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Chapter 30 (v.1) - Lucky Charm

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~ Lucky Charm ~




Nausea threatened to overwhelm me as I saw how that skank was obviously aiming to get his attention. And into his pants. She wrapped an arm around his hips and leaned into him. As if she knew his body better than himself. Lucky for her and him, he disentangled his hand out of her grip. He was saying something to her in a low voice that made her smile go away.

Scorching hot jealousy crept up my spine the longer I saw her glued to him. In a skintight dress that showed a good part of her legs.

Someone stumbled next to me, and snatched me out my thoughts. I looked around for any kind of support – or something to throw at that slut’s head.

Either way, I couldn’t look at her. At them.

I needed distance. Making my way to the hallway, I tried to control my breathings as well as that ugly feeling deep in my guts. There was something about that girl that always brings out my biggest weaknesses. Something that blinded my rationality and filled my view with images of her touching him, laughing with him, making him laugh, making love to him.

I didn’t give a shit about my purse anymore and made my way upstairs to the bathroom. Once I was inside, I locked the door and slid on the floor.

Muffled voices slunk through the door but I found a certain calmness here.

Okay. Victoria was here.

She was talking to him. Touching him. Flirting with him.

My fist clenched until my bones hurt.

Oh, this was just fabulous. Just when I thought I could finally enjoy a party, Ace’s ex-girlfriend had to show up.

I needed to calm down.

Dazed, I got up and walked to the mirror. I studied every detail of my reflection and then my outfit. The color sure was eye-catching, as well as the cut of that dress.

Well, screw the jacket. I tossed it on the window sill.

A chill traveled down my spine but I was determined. She wanted to play unfair, fine. But I won’t let her win. And I won’t let her mess with me.

I checked my make-up, relieved that my hair was still neat. Too neat.

Victoria McBitch was striking. Bitchy but striking. And I was looking like a scared, twelve-year old girl in comparison to her.

My fingers moved to my hair tie, freeing the long waves of my hair that fell over my back.  

Breathing in a couple times, I tried to not let my emotions get the best of me.

Okay… I felt ready.

I unlocked the door and walked downstairs.

Damn”, a guy said and blew a whistle. I ignored him and grabbed the cup some other guy was offering to a girl. She glared at me but I didn’t care.

Cold, salty liquor ran down my throat.

“Slow down, girl. Not everyone can handle scoop.”

Scoop? Was that the name of this liquor? Whatever. I gave him his empty cup back. I needed to calm down if I want to survive her presence.

The more steps I took, the more confident I felt. This time there was no going back or running away.

Megan was sitting with them, her laugh just as malicious as her friend’s while Victoria inched closer to Ace. His look was giving nothing away, but I could feel a slight annoyance in his posture.

The moment her cat-like eyes found mine, her lips changed into a sweet smile.

“Cecily”, she spat as I made my way to them. To my delight, her eyes traveled along my outfit and her smile vanished bit by bit.

“Victoria”, I said in the same tone, walking past her to him.

The glowing blue of his eyes heated as he looked at me, his gaze slowly rising from the curve of my hips to my breasts.

As gracefully as possible, I settled on his lap and felt a sweet warmth blossom in my chest.

I clasped my arm around his neck and pulled him closer to me to press my lips against his. A soft gasp of surprise left his mouth but his hands tightened on my waist, pulling me against him. I opened my mouth and his tongue swept over mine.

Breathing in, I pulled away and licked my bottom lip. His lips were rosy from my lipstick. I grinned.

I turned my attention back to Victoria and held her cold-stoned gaze. “I’m sorry, did you say something?”

Eyes narrowed on me and I could almost see the viciousness dripping from her. Man, if looks could kill, I’d be so dead right now.

She scanned me from head to toe. “Good to see you, Cecily. I almost didn’t recognize you.”

She flipped her hair over her shoulder. “I guess not everyone gets easily stuck on people’s minds”, she added, bringing back the familiar venom in her tone.

Not listening to the voice in my head that was telling me to make a bitchy comment turned out harder than expected.

I glanced at Miguel who was hiding a smile behind his beer, shrugging his shoulders.

That’s just Victoria, his look was saying.

Victoria’s gaze skidded to Ace when she smirked. “I was just catching up with Ace. It has been way too long.”

Not long enough.

She smiled at Ace and I wanted to pull out every strand of her hair. My grip tensed and my jaw ached from clenching.

“Really? I didn’t think you had so much to tell each other.”

A smug grin flushed across her lips when she crossed her legs. “You’d be surprised.”

Jealousy was an ugly feeling within the depths of my chest, but damn, I wasn’t planning on showing how her words stung in my chest.

People shouted at the pool and loud music poured through the door to the garden. The backyard was packed, bodies moving to the rhythm while some others were having fun inside the pool.

Boring Cecily would’ve been annoyed, reserved even. Dancing between sweating, drunk people at a party was never my thing.

Victoria was fabulous, gorgeous and pulled off quite a performance to get Ace’s full attention.

But tonight would be different, I told myself. My decision was made.

My eyes locked with Ace when I got up.

“Come. I wanna dance”, I said and wrapped my fingers around his arm, my eyes turning to Victoria. I smiled triumphantly as I saw the annoyed look on her face. Score one for me.

He gave me a look of surprise but knew better than to argue with me on that. One corner of his lips curled up as he rose to his feet.

Victoria pinched her lips to a small, thin line. A rare view to see her like that but, damn, that felt nice.

I guided Ace’s hand to the curve above my ass. She glared at me for a long moment before turning her attention to Miguel.

I embraced the noise of the loud music when we arrived at the pool. Multicolored lights flickered through the backyard, turning the whole area into an almost dreamlike place. Humid steam climbed up the pool and filled the whole garden with a hint of chlorine.

“Okay, you can stop, Cec. I know you just said that to make her jealous and I’m pretty sure she’s about to create a voodoo doll of you.” Ace suppressed a grin, clearly amused, but that just pushed my buttons more than ever. He didn’t even consider that I’d do anything that would shock him. He expected Boring Cecily.

Not tonight, Ace.

The latest party hit was about to start when I pulled him to a spot between the bunch of dancing people.

“I said, I want to dance.” I stepped closer to him and twisted an arm around his neck. His grin faded; there was rather a curious expression in his glowing eyes. “And I meant what I was saying.”

With my other arm on his waist, I yanked him against me until there was no space between us. Closing my eyes, I started to move, pressing my body more to him. Slowly, my muscles relaxed and I got lost in the music, moving to the beat that resounded through my head, my limbs. I let myself fall into the rhythm, to his body.

His hand dropped off my shoulder blade, sliding down my back to rest on my ass.

My head fell back, and I felt his smooth chin graze my temple. I looked up at him just to see a bright gleam in his eyes. The throng of sweating, sexually charged people grew but I barely took notice of them.

 “Okay. I could get used to this jealous version of you”, he said with a ragged voice. His forehead brushed mine and our heartbeats picked up instantly.

He exhaled a soft groan against my hair, sending shivers down my spine. My breathing picked up, as well as his.

Grinning, I rubbed my hips more against him until his reaction was perceptible to me.

“Cec, you sure wanna talk about–”

Tugging his hair, I pressed my lips against his. Craving. Desperate. Claiming. I didn’t know which one forced me to mute him. All of them maybe.

“No”, I breathed, arousal tingling my skin. There were a lot of other things I wanted to do, and talking was lightyears away.

Air got caught in my throat when his arm tightened. My thoughts were fogged and the music faded to the sound of rushing blood through my ears.

“Fine by me”, he mumbled and lowered his head. Cupping my cheek, swollen lips brushed mine. Hot, and open-mouthed kisses silenced us while the whole world around me became a blur. A storm of energy transferred from him to me when he deepened the kiss.

I – we were lost to each other, our moves fluid and fitting perfectly. For a terse second, I felt stupid for being jealous. I knew he loved me, I knew he wasn’t giving her a second glance. So why should I even worry?

A cascade of sparkling colors draped my vision as his tongue swept over mine in sync to the way our bodies moved. His teeth caught my lower lip when he pulled away. I got woozy at the loss of our contact, but felt relieved when he came back for more. I fisted his shirt to steady myself on my wobbling feet. Somewhere far away, the song changed but it became oblivious to us. 

Lacking air, I broke away from our kiss and breathed in a few, long breaths.

God, he was toxic.

I blinked a couple times to get a clear vision of him. His cheeks were flushed red, his eyes darkened by lust.

When his moist forehead touched mine, I heard him chuckle softly. “If I had known you’d react like that I would’ve encouraged her to come.”

It took me a few seconds to figure out what he just said. “Sounds like you’ve seen her recently.”

His body went rigid.

Frowning, I pulled away and met his gaze. “Oh my God. You really met her”, I accused.

He sighed. “When I was with Seb at the bar she appeared.”

I took a step back. “And you didn’t feel like telling me that one little detail?”

Now he frowned, too. “Didn’t think I had to. Why’s that a problem for you?”

“It wouldn’t have been a problem if you had told me before”, I hissed angrily.


Before he could continue, I interrupted him. “Is that the reason why you kept asking me if I was sure about going to the party? Because you didn’t want me to see her?”

“No… yes.” He thrusted his hand through his hair. “Maybe. But it doesn’t matter, okay?”

“It does to me”, I snapped. “She’s your ex. The fact that she’s here means something.”

“I don’t give a shit about her motives.” His clear eyes narrowed on me. “And you shouldn’t, either, so stop overreacting.”

“I am not overreacting.”

“Yes, you are.”

“No, I’m not.” I wasn’t overreacting. He had history with her. Feelings for her.

We glared at each other. “Cec, nothing happened. So get rid of your damn trust issues.”

Trust issues.

My hurt expression should’ve pierced his big-ass ego, but he just turned around.

“Where are you going?”, I called as he walked away.

“Waiting for you to calm down.” He shrugged and disappeared.  

Fervid anger surged through every fiber of my body. My face scorched and I wished I could just jump into the pool to cool off properly. Cursing under my breath, I waltzed back inside the house and found myself in the kitchen.

Like expected, it was just as extravagant as the rest of this house. He saw her. He was with her the whole night and didn’t feel like mentioning it.

Leaning against the kitchen counter, I breathed in a couple times.

My stomach howled and I realized how hungry I actually was. Holy cow, when was the last time I’d eaten something?

I looked around and found trays full of delicious-looking brownies.

I almost drooled on floor.

My hand reached for one but I stopped. They sure were for someone else and I just couldn’t eat something that didn’t belong to me, right?

I looked around for Miguel but it was pointless. Okay, screw that. I was too hungry and above all, too angry to care. No one was going to miss one brownie.

Well, one brownie turned out to become five. I just couldn’t stop myself after the first one. Especially when I thought about the semi-fight I just had with Ace. Anger and hunger: not a good combination.

But they were delicious. Spicy, even. I’d have to ask Miguel for the recipe later. As I filled my cup with water, a mass of curly dark hair appeared next to me.

“There you are, Cecily!”, Leah giggled.

“Oh, hey. Haven’t seen you in a while.”

“Yeah, I was playing a game with the others”, she said, hiding a small hiccup. Her smile was dreamy, her cheeks pink. Even drunk she was cute.

“So, I was looking for you. I need a partner. We’re playing beer pong and Megan keeps screwing up.”

She laughed and I had to suppress a grin.

“I can’t play that.” My hand-eye coordination sucked. I knew I’d screw up more than Megan.

“Oh, come on! It’s fun! And you really can’t be worse than Megan, believe me.”

I wasn’t in the mood to play any game. But her cheerfulness was contagious. Maybe some harmless fun will brighten me up. Pfft… Ace could have fun with his friends, Victoria even. I didn’t care anymore.

“Okay, fine. But I’ve warned you.”

She ushered me to another room where a long card table filled with red cups stood. At the other end of the table were Megan and Sebastian, filling the cups with beer.

“Thanks for replacing me, Leah”, Megan huffed, crossing her arms in front of her chest.

Leah chuckled. “Don’t take it personal. You kind of suck at this.” She laughed sweetly and Megan rolled her eyes.

“You don’t think I suck, right babe?” Megan smiled at Sebastian who wrapped his arm around her waist.

“’Course not. You just need a tiny bit of practice.” He winked.

“Sooo, let’s get started!” Leah clapped her hand, holding the small white ball between her fingers. “I start!”

Biting her lip, she mumbled a few sentences like a mantra and then tossed it across the table.

It landed straight into the middle one. Shouting my name a few times, she shook my shoulders. “Oh my gosh, I’ve never hit it on the first try! You’re my lucky charm, Cecily!”

I smiled and watched Megan empty the first cup. She wiped her mouth and rubbed the ball against Sebastian’s t-shirt.

It flew to us and landed… on the floor. My laughs got concealed behind Sebastian’s chuckle as he repeated the instructions of throwing properly.

It was my turn. I was nervous, especially when others came by and watched us playing.

“No pressure, Cecily. Just focus and throw that thing.” Leah’s words weren’t exactly helpful but I was adamant not to make a fool out of myself.

I threw the tiny ball and held my breath. I could almost feel everyone’s eyes on me when the ball… hit the edge of cup and fell right inside it!

“Oh my God!”, I shouted and half-laughed, half-jumped on the spot. Leah was shaking me wildly.

“I knew you’d rock! Did you play that a lot?”

“Nah, not really.” I giggled again.

“Really? Wow!” She shined, clapping her hands. “Come on, Megan, drink up.”

Leah gave her a wide grin.

Again, she rolled her eyes and handed the cup to Sebastian before it was his turn. While Megan was a fail, Sebastian seemed quite a good opponent. It landed straight into the cup in front of me.

“Well, you’re not the only one who’s skilled, Leah”, he said, smiling.

“I have talent. You were just lucky now”, she chuckled.

Seeing Leah’s glassy eyes, I decided to drink this one for her. She was already tipsy and I didn’t know how much alcohol she could handle.

It was Leah’s turn but this time she wasn’t lucky. We switched, threw the tiny ball several times and giggled like idiots the whole time. We played and laughed, to the point I forgot why I had been mad at Ace in the first place.

Huh, playing beer pong turned out to be good idea.

Apparently Leah could handle a lot alcohol, she drank each time it landed on our side of the table.

She gave me a bump, saying something but I was feeling too foggy to process what she was telling me. A little bit beer was enough to make me feel so… lightheaded. When my vision wasn’t clear enough to aim the cups, I switched with some other guy.

God, I was a real lightweight with liquor. Quite strange, I didn’t feel drunk. Just incredibly good. And happy.

My gosh, I was so happy. As if today was Christmas and my birthday! Birthday… huh… Ace’s birthday.

Tomorrow was Ace’s birthday.

I smiled. “Aaaaace… has anyone seen my boyfriend?” My voice sounded so different. Slow. And high-pitched. Weird.

I looked around but the faces were unfamiliar. Leah was laying on a settee, sleeping I guessed and Megan and Sebastian disappeared after the rematch.

I turned around and stalked out of the room, searching for my unreliable, annoying, infuriating, hot boyfriend.





The next song played and students shouted next to me. Tugging at my hair, I seriously considered hitting something.

A bunch of drunk douches passed me by, one of them almost bumping into me. He wanted to apologize, but anger flared in my eyes. His stupid grin faded and he teetered away as if he’d just seen the devil himself.

Good for that kid. I was not in the mood for anyone to cross my path.

I could look for her, but I knew we would just end up in having a real fight. Rubbing my temples, I decided to stay here.

I sprawled on the lounger near to the pool, stretching my limbs.

God, I had been so horny. If she’d kept dancing like that for a few minutes, I would’ve dragged her to one of the rooms upstairs and torn that dress from her body.

Closing my eyes, I blanked out the loud music.

Her worries were irrational. There was no reason for her to feel threatened, things were over with Victoria even before I’d met Cec.

“Enjoying the party, Skidmore?”

I looked up and saw Vince grinning at me. Hands shoved into his pockets, he sat down and took out a neatly rolled joint and a lighter.

Crossing my legs at the ankles, I glanced at the crowd. “You know the answer.”

He lit it up and took a long hit. “I know you hate people”, he pointed out. “But I remember you having fun at parties.”

He passed me the joint. “Used to”, I corrected, bringing it to my lips.

“How are you doing?”, Vince asked, all humor gone.

I exhaled a cloud of smoke. “Good. I’m fine. Really fine.”

 “That’s what I thought. I guess it was good for you to leave.”

I nodded slowly, handing him the joint. “Guess so. I just hoped you’d get away, too”, I admitted, feeling every tense cell in my body unknot.

He inhaled deeply and chuckled. “You know the West Coast was never my thing. Although Californian girls are incredible pretty.”

Still the same.

Shit. I didn’t realize how much I missed my best friend.

I leaned back and stared at the starry sky when I felt something cold against my chest. My fingers moved and wrapped around the tiny, blue crystal. I had totally forgotten about the pendant. It felt unfamiliar, and yet already like a piece of me. A piece of her.

He cracked a smile. “Shouldn’t you be with your gorgeous girlfriend?”

I grabbed the weed, breathing in until I was getting dazed. “She’s mad at me.”

His brows rose, but a witty response was already on his mind. “How about apologizing?”

My eyes narrowed on him. This side of Vince was the least funny one. He still felt the urge to be the responsible voice inside my head.

Before I could open my mouth, he cut in. “You must’ve done something, so stop being stubborn. Did I ever give you some bad advice?”

So many, I couldn’t count them on my fingers. My look was saying that and he exhaled deeply.

“You know what I mean.” Running his hand through his hair, he turned to me. “Did you see your stepfather? Or talk to him?”

Scratching my jaw, I sighed. “I talked to him recently. I haven’t seen him here yet. Cec’s urging me to go visit him.” The last part, I mumbled more to myself. Somewhere deep, deep down in my mind, I knew it was the right thing to do.

A frown appeared between Vince’s brows, turning him all serious.

He rubbed the back of his neck which always meant something was bothering him.

“What’s going on?”

He hesitated. “I… don’t know if Thomas told you. Or Chris. But I figured you should know before you read it in the newspaper.”

The mention of Chris caused anger spreading through my veins like waves of lava.

I dragged my fingers to my forehead and was pretty sure the muscles on my jaw were visible. Closing my eyes, I summoned my calmness. Whatever it was, I wouldn’t be happy about it.

“You remember Chris’s project, right? That Bayshore Center thing? Well, it got very successful, apparently. There were many investors and Thomas also helped a lot, so the section he led expanded.”

“What are you telling me?”

“He founded a new company together with McHugh”, he continued.

“Victoria’s family is one of the investors. A main investor. It’s basically a subcompany.”

He finished, waiting for my reaction.

Knowing my temper, he sure expected an explosion. It was very likely that they were seeing each other, but I meant what I said when I talked to Thomas: They can live their fucking lives.

Simply as it was, I didn’t care.
I shrugged. “God, Vince. For a second you scared me. So what? Chris can do whatever he wants with Thomas’s money. I don’t give two shits about them.”

I got up, my eyes scanning the entrance to the house. Probably Cec was looking for me. Or was still pissed. Surely the latter.

Vince rose to his feet, eyeing me curiously. “That’s not all.”

He inhaled deeply. “There’s a new seat. In L.A.”


He shrugged. “Sorry, man.”

He had got to be kidding me. I clenched my fist, my knuckles cracking. “Was that Thomas’s idea?”

It sounded like Thomas. A move to smooth my relationship with Chris. Bull.

“No idea. Maybe. But I guess it was Victoria.”

I needed a drink. Rubbing my temples, I sighed. If Victoria was really behind this, then talking her out of this would become tiring.

I sighed. This was not my priority right now.

A bunch of girls passed us, giggling as they shot us some glances. One of them looked at the ground, blushing. Her gaze met Vince’s and her face got suddenly even redder.

“You have some history with her?”, I asked once they were gone.

Vince shrugged. “We kind of hooked up last week.”

“Kind of?”

He tried to hide a smile. “Yeah… kind of. It was weird as shit. She was hot, and good but then–”

He stopped to grab his cup and emptied it. “She suddenly went all red. Told me she couldn’t breathe anymore. I thought she was turned on or something but then she really couldn’t breathe. Asthma”, he explained to my questioning look.

I snorted. “She had an asthmatic attack during sex?” I couldn’t hide my grin.

“That’s not funny”, he said but I was too busy laughing at the scene in my head. “I had to drive her to the hospital with a boner. The guys at the ER looked… confused, among them was the chief resident of OMS who lectured a few days ago.”

Okay, that was it. I laughed so hard, I needed to wipe my moist eyes. “You’re right. That’s not funny. That’s hilarious.”

The corner of his mouth lifted and he knew I was right when he matched my laughing. “I’m glad you can laugh about it. That chick wasn’t happy at all. She keeps avoiding me.”

My head whirled toward him. “You like her?”

“Nah. But I’d like to finish what I started.”

Of course he did. Vince never got serious with a girl. The longest relationship he’d ever had was a couple months in high school. I couldn’t remember that chick’s name but I knew it was meaningless.

I took out my phone and looked at the time. “Guess I need to find my girlfriend.”

Taking a hand out of his pocket, he clapped my back. The dimples were prominent as he cast me a wide smile. “Well, I was about to go. You’re staying for a while here, right?”

I nodded, not sure how long Cec wanted to stay here, but I dumped the thought to the back of my mind.

Dropping my hand across his shoulder, I smiled back at him. This won’t be the last time we’d see each other, I was sure.

“Good luck”, he said, clapping my back.

Nodding, I released my grip.

Before I could turn around, Vince called, “Hey, Skidmore.”


“You know you can count on me if you were in trouble.”

My brows rose as I noted the serious weight behind his smirk. Deep brown eyes rested on me.

I laughed. “I know. But I’m not in any kind of trouble.”

Rubbing his hand down his jaw, he didn’t seem convinced. I sighed. “Believe me, I’m not that reckless anymore.”

“I have a hard time believing that.” He laughed, turning his back to me. “See ya.”

With a grin on my face, I headed back inside. I knew that I could not rely on many people. But Vince was definitively not one of them. He would be by my side the moment I needed him, he always was.

Passing the bunch of students, I noticed it was less crowded. The urge to go to Victoria and talk to her was great but I had to search for Cec first. I had been mad at her, I still was, but she’d been gone too long.

Shit, where was she?

A bad feeling crept down my stomach as I almost searched the entire floor. Last time I’d searched her at a party, she ended up being in danger. My fist clenched and I started to look for Leah and Miguel as well. Maybe one of them had seen her.

Just when I considered walking upstairs, a red blur appeared at the corner of my eyes. I turned around just to see Cec pressing her body against me as she wrapped her arms around my neck. The impact nearly threw me off balance.

“Aaaace!”, she squealed, burying her face into the crook of my neck. For a split second, I thought she was frantic, but my worries about her being harassed faded as soon as she started giggling.


I gently disentangled from her embrace and looked at her. Bloodshot green eyes stared at me like I was some knight in shining armor. She dug her teeth into her bottom lip, suppressing a grin but failed.

“Cec… are you drunk?”

“No, not at all.”

Her mien didn’t make it easy for me to believe her.

“Sure thing”, I mumbled, closing my eyes.

I was prepared to hear a lecture about not believing her, but when I reopened my eyes, she looped her arms around my neck again and moved closer.

“I missed you so much, Ace”, she sighed. “Why didn’t you come earlier? You should have seen me playing beer pong with Leah! We won! She’s so skilled, but I wasn’t that bad. Megan was a total fail, and Sebastian, well, he was pretty good but… Leah was better.”

Beer pong. She got drunk while playing the whole time I was outside. And now she had a case of some sort of verbal diarrhea. Now, this was perfect.

Counting to ten was a lousy method to calm down but right now I had no other option.

My anger about her doubled instantly. Getting drunk on a party full of people she didn’t even know was stupid.

She didn’t seem to notice the rising fury inside me. She looked happy and just wouldn’t stop grinning at me as if she were thinking about a joke. Maybe she was.

“We should go home.” I wanted to turn around, but she grabbed my wrist.

“No way.”

Taking a step forward, she brought her face closer to me, her cheek brushing mine.

“I was thinking about you the whole time”, she whispered, parting her lips to dig her teeth in my earlobe.

“When we were dancing… it felt so good”, she mumbled. “You felt so good.”

My blood surged through my ears as her mouth kept working. I forced myself to meet her eyes. Her eyes dropped to my mouth when she slowly licked her bottom lip.

“What’s going on with you?”, I asked.

A smug smirk rested on her sexy lips that inched closer to mine. As our eyes locked, she leaned forward and brushed her soft lips against mine. The beginning was tender, almost painfully light. But then her tongue slipped inside my mouth and our kiss deepened. I could smell a faint hint of beer, mixed with the taste of chocolate. Bitter and sweet. Irony at its finest.

“I wish I could control myself better around you but I kept thinking about your cock the whole time. In my mouth. Licking it. Sucking it. I even wondered why it’s called blow job, I mean, I don’t blow. I suck.”

Holy shit.

“What… did you just say?”, I asked, my breathings shallow.

I expected her to blush, to stutter or say that she didn’t mean but she just pressed her lips back on mine.

From the nape of her neck to her waist, my hand grazed her body in that skintight dress.

This couldn’t be real, I must be hallucinating. Half an hour ago, we were fighting and now we were devouring each other.

I shouldn’t complain. This was better than any fantasies in my head.

With my hand on her hips, I took a step forward. A strangled moan left her lips when I pushed my body against her, erasing the space between us. Our bodies fitted perfectly in all the places that mattered.

Some students passed us but didn’t care about what we were doing. Good for them.

I dare someone to interrupt us right now.

My hand slipped between her legs, gaining me a soft gasp. “I was getting so wet on the dance floor”, she wheezed as my hand traveled up. “And I thought about your fingers inside me.” Her hips rocked against my hand and a growl left my mouth as her hands traveled down my waist, only to dig into my ass. “And I thought about me fucking your mouth. Just imagining the things your tongue could do to me got me soaked.”

Holy. Fucking. Shit.

Those dirty words leaving her smart mouth were running all my blood to the south.

Her fingers trembled as she slid them through my locks and soft breaths fell on the tip of my nose, intensifying the smell of liquor, chocolate and weed.

My fingers tensed around her hips when I broke away from her delicious mouth.

She whimpered at the loss of my lips, squeezing my ass under her small hands.

She was coming on full force – unexpectedly and so, so horny.

Her breaths ragged and I placed my hand under her chin, forcing her to meet my gaze.

I knew when she was drunk. She giggles, she laughs, she talks. But this was different.

She talked uncontrollably. She was saying just what was in her mind. Her eyes were red, her pupils dilatated, but she was steady on her feet.

She grinned again. “You’re so hot when you’re serious.”

She reached out her hand to touch my face, tracing almost every square inch of my skin.

My frown just deepened whereas her face remained relaxed. Joyful even.

As if…


I grabbed her hands before they could explore more of my body and held her gaze. Trying to keep my voice low and temper just as controlled, I breathed in deeply.

“Cec, did someone make you drink something?”

She shook her head. “Nah.” Her grin vanished.

“I just took a sip of someone’s cup. But I think it was just tequila. And then… I ate a breadstick. No, wait. Brownies. I ate some brownies. They were so delicious! I really should ask Miguel for the recipe. I just hope he won’t be mad that I ate a few, because–”

In a blink of an eye, I wrapped my arm around her waist and lifted her over my shoulder.

I started to walk. “What are you doing?”, she squeaked, her face bouncing against my back.

A whirl of rage was building inside me, mostly against myself for letting this happen.

Cursing under my breath, I headed to the stairs, careful not to shake her too much. Cec’s feet stopped kicking once we were upstairs.

“I swear to God, Ace, if you don’t let me down, I will kill you!”

I’d like to see her try.

She couldn’t remain angry; her chuckles choked her complains. She was rather enjoying the whole situation.

Bummer that I wasn’t.

I chose the last room at the end of the long hallway and turned on the lights once we were inside.

Slowly, I put her down on the bed and examined her face once more.

“Thank you!”, she snapped. Cec’s shimmering eyes searched for mine.

“Whose drink was that? What did he look like?”

She shrugged both shoulders. “No idea. It was dim. He was short and looked like a surfer, though.” She leaned her body on her elbows, smiling at me while I was thinking about that surfer guy. Had to be Evans. Only he takes that shit and offers it to other girls.

“How are you feeling?”, I said, placing her cheeks in my palms to examine her face. “Dizzy? Sick? Tired?”

She shook my hands off. “I’m fine, Jeez. You should really calm down. Just relax a little bit more.”

“Like you?” 

“Well, yeah…”

The corner of my mouth curled up as I placed my hands on either side of her hips. Bending down, we were at eye level.

“You’re high. That’s why you’re feeling good.”

Her smile froze and then disappeared bit by bit as her eyes widened. Disbelief made her utter a dry laugh. “Nice joke, Ace.”

My smirk widened as I held her stare. “Hate to break it to you, but I’m not joking. You’re stoned.”

She shook her head wildly. “But–! I-I didn’t… how–?”

“I’m pretty sure there was something in that guy’s drink. Also, those brownies? They’re made with marihuana.” Miguel’s signature. Didn’t think he would still do that.

“Oh my God…” She bit her lip hard. “Am I going to… die?”

I snorted, my head falling back. “No, of course not. That’s just a little pot.”

Panic seemed to dig in her when she jumped out of the bed. “I am high…”, she mumbled. “I am high. I am fricking high!” She busted into laughter, repeating it over and over. “Oh my God…”, she chuckled. Running her hands through her hair, she looked around and reached for her purse. “I need to call Alex and tell her how awesome this is! And Ruby and Cass. Maybe my parents–”

I grabbed her phone before she could do something immensely stupid. “Not fucking happening”, I growled. Her parents would freak out if they knew their princess daughter was stoned somewhere miles away. Right after her father killed me.

She groaned, trying to reach her phone but it was no use. A lopsided grin appeared on her lips as she took a step to me. “Baby, it turns me on when you’re so serious.”

Her fingers clenched around my shirt. “Why can’t you be less hot? I know you’re in a bad mood but I’d like to jump you right now.”

I looked down at her. Eyes the color of deep forest pools peered at me with intent. A gleam crossed the bright hue, sparkling her entire face. It was like an open book to me but still, I needed to know.

“What do you want?”

Her mouth inched closer to me. “I want to taste you.” He fingers moved to the zip of my jeans, her brilliant eyes never breaking away from mine. “I want to feel you inside me. I want you to come in me.” Her voice lowered to a sexy whisper and I could feel my erection painfully making its way under my jeans.

Her lips sealed with the skin under my ear, slowly moving higher. “I want you to tell me how much you love it when I fuck you.”

My reason was shutting off. Part of me sensed it was wrong to take advantage of her not being herself right now. I knew she was mad at me. I knew she wouldn’t do this if she wasn’t stoned. And I knew the consequences would haunt her tomorrow, reminding her that being high had a prize.

But damn, if I didn’t fuck her now, I was going to lose it.







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