, shut up. You can’t convince me with that cheesy line, so cut it out. And stop being so weird.”

“I’m not being weird.”

“Yes, you are. You’re too nice and polite… and cheesy. Just be the same arrogant douchebag.”

His brow rose, so I added, “My arrogant douchebag, to be precise.”

He grinned. That really big, infuriating grin. “As you wish.”

We passed a stand of some new Swiss cheese sort when he grabbed two samples and offered me one.

Reaching out my hand for it, he quickly shoved both in his mouth.

“Is that douchey enough for you?”, he said with his mouth full and smirked, making me burst out into a laughter.

 “Shut up”, I mumbled and grabbed another food sample to appease my growling stomach.

As we made our ways through the shelves, a few customers looked at us in mere shock or whispered something while staring at Ace. Well, with his bloody t-shirt and bruised face, he was looking like a goon who just had a fight with some other gangsters. Which was not very far from the truth.

But I didn’t mind that we were making an odd couple.


Great choice of words yet I couldn’t help myself thinking that way.

I would have liked to talk about this with Ace, but right now wasn’t the best time and I didn’t want to ruin this.

After Ace and I started fighting because of who was going to pay for the groceries, the cashier and the other customers started complaining. I gave up when I saw that it was pointless to persuade him.

“You shouldn’t have done that, Ace”, I said as we made our way home. No, his place. 

“You’re going to eat at my place, so I’m going to pay. Don’t make a fuss.”

So now he was in He-Man-mode. I rolled my eyes.

It was not about roles in society or me being feminist. My conscious just wouldn’t shut up, knowing that not only did he pay such a high sum, but refused to let me at least share other costs.

Dropping the subject, we were silent during our walk, each one of us sunken in thoughts.

“Where is your car, by the way?”, I asked as we walked upstairs to his apartment.

“Still at the beach. I’ll pick it up tomorrow or later, I don’t care for now.”

“Okay. And who brought you to the hospital?”

“Um… someone called the ambulance after I passed out in the subway. I wanted to walk back home but it seemed that was too much.”

I said nothing. I didn’t want to think about what else could’ve happened last night. I shuddered at the possibilities, but banished all of them. 

Although I’d been here only twice, that place grew more familiar to me than any other apartment. Ace’s soap and orange scent filled my nostrils as soon as he opened the door to his apartment. My heart warmed up instantly.

I put the bags with the groceries on the table, trying to find a logic order to place them in the shelves. When I turned around, I caught a glimpse at Ace taking off his shirt and tossing it away. 

It took all my self-control to look the other way when he was changing. My fingertips tingled with the desire to reach out and touch him. Seriously, what the heck was wrong with me today?

“You can rest while I cook something”, he said to me, snatching me out of my thoughts. He was wearing a plain white t-shirt that was plastered around him in a perfect way, not too loose, not too tight – accentuating his thick arms and hiding his bruised torso.

“No, it’s okay. I could help you”, I said, heading back to the kitchen. Passing a mirror in the hallway, I glanced at my reflection.

My nose was pink and my eyes still a bit swollen from all the crying. And I had a serious case of a bad hair day. Really bad.

“Ugh… I seriously need a shower”, I muttered to myself.

I turned around just to find Ace leaning against the frame.

The side of his lips twitched.

“You can take a shower”, he suggested, a sexy smirk on his face.

“No, really, I could go at my place.”

“I don’t mind.”

I paused. “Y-You sure that’s okay for you? I could go later”, I stammered.

His eyes narrowed, amusement flickering behind the sparkling hue. “Later? Nah. I couldn’t join you then.”

Oh… no. No, no, no, no.

Heat tiptoed along my body, enveloping my cheeks. “T-There is no way you and I share a shower”, I chirped, my voice suddenly thin. I took a step back, but he matched my steps.

“It would be a good cause for the environment: We’d save water”, he said, his voice low. Seductive. 

I gulped, trying to fight back the flip-thing my stomach was making. My back reached the door to the bathroom and my fingers fumbled for the doorknob.

“Since when do you care about the environment?”

“Since it involves you. And me. I have a few fun ideas of what we could do under the shower.”

I could only imagine those fun ideas in his head, but didn’t dare to think about any of them. 

I shook my head. “Absolutely not! I-I wouldn’t concentrate on taking a shower if you were there.”

“Oh, I could take over the showering part and help you with it.”

Before my brain could turn to mush, I opened the door and rushed inside. Ace tilted his head back and chuckled deeply. I closed the door before I could be putty in his hands and tried to calm down.

Taking off my dress and underwear, I placed them on the toilet lid. I was more than happy to get rid of those uncomfortable cheekies and shoved them under the pile of clothes.

The warm water felt exquisite. Steam filled the room within a couple minutes. I cringed as the water flowed over my sore knuckles, but I refused to think about last night and asshole Aro. I just hoped his nose was still hurting infernally. The thought alone was making me grin.

Do you think anyone would even want to fuck you… look at you, you little piece of shit…

Aro’s words resonated in my head and left a bitter sting. I didn’t even know why they were crossing my mind, yet I couldn’t shake them off.

… anyone would even want to… fuck me…

Aro was beyond cruel, I knew that. And I shouldn’t let his words affect me the bit but somehow, they did awake uncertainties in me I never had.

Snapping out of these triste thoughts, I fumbled for Ace’s shampoo and let the eucalyptus scent fill my nose. The smell was wonderful.

“Don’t use up all the hot water! I want to take a shower, too”, Ace said through the door.

“Don’t worry, I’m not going to use all of it!”

As I rubbed my body with his soap, the room got filled with its smell. I enjoyed the nice scent a little longer before I let the water wash it off me.

Wrapping my body and hair in a towel, I grabbed my clothes.

I opened the door and caught the sight of Ace slowly cutting the veggies as I passed the kitchen. 

“Um, you can take a shower now”, I said as he turned around. The carrot slipped out of his hand but his face was giving nothing away.

“I’m hungry. I’ll go after dinner.” His tone was cold, nothing of the playfulness earlier. He focused back on the carrots and tossed them into the pan.

Not knowing how to handle his change of moods, I nodded and made my way to his closet.

“Ace? Can I borrow your pajamas?” I didn’t want to stay in my dress… the whole day? Afternoon? Huh… whatever.

I’d love to spend time with him doing… well, doing anything. I didn’t care. Even if we just stayed here and I listened to him talking about IT stuff or books or even college, it would feel more than right.

It would be better than any date with any guy in any fancy restaurant or picnic or cinema or whatever.

Maybe you’re going to stay until you end up fighting and he throws you out while you keep running all the way back to your house? Like last time I’d been here.

That annoying voice inside my head was getting on my nerves, but I shook this fear away.

No, that was weeks ago. We were not going to fight now.

Plunging into my thoughts, I didn’t realize Ace standing next to me. Silently, he grabbed a white t-shirt and flannel pajama pants out of the drawers.

“Here.” Without giving me a second glance, he walked back to the kitchen. The voice inside my head started to get louder.

Looking at my panties, I decided to not wear those. But wearing no underwear was never my thing. Just when I wanted to ask him if he could lend me one of his shorts, I closed my mouth.

God, this would be too much… I couldn’t just put his cloth that was on such an intimate spot on mine, could I?

On the other hand, he wouldn’t miss one of them, so I quickly opened the drawer and saw some Calvin Klein boxers. The fabric was stretchy, hanging surprisingly close around my hips. A mild warmth swept over me, rushing through my veins.

I gulped as I slipped into his pajamas. Way too large but incredibly comfy. My own Ace-cloud with my favorite scent. Like spice. And something else.

Combing my hair, I giggled as I wondered how high my chances were that Ace possessed a blow-dryer. Zero, I was sure.

“Are you done?”, he growled impatiently. “Lunch’s ready.”

I headed to the kitchen when his eyes wandered along my ridiculous look.

He cracked a smile that turned into a wide grin. “You look sexy.”

 “Thanks”, I mumbled. I was looking anything but sexy, but it was a nice compliment. Or another try to tease me. Either way, I was glad to see him smiling again.

At least he was joking.

“You were fast”, I said as I set the table. I was surprised he managed to cook in such a short time. The delicious scent alone was enough to make my stomach howl a second time today.

He chuckled, pulling the chair for me.

“Thanks”, I mumbled, unused to him being that… gallant.

“What did you cook?”

“Pasta”, he said and pulled the chair next to me.

Unsure how Ace’s cooking skills were, I suspiciously examined it before I took a bite.

It actually tasted good. Surprisingly good.

“It’s tasty”, I said honestly. “You never told me you could cook.”

He smiled and took a bite too. “That’s the only thing I can make.”

I watched him take another bite and focused on the way he was holding his fork, the way his jaw clenched when he swallowed a bite or simply the way he was breathing.

Silky lashes lifted when he propped his elbow on the table and looked at me. “Do I have something on my face or why are you staring at me?”

My cheeks heated up as I dug my fork into my meal. “No, I wasn’t.”


I focused back on my meal and enjoyed every bite. Okay, I was hungrier than I thought when I took another spoonful of this pasta.

“What?”, I said after Ace was the one who kept staring at me.

“Nothing. You’re just sexy when you eat. Especially that much.”

I rolled my eyes. He was just so horny.

“Hey, I didn’t eat that much!”, I yelped, suddenly ashamed for my huge appetite.

He chuckled as he grabbed the dishes and tossed them into the sink. “Don’t worry, Cec. Women who eat much are sexy.”

My heart leaped into my throat at his choice of words. Women.

It sounded stupid, but I never saw myself as a woman. Just a girl. My height and lack of experience weren’t helpful, either. But the fact that Ace sees me like that… it did something to me.

“You want some dessert?” He opened the fridge, tilting his head.

“No, thanks.” I still felt like an elephant for eating that much.

“Huh, there’s no dessert”, he sighed and closed the door. “We forgot to buy something.” He leaned against the door, his gaze slowly tracing up my body and pausing briefly at my breasts.

Like a famished lion, he was tearing my clothes off with his eyes. Suddenly I felt exposed.


“Hm?” Sparks lit up his eyes as he met my gaze.

“Err, what are you thinking?”

He grinned at some private joke, but shook his head. “Nothing.” He walked past me and headed to the bathroom.
“I’m in the shower if you need something”, he slurred and disappeared behind the door.

He was just too weird today.

Sighing, I fished my phone out of my bag and read some messages, mostly from Alex, Cassy and Ruby.

Next Wednesday would officially be the last day at college before summer break started and most of us had already finished their treatments by now. Well, except this big and obligatory lecture on Wednesday, I was on vacations. Almost.

The thought of enjoying my free time now was making me happy. I looked at the songs in my playlist and chose one that seemed accurate.

I started doing the dishes when the sound of drums and trumpets echoed through the room. My hips moved on their own, swaying from side to side in sync with the beat.

I noticed a small bowl full of candies on the counter. My weakness.

I put it in my mouth and the smell of orange dispensed.

Oh yes, that was exactly how Ace tasted.

 “Marchand d’amour… remplie d’ennui, femme légère…”, I sang and focused back on the dishes.

I plunged into the music, my body feeling the rhythm. But my performance got interrupted when strong arms wrapped around my waist.

“Wha-?”, I started as I turned around and found Ace dressed only in a pair of flannel pants similar to mine. His cheeks flushed red from the shower he just took, tiny drips dropping from his hair over his face. The pitch-black color of his pupils entirely swallowed his iris, the blue was just a small, marginal ring.

Without a warning, he grabbed my butt, his big palms digging into my buttocks and lifted me up.

“Ace…”, I shrieked, my legs wrapping around his waist by themselves. His hands stayed at my butt, squeezing them. I breathed faster than ever, my voice hitched somewhere in my throat.

His eyes glistered hungrily, like a hunter looking at his prey.

Breathing heavily, his face twisted. The bruises must hurt him yet his look told me there was no way he would stop now.

Elle aime trop ça.

My music was still playing, reflecting exactly what I was feeling right now: I just liked it too much.

Taking a step forward, he put me on the cold kitchen countertop, his lips brushing across mine. His kisses were deep, combusting my senses as his hands tensed around my waist.

Tugging at the hem of my burrowed t-shirt, it landed on the floor instantly. Whether it was me or Ace who took the t-shirt off me, I didn’t know and it didn’t matter.

His fingers moved to my bra clip, opening it skillfully and without hesitation.

Releasing my breasts from my bra, my nips stiffened when Ace gave me just one look.

Lowering his head, he crushed his lips against mine. His hands wandered to my breasts, tracing the line of the small impressions my bra left on my skin. My breathing went shallow as his thumbs stroked my nipples, tracing the peaks.

Weakly, I moaned inside his mouth. His lips were hard, his kisses rakish, full of desire. My hands tugged at his wet hair, pulling him closer.

His tongue was pressing its way forward relentlessly. As the apex touched the candy in my mouth, Ace’s eyes widened while his chuckle echoed in my throat.

With his skillful tongue, he wrapped the candy around it just to claim it for himself.

We pulled apart.

He crushed the candy before he dropped some kisses on my collarbone.

“Why did you have to dance, Cec?”, he sighed.

I closed my eyes. Stars filled my vision but I focused on Ace’s touches.

Les hommes sont les mêmes, oui les hommes sont les mêmes.

No, not all men were the same.

His voice lowered to a deep whisper. “I promised you pleasure after what you did to me earlier.”

“Oh…”, was all I could manage to say.

“Say it, Cec.” Sizzling, moist breaths fell along my neck. “Say that you want me to make you feel so good.”

His lips barely brushed my skin.

“Yes”, I moaned.

“Yes, what?”

He was cruel.

“Yes, I want you… to make me… feel good”, I admitted, shocked by my deepest desire.

He stopped, and lifted his eyes to meet mine. “As you wish.”

Grabbing my butt a second time, he lifted me as if I weighed nothing. For a second time, his face twisted again.

“Ace, if you can’t–”

“No, it’s okay”, he panted.

He walked to his bed and gently laid me on the soft mattress, my feet dangling over the edge.

A silence was filling the room when the music stopped and all I could hear was Ace and me panting.

He kneeled at the edge and my heart stuttered at him being there.

A sly, lopsided grin flashed across his lips. “Time for my dessert”, he said and wrapped his fingers around my pants. Slowly, he let them slide off me.

The blue of his eyes heated when he swallowed hard. “You did not just put my boxers on.”

He sounded angry. Was he angry?

Closing his eyes, he sighed. “Cec, I am really trying hard not to fuck you right now and you keep tempting me with your tight towel, your sexy ass and now my boxers?” 

“Um… I’m sorry?”

“Don’t. Apologize.” His voice was dangerously low. “If you keep being so innocent, I will fuck you.”

My vision blurred when his hands roamed along calf.

My fingers cramped around the sheets when he kissed my knee, slowly moving norther until I felt his cheek on my thigh. Tiny water drips rolled along my leg, his damp hair was tickling me when his mouth almost reached my bikini zone.

Before I processed what he’d just said, his hands wrapped around my boxers.

Inch by inch, he uncovered me like savoring every little detail. 

I heard a faint wheeze and for some seconds he didn’t say anything. A shiver ran down my spine, and the anticipation was nearly killing me. My pulse was racing, the thrust of my heartbeat palpable in every vein.

I shifted a little but Ace’s hands were like iron, holding me.

“You’re so beautiful, Cec.”

Those three words multiplied each shiver in me. I zeroed in on breathing when Ace brought his head down.

He kissed me, nipped at me, tormented me.

Taking his time, his tongue swirled around my skin right above the spot that was badly aching for him.

I bit my lip until they felt numb.

“Ace… please…”, I begged.

I could basically hear his smirk. But my mind shut down the moment he gave me everything I desired with his gifted tongue.

I tore my eyes open and breathed in what felt like the first real breath in weeks. I stared at the ceiling, my eyes unable to see anything but sparkling stars. 

Blood strummed through my ears. I wasn’t capable of forming a single thought and I stopped thinking about anything else than this sensation.

This was too much, way too much. I felt like I couldn’t handle any more of this thrill of ecstasy. I was barely breathing, and my heart was on the verge of bursting.

“Are you okay?” He brought his head up but I just grabbed his hair and shoved him back down.

“Less… talking… more… sucking.” I was panting.

He chuckled. “Sassy. I like it.”

I felt him gently pushing his index finger inside me and I gasped at the intrusion.

A burn formed inside my stomach – hotter than anything I’d ever felt.

“Ace…”, I groaned.

Propping my body up on my elbows, I risked a peek. Silky, midnight hair shadowed his eyes but the view of him between my legs was just increasing everything I felt right now.

Just as I was beginning to get lightheaded, the pleasure reached its peak.

Pure, white ecstasy washed over me. Spots of color splashed before my eyes as I cried out in pleasure, nearly screaming his name.

My head fell back on the soft mattress, my chest moving rapidly. Blinking several times, my body stopped shaking. By the time I found my voice, Ace got up and sprawled next to me.

I looked at him and noted his eyes shining like diamonds. Propping his head up on his elbow, he pushed a strand out of my face.

“I guess you liked it.”


Oh God, my voice sounded like I had been drugged.

 “Told you, you’re my favorite French sweet.”

He laughed under his breath when I buried my face into my hands.

Ace kept staring at me, my cheeks warming up with every passing second.

I got up and rushed to the kitchen. His t-shirt was still on the countertop and I quickly slipped into it. When I came back, I looked for my panties… well Ace’s boxers.

“Are you looking for these?” I turned around and found them laying between his fingers.

“Yes, I am.” I reached out my hand.

He seemed to debate on whether he should give them to me or not but decided to hand them over. Reluctantly, though.

“Thank you”, I said, turning around. I heard him sliding to the edge of the bed, watching me like a hawk. 

“Do you want to put them back on me?”, I asked over my shoulder, cracking a grin.

“Very much.”

He kneeled behind me. I let them slide through my ankles when his thumb slowly caressed my thighs as he lifted the boxers along my legs. I turned around and a tremble went up my skin at his intense scrutiny. I wanted to speak but was muted when his mouth crushed against my thigh. Parting his lips, he licked my flesh, making me shudder.

A sting rushed though me when he opened his mouth and bit me.

I yelped in surprise and closed my eyes. His hand rested teasingly at the inside of my thigh, stroking the place he had bit tenderly.

 “You just know how to tease me, you know that, right?”, he said, sighing when he got up and settled on the soft mattress.

“Maybe”, I countered.

Ace lounged on the bed, both hands under his head. His eyes glimmered as I laid sheepishly next to him.

I rolled to my side and examined his bruised torso. My hands trailed every square inch where he was injured, as if I could heal him with my touches. I wish I could, though.

“What are you thinking right now, Cec?”

My gaze met his. Did I space out again?

He smiled. One of Ace’s rare, million-Watt-lamp brightness.

“You know, sometimes your body seems to switch to autopilot and your mind is lost in thoughts. You do that pretty often, Cec. And I love it. I wish I could just plunge into your thoughts because you always seem so far away from us. Far away from everything. Just in your world.”

I had never heard someone say something like that to me when I spaced out. People just rolled their eyes, annoyed, and repeated what they’d said.

But what Ace said… was perfect on so many levels, it had my heart doing backflips.

“So I’m asking you again, Cec: what are you thinking right now?”

His eyes were sincere, as sincere as his words. “I want to know everything about you. Every little thing. From your body to your soul. Just everything.”

His words, oh God, his words – they were reaching out to my soul. My thoughts were swirling through my head, but I didn’t want to hit him with the whole Cecily-craziness inside me.

Summoning my courage, I chose to be honest. “I was thinking… why… you don’t want to sleep with me…”

Aro’s words were echoing in my head again, threatening to ruin this moment.

His eyes widened a little, but I held his gaze. At that, he blinked a couple times and sat up. This was not what I’d expected and it left a bitter sting in my chest. I should have lied and told him I was thinking about the weather or whatever.

I sat up next to him and clenched my fingers together. “Is it… is it because I’m still a… you know…”, I almost whispered. My voice was thin and I blushed hard.

He turned his head to me in a hell of a speed and the corner of his mouth curled up. 

“Because you’re a virgin?”

He reached out his hand to tuck a strand behind my ear. “You don’t have any idea how tempting it is for me to know that no one ever touched you, Cec.”

“That makes me want to show you all the things your body could feel. What I could do to you.”

He seemed lost in thoughts and I didn’t dare to break the fantasy he was living in his head right now, even though I would’ve liked to catch a glimpse.

He fell back into silence for a while.

Sighing, he finally said, “I have messed up so many things in my life and I don’t want you to be one of them too.”

A familiar intensity spread over his eyes. “You’re the purest thing I have ever seen in my life, Cec and believe me, I have seen things I wish I hadn’t. I want to make it right this time.”

Leaning to me, his fingers splayed across my cheeks. His forehead touched mine, his breath was a soft caress on my nose.

“I want to take you on date, first. Not a party, not a family dinner, or in a hospital. A real date. Just the two of us. And then, I will have a quiet consciousness doing some wild things with you.”

My mind was spinning. His words were filling my chest with such a warmth, I feared the heat would burn me.

I wrapped my hand around his wrist, my fingers barely meeting.

I didn’t know if my voice would be capable of explaining what I felt for him, but I wanted him to understand the waves of emotions inside me.

“You have no idea what your words do to me, Ace. What you mean to me”, I whispered. I placed a soft kiss on his palm before putting my hands across his chest.

My heart beat was speeding up again… wow, this was harder than expected. I focused on my hands on his chest.

“I’m not good with words although most of the books I read are about romance.” I chuckled under my breath at this stupid irony. “But I still want to tell you what you mean to me.”

I sucked in a deep breath. “You piss me off, Ace. Constantly. Almost every time you open your mouth, like right now.” I placed my palm against his lips to stop him from interrupting me.

“But at the same time, I could not imagine for one second not hearing your annoying comments that make me laugh. I like how you are protective of me, even when you tend to overreact a little, like the time you saved me at the frat party or yesterday. You protected me so many times, I could not count them all and even when I didn’t want to believe you, you didn’t stop…”

The guilt of misjudging him hit me again, tightening a knot in my throat.

“I crave your warmth and the way you make me feel…” My voice was barely a whisper now.

“And I’m addicted to the way you make me feel: loved, wanted… needed – and beautiful.”

I dropped my hand from his mouth and placed it back on his chest. “I should’ve been more honest to myself, toward you… but I’m glad that I’m your girlfriend now.”

I looked up to see his face and found his brows knitted together.

It seemed like anger flared his eyes. I dropped my hands and felt my heart sinking to the floor. This was not what I imagined his face would look like.

My heart stopped, as well as my breathings.

A dull ache seeped in my chest when I saw his remaining frown.

Close to tears, I nodded at his unspoken thoughts. I lost my energy when I poured out my heart to him.

Finally, he spoke. “You are more precious to me than a girlfriend”, he sighed.

“But I like the sound of me being your boyfriend.”

I lifted my chin and saw him cast a grin. A wide, infuriating one that I wanted to smack right now!

“Marvelous sound, don’t you think?”

“You ass!”, I yelled and jumped at him. The impact knocked us both flat on the mattress. His laughs only increased my wish to choke him but I refrained since he was injured.

“How could you scare me like that?” Waves of my hair fell over his chest. 

“I thought that’s what you like, baby.” Fake innocence embellished his voice, but I rolled my eyes before I tilted my head back.

And then I laughed. Really laughed. I almost forgot that I could laugh like that, from the very depths of my heart until my stomach hurt. 

I looked down at Ace. Glow spread in his eyes when he looked at me. I opened my mouth just as he parted his lips to say something.

“I love you”, he and I said at the same time.

My smile faded away as we stared at each other for a second in silence.

Chuckling at our synchrony, I plunged into his arms and rolled on my back. He didn’t say anything and it was okay for me. Words weren’t necessary, his I love you was enough; he had shown me so many times that he loved me and I believed him, with every single cell in my body.

“Cec, sing for me”, he said as he wrapped his arms around my waist, his hair already calling for my fingers to be touched.

I started singing the first French song that crossed my mind. The words flowed and my fingers wandered down to his back, stroking the rough surface of his scars.

“Ace?”, I whispered after I sang the same song a few times.

He was already asleep.

I closed my eyes and my mind shut down. My body relaxed under the weight of Ace’s head, moving up and down to rhythm of my breathing.

And with a smile around my lips I fell into a relaxing nap too, impatiently waiting to open my eyes to see my love lying next to me in the afternoon.
























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