Show Me Your Soul

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Chapter 5 (v.1) - Pneumonia

Submitted: November 29, 2016

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Submitted: November 29, 2016




~ Pneumonia ~




I felt like shit. My throat was itchy and my body changed every ten minutes from too cold to too hot. Cleary, I was going to be sick. Great.

“Oh Cecily, look who’s here!”, Josh shouted from across the hallway. I turned around and found him standing there with Marc.

Damn you, Josh.

God, it felt like an eternity since I had seen Marc. He wasn’t a tall man, yet his height had been enough to intimidate me each time in anatomy. He was broad thanks to the time he spent hitting the gym, I guessed.

I smiled. “Hey, there.”

“Hi, Cecily. Nice to see you, again.”

Uh-huh. “You have class here?”, I asked.

“Nah. I’m getting my bleaching splints. Have you seen Caroline?”

“Caroline?”, I asked. “Oh, David’s girlfriend, right?”

He nodded, but I shook my head. “No clue where she is. Sorry.” I didn’t even know what she looked like. She was Marc’s best friend’s girlfriends.

Josh grinned at me but thankfully, we needed to get inside the auditorium.

The professor came in, starting to babble about Mi-Bio while I took notes at the beginning but then I leaned back and closed my eyes. It was just too hot.

Something poked my shoulder. I turned around and saw Ace’s smirk. Although his hair was tousled, it looked strangely appealing to run one’s hand in it and feel its softness between those thick curls that hung so… okay, I clearly had fever.

The moment our last conversation crossed my mind, my focus was back on my notes.

He was a rude asshole.



An asshole!

A hot asshole.

He poked me a second time with his pencil. I’m so not going to turn around.

Apparently, he didn’t get the message because he just kept poking. Two could play this game.

After a while he stopped. Finally.

But then my hair fell on my shoulders released from my hairpin.

What the–? Oh… Ace. I touched my head and my pin was gone.

Still, I didn’t turn around.

Impatiently, I waited for the lecture to end. When the prof dismissed us, I turned around to get it back, but he was already gone.



My throat felt itchier and itchier, so every swallow ached. Whatever. I could handle a little cold.

Cassy and Anna already went home to prepare for their presentation, so we parted early.

I quickly packed my things together and walked out.

“Achoo!”, I sneezed as the wind blew against my face.

“Bless you, you baby.”

Oh no. Ace was standing behind me and was smiling?

“Give me my hairpin back”, I said without preamble.

He tilted his head to his side. “You’re ignoring me.”



He couldn’t be serious. “Because you’re an asshole. A moody asshole. One second, you’re joking and almost a decent guy, the next you’re creeping me out. You should get some help. Maybe you’re bipolar.”

I paused, suppressing a cough. “You piss me off. So stay away from me.”

He had the nerves to just grin at me. “You can’t stay away from me.”

I snorted. “Watch me.”

I wanted to go, but Marc waved at us. “Hey again. Have you just finished?”

“Um, yeah.”

This day was getting better and better. I just wanted to lie in my bed. My head kept feeling heavier while my body as if on fire.

“Yeah, you look kind of pale. Are you okay?” He seemed concerned. I couldn’t blame him, last time he had seen me pale I collapsed in his arms.

“No, I’m fine”, I tried to give him a ‘don’t worry, I’m not going to faint’-smile. “Just tired.” He examined me for one second and let his gaze wander to Ace.

“Hi, I’m Marc”, he said and stretched out his hand.

They shook hands when Ace’s mouth twitched to a smile.

“Marc?”, said Ace. “Oh, I’ve heard a lot about you.” He smiled innocently. Bastard.

Marc laughed. “Really? I hope only good stuff. From whom?”

Ace gave me a look and I mentally cursed him. “It was Josh.”

Marc laughed. “Then, it wasn’t good stuff. Anyway, I need to go now.”

I sensed every muscle in my body relax as he crossed the street.

“Wow, you’re drooling”, Ace said.

“Screw–!” I started coughing. My throat seemed to be torn. I breathed heavily as my cough stopped. I had no energy for that right now.


I stopped talking since Ace put his hand on my forehead, feeling surprisingly cold against it.

“You’re hot.”, he said and touched my cheek with his other hand. Okay, now I felt twice as much of the heat in my whole body.

“I can drive you home”, he proposed.

I shook his hands away. “I’m fine.”

He didn’t insist. Once I arrived at the subway station, it started to rain.

Great. Now, I was going to get sick for sure.


And I got sick, indeed. My fever was getting worse and even after a few aspirins it didn’t decrease. I tried not to cough in front of anybody because it sounded like my lungs were coming out – and it felt exactly that way, too. My head felt heavy but I just had to endure it until that presentation and then I’d be back in my bed.

I was in group A, so after ours came – ugh – Karen and Ace.

Whatev, I’d be gone before her shrill voice pierced my ears.

I didn’t know how I was capable of holding my head up during clinical chem this morning but the prof could’ve been talking about a giraffe’s sex life and I wouldn’t have been able to process it.

“C, you look awful”, Ruby noted. “You sure, you can do this today? Maybe Philipps can reschedule ours.” Her brown eyes scanned me.

I cleared my throat. “Don’t worry. I’m fine.”

But the heat was killing me. I was wearing my lab coat and underneath just a plain t-shirt but even that was too hot. I needed to cool down.

“I’ll be right back”, I said to them and sneaked out of the lecture.

The hallways were dead empty.

Everyone surely went eating, the only sound I heard were the honking cars outside or the siren coming from an ambulance that was heading to the hospital.

Cool air hit my face once I was outside.

It was nice.

I closed my eyes and felt the air peel off the heat of my face, even my hands.

When I opened them, the cars and trees around me seemed to move. Oh-oh. My head felt heavier than ever and my knees suddenly like rubber.

Oh no. I needed to sit down.

I took a step forward to sit on the top of the stair but then everything wheeled.

Last thing I remembered was the cold asphalt under my cheek before everything went dark.




“Miss, can you hear me?”

I slowly opened my eyes.

Headache was an understatement of the year.

I blinked against the bright light above me. It still felt heavy but at least nothing was spinning anymore.

“Miss, you passed out and now you’re at the hospital”, that voice pounded in my head. Couldn’t she keep her voice lower?

“I know”, I said, remembering what had happened. I may have underestimated that flu a wee bit.

The round face of a nurse looked down at me with a smile. “Don’t worry, honey. You’re going to be fine.”

Without another word, she teetered away.

First thing I noticed was the cannula in my arm. Second was said arm over my belly. My bare belly. I frowned and let my hand wander to my legs. Jeans were still there. And then my hand rose higher, over my bare stomach to my boobs that were – thank God – still stuffed inside a bra.

“Finished feeling you up?”, a voice rumbled from the corner of the room. Heart pounding in my chest, I shrieked.

Ace was standing there. Arms crossed over his chest that made his biceps pop out and with an expression on his face that I couldn’t read. Playful when he smirked at me, followed by lust as he checked me out. And then, concern? Yeah, my head must’ve hit the ground real hard.

With each step he was getting closer, my cheeks were getting a shade pinker until he stood directly in front of the bed.

“Or do you want me to give you a hand?”

Again his eyes shamelessly flew over my body, resting way too long on my boobs. The heat threatened to return and swallow me entirely this time.

“How did I come here?”, I asked and he finally made eye-contact.

“I carried you.”

“You carried me?”

“Yes, I carried you.”

Oh… Not what I had expected.


“Where’s my t-shirt? Or better, how come that I’m not wearing one”, I said, narrowing my eyes on him.

He leaned forward, close enough for me to feel his warm breath on my cheek. “What do you think?”

“Asshole!”, I snarled, followed by a cough. Ouch, my chest hurt. My lungs hurt. Breathing hurt.

“Easy there”, he said and if I didn’t know better I’d say he looked really concerned.

“Well, thanks for bringing me here, but don’t you have somewhere else to go to be an ass–” Somewhere else?! “Oh, shit! The presentation!”

Panicked, I sat up and tried to get the infusion off my arm. T-shirt or not, I needed to text Ruby and tell her I’d be right there.

Cold, strong hands wrapped around my shoulders and laid me not too gently back on the mattress.

“You look like shit”, Ace said, devoid of his former cockiness.

“Jeez, thanks. You’re so charming.”

I tried to brush his hands off me, but his fingers had an iron-grip. “Are you a masochist? Because either you’re that or you have some serious issues. And you don’t seem to me as the type of girl who puts her studies over everything else.”

I opened my mouth, but he cut in. “Besides, the presentations are over.”

I looked around for a clock and saw that it was past two.

“Oh my God. How long was I…?”

“An hour maybe. You weren’t unconscious the whole time. You said something. You even answered the doc.” He shrugged. “But then you kind of fell asleep.”

I kept my hand from slamming it on my face. What next? I drooled over his chest while I called his name or what?

He removed his hands off my shoulder, finger by finger and I released a deep breath.

“So, back to my t-shirt. Where is it?”

He fished it out of somewhere and wiggled it in front of my face. “It’s soaked. That’s why I took it off you.”


I snatched it out of his hands and quickly put it on. Despite that coma-identical sleep, I still felt tired. That headache wouldn’t just leave me alone and I had the feeling the longer I was in a room with Ace, the lesser my fever would go away.

“Well, thank you for your help. But, um, you can go.”

He picked up a strand of my hair and examined it like it held the answers of the next test. “Doc said you can go when someone comes to pick you up.” He dropped his hand.

I groaned and fumbled for my phone. There were at least twenty messages from Ruby.

C, where r u?

Two minutes!

Philips’s pissed.

Where R U?

Ok, whatev, I’m doing it on my own.

Her emojis were a mix between crying, monkeys, and a sighing one.

Double shit. Guilt nagged at me. I would speak to her later and apologize. It sucked to have let her down, but it wasn’t like I did it on purpose.

I tapped my mother’s number and waited. It bothered me to tell her I was at the hospital because of some flu that threatened to become a pneumonia. She already worried too much about Noah, she didn’t need another problem.

I calmed her down over the phone, telling her that I was fine. When we hung up, my head showed me that the ache could get worse.

“She’ll come”, I stated, hoping Ace would take the hint.

He did take the hint. He simply didn’t give a damn. “You speak French with your Mom?”

“Yeah. They’re from France.”

He arched his eyebrows. “You don’t have a French accent when you speak English.”

I shrugged. “I was born in the States. I can speak both languages without accent.”

Ace opened his mouth but closed it when the nurse came back. She asked me again the same questions, checked my temperature and the infusion bag, and told me basically what I had been missing.

With each word, my head was back in that feeling heavy-as-a-rock state. I blinked to stay awake but as soon as she was gone, a deep tiredness settled over me. Not the worries of that presentation, Ruby’s complaints or Ace’s intense gaze could’ve kept me awake.




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