Show Me Your Soul

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Chapter 6 (v.1) - Scars

Submitted: December 01, 2016

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Submitted: December 01, 2016




~ Scars ~




After my mother finished her lecture about me being careless, she was satisfied with the bad consciousness she had given me.

“But I’m glad that you’re okay. That boy was here the whole time until I came–”

“What?” Ace had stayed after I fell asleep? Our whole conversation was like a blur, I remembered only fragments.

“Yes, that friend of yours. He even brought your purse and your jacket. He told me that he found you on the ground and brought you here to the hospital. That was really nice of him. We should invite him someday to dinner or you should buy him a thank-you present.”

My mind was spinning. Inviting him? Presents?

“Whoa, whoa, Maman, calm down. He didn’t cure me from cancer, he just brought me to the hospital. Anyone would have done the same thing. It was just coincidence that he saw me on the street.”

She giggled. “If you say so.”

I gathered my stuff and couldn’t wait to get home.

Once we arrived at the front porch of our house, Mom came to a halt. “Chérie, I have a surprise for you.” She smiled slyly and opened the door wide enough for me to see a familiar face.


Noah ran toward me, hugging me tightly. I didn’t know when exactly I had started to cry, but my face was wet the moment my brother started talking.

“What? But how is this–”

“I got released this morning”, he explained, all smiles.

“So the charges are dropped?!”, I squealed, beaming.

His shoulders sank a little. “No. Not yet. But my lawyer said the DA would have now difficulties trying to find anything against me.”

Okay… that wasn’t very reassuring. But – he was free.

No more jail visits. No more orange jump suits. No more letters that tore my heart apart the more I’d read them.

He was free.

A weight had been lifted from all of us.



I stayed at home the whole week until I recovered completely. My friends had filled me in with everything that I’d missed the last days.

After another lecture from Ruby about me being too careless, I’d apologized sincerely.

“Yeah. Just promise you won’t push yourself when you’re not feeling well.”

“Yeppers”, I said, nudging her with my shoulder.

She grinned. “By the way, try to avoid Karen for the next days. She wasn’t happy that Ace wasn’t there to do the presentation thing with her.”

“Oh, really?”

It didn’t cross my mind that Ace had missed the presentation, too.

“Boo”, I said. “No more make-out sessions, I guess. Poor girl.”

She chuckled. “Don’t worry, rumors say she already has someone else on her radar.”

I shrugged. “Why should I worry”, I said, meaning it.

Ruby opened her mouth but was interrupted when Professor Philips said, “So, that’s it for today. Oh, Miss Martesse, Mr. Aurenglade. Could you two come please?”

I gulped, grabbing my stuff.

“I need to go to the library”, Ruby said when I headed to Philips. “See you at lunch!”

When Ace and I stood in front of her desk, she looked at us through her glasses. She pinched her lips together, reminding me eerily of Professor McGonagall from Harry Potter.

“So. You two are the only ones who didn’t conduct a presentation”, she explained.

Oh no, please no.

“To make it short: your new subject is the retrospective study of orthodontic space closure versus implant.” My head was already spinning. I knew it. I knew she wouldn’t just let it pass.

“It’s a delicate issue”, she added. “The doctor who published the paper is a very renowned one, not to mention that he lives here in Los Angeles. Therefore, I expect a good teamwork and a good performance from you two.”

Her eyes switched between us, like she was accusing us something I didn’t even want to imagine. Like. Ever.

“Miss Martesse”, she called when I was almost at the door. “I hope you won’t be that reckless anymore.”

Oh Lord. Lecture Number Three. “If you believe it or not, we professors are human beings with compassion. Next time, maybe you won’t be that lucky to find someone like Mr. Aurenglade here to find you that quickly.”

I bit back the urge to roll my eyes. I refused to think of Ace as my hero.

I smiled tightly. “I’m sorry Professor Philipps. It won’t happen again.”

She smiled back. “Good. It seems you have fully recovered.”

She turned to her notes on her desk which was our signal to leave.

Wasting no time, I got to the hallway. What was the next lecture? Or seminar? I so needed to memorize my stupid schedule. I fumbled in my bag for it when something tickled my ear.

I shrieked, spinning around to find Ace’s smirk in my vision.

“Don’t do that! I’m… ticklish.”

“On your ear?”

“Yes, everywhere, except–” Why couldn’t I just shut up?

His smirk grew. “Yes?”

“Nothing.” I crossed my arms. “What do you want?”

“Talk to you about that presentation.” He rolled his eyes.

Despite my aversion of us working together, I felt guilty. I dragged him into this.  

“Yeah… sorry for making you do it again. I didn’t know we had to do it again.” Together. Urgh.

He shrugged, dropping his gaze… to my boobs? “At least I enjoyed a nice view. I guess we’re even.”

Goosebumps covered my arms, and images – R-rated images of us together flashed before my eyes.

“You’re a pig. If you want this to work you need to be more professional.”

“Could become a problem when I remember your polka dots bra.”

Blush colored my cheeks. I groaned. “Just stop talking, Jeez!”

“Fine.” He clapped his hands. “Back to our presentation. My place. Around noon.”

Eh? “What?”

“To prepare that shit. Never heard of that L.A. dude anyway.”

I frowned. “Can’t we just prepare those things here?”, I babbled.

Ah, the images came back. I bit my lip.

“I’m busy with work. And I won’t go anywhere near this place if it’s not necessary.”

“And you can’t cancel your work?”, I almost pleaded.


I sighed. Okay, this was the least thing I could do for him.

“Fine. But you need to do some work before we meet.”

He passed me, shrugging lazily. “You worry too much, you baby.”

Nah. I had a feeling that one could never worry too much with him.


I fired loads of questions at Ruby for the presentation thing. She’d explained everything, and I wished we could just do it together.

I woke up some time around noon on Sunday. Wow. I shouldn’t have read that last chapter till three a.m.

I quickly changed into a pair of skinny jeans, and a plain t-shirt. I checked my hair a couple times until I wanted to bang my head against my mirror.

This was just Ace. Not a date. Or anything date-like.

I drove for quite a while until I parked my car at the side of the street.

The neighborhood was quite… unique, I’d say. Not too fancy, but I wouldn’t want to walk here at night. Alone.

I rang. No response. Maybe he forgot.

Again, I rang, but luckily a woman came out and let me inside the stairways.

I headed to the third story, ringing in front of his door.

If this was just a stupid prank I’d make sure there’d be some laxative in his meal next time he’d–

The door flung open, revealing his shape leaning against the frame: tall, sleepy, hair tousled and most of all, only in extremely low-waisted jeans.

“God, Cec. I know you miss me, but it’s way too early. Why can’t you be late as usual?” His voice was thick from sleep.

My brain stopped working. I wanted to speak, but his body… was just wow. Drool-worthy. Sculptured to human perfection.

My lips felt dry and the air was suddenly too warm. Way too warm.

“Uh… I…”

I cleared my throat. “I’m not too early. You said I should be here at noon.”

He scratched his head, yawning.

“So? Can I come in or do you need a minute?”

He looked over his shoulder and opened the door further. I went inside and was very shocked to see how un-Ace-like his apartment was:

I was standing in a small hallway that led straight to a room that was probably… his bedroom. A huge king size bed almost swallowed the entire room. There was a desk at the other end of the room, but it was rather a chaos of wires, some hardware and stuff that were probably the insides of a computer. Or multiple computers. The whole room smelled like his soap, like oranges and something else I couldn’t quite identify. Spicy.

One door was open and I could catch a glimpse at the kitchen. Small, but neat.

All in all, his apartment was neat. Almost too neat.

There were no pictures, no posters or souvenirs or anything except for his scent that gave a hint this apartment belonged to him. A total opposite of my room. I had too many pictures, too many paintings, too many books.

I turned around only to find a hard chest all in my face. Eyebrows kicked up expectantly.

I cleared my throat. Damn, I needed some water. “And just for the record, I did not miss you. I want to finish early and go home as soon as possible.”

He tilted his head. And again, I was getting the feeling I was the one standing naked in front of him. I wetted my lips. “Don’t you possess t-shirts?”, I snapped, suppressing a groan.

He smirked. “Distracted already?” He tsked. He tsked! “You’ve got no self-control when you’re around me, it seems.”

I gave him the biggest eye-roll in the history of eye-rolls.

He turned around and headed to his closet. And that’s when I saw them.

Three long scars.

Faint. Almost unnoticeable. One on his shoulder blade, the other was in the middle, right across his spine. The last one was short, somewhere on his waist.

No idea how I got there but the next second my fingers traced the middle one.

His back stiffened as he turned around in a hell of a speed and grabbed my hand.

“I- Sorry, I didn’t mean to…I just saw your scars. H-How did that happen-?”

“An accident”, he explained and his voice signalized that this topic was over.

He released my hand.

I nodded, looking the other way. Why did I have to stick my nose in everything?

I headed to the neutral zone – the kitchen – and sat at the table, waiting for him to come. Fully dressed. Finally.

“So, let’s get to work”, I said, taking out my notes and books.

Once he finished making some coffee, we really started to work.

On the contrary to my expectations, he did some work before. Some information was the same as mine, others were new to me. Considering that we’d had little time, we did a good job.

“I’m starving”, Ace groaned after a while, getting up.

“We need to finish this.”

“We need to eat.”

My stomach rumbled, too, but I ignored it. The presentation was tomorrow and some subjects were still lacking.

“I’m not hungry. I want to get this–”

My stomach howled like a wolf.

“Not hungry, huh?”

My face reddened. Babbling an excuse to disappear inside his bathroom, I washed off my face.

When I got back to the kitchen, I walked to the fridge.

Maybe I could cook something real quick.

“You won’t find anything there”, he mumbled as I opened it.

That couldn’t be true. Even with a few ingredients, I could cook a proper meal.

Okay. Nope. There was literally nothing but a coke, some oranges (who would’ve guessed), and some cheese that surely was older than me. I took out the piece of cheese and tossed it away.

“Okay, you have some serious food issues here”, I observed. “What do you eat all day?”

“I order food.”

“Very healthy”, I waggled my hand at him which was obviously a huge mistake. “How can you even stay–” Crap.

I pressed my lips together as he arched a dark eyebrow. “So damn sexy, you wanted to say? I guess I have a fast metabolism.”

I snorted. “No one gets a six pack by having a fast metabolism.”

He shrugged. “I do exercise. A lot.”

That’s what I thought.

He scratched his stomach. “Or it’s sex. But that would count to the exercise part.”

I nearly choked on my own spittle. I raised my hand, my face twisting. “Dude. Too much information. Way too much.”

Like a flash, images of our bodies twisted and rocking together appeared. Hot and sweaty and–

Jesus. The doorbell rang. I shrieked, silently thanking the universe for cutting those highly WTF-is-wrong-with-me perverted thoughts in my head.

Ace opened the door and exchanged money for a pizza. A huge pizza.

“That was quick”, I said, breathing in the scent of peperoni and cheese. I frowned.

“What if I hadn’t want any pizza?”

“Your loss”, he mumbled, already taking a slice. “Besides, you don’t appear to me as one of those girls who’d only get nutrition out of the air they inhale.”

I crossed my arms. “I… will take that as a compliment.” Otherwise I might kill him.

“It was”, he said, already halfway through his piece. “Men want women, not sticks.”

I rolled my eyes and turned around to look for a plate. Of course, he only had two. On the top shelves. I stretched my arm, reaching for one of them.

“Men also like nice ass. Nice juicy ass.”

Heat enveloped my face as I quickly turned around. His eyes were on my hips, his tongue licking the grease on his lips.

With my heart pounding wildly, I sat down and placed a slice on my plate.

His eyes still lingered on me but my focus was on my pizza. At least that’s what I was trying.

Kind of hard to eat when someone was watching you like a hawk. I met his stare.

I nodded to the door to his bedroom. “Why don’t you have any pictures in your apartment?”

I had no idea why that question suddenly popped up in my head.

“They aren’t necessary.”

I frowned. “Necessity is not the purpose of a picture.”

“Then what is the purpose of a picture?”

I shrugged. “Memories, I guess. Don’t you miss your family in Chicago?”

His eyebrows ticked.

Maybe I wanted to distract him, knowing this was one of his least favorite topics.

Or maybe I was just weary of life, knowing that this was really one of his least favorite topics.

He was silent for a while, the suggestive look in his eyes gone.

“No”, he said drily. 

This was so not understandable to me. Family meant everything to me.

His eyes narrowed as he leaned forward. “You ask a lot of questions considering that you don’t talk about yourself at all.”

I leaned back. “I’m an open book. Ask my friends. They know everything about me.” Well, almost.

He picked up on that last thought. “Really, everything? Do they know why you had been crying? All alone?”
I put my slice down, focusing on the white wall behind him like it had the answers of the next tests.

He got up, looking down at me with a smug expression on his face. “Don’t be surprised when others don’t open up. You’re not any different than me.”

I snorted, almost choking on my pizza. “Oh, I am nothing like you.”

He was standing next to me, bending down so we were at eye-level.

“Really? Eager to find that out?”

I swallowed hard. He was close – too close. His scent was all in my nose and his lips – those shining lips that were still coated with grease stretched to a devilish smile.

I ran my tongue over my lower lip, suddenly wishing I could do the same with his lip.


My eyes clicked up to his eyes.


He tilted his head to my plate with the barely touched pizza.

“Eat”, he said it like an order, his eyes piercing mine. I forced my pulse and my ovaries to slow down. He had been suggestive – I guess. Or maybe my body was turning into a slave of my estrogen?

He went to the sink while I exhaled deeply. My appetite was gone – but a raw hunger gnawed at me. A hunger I had never felt before, and that needed to be tamed. Sooner rather than later.


The next day, we had rocked that presentation. Philipps had almost no objections, nothing to nag.

And yeah, we were actually a good team. And yep, I’d rather bite my tongue off than admit that.

We had prepared that stuff till sometime past eleven. When I’d gotten home, Noah was already gone.

My parents had told me they had an argument about his debts and frankly, I had no nerves for that shit.




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