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Sexy Lexi a detailed story of a little girl who goes through great amount of sexual trauma growing up.

rap by Stylay Minati

I remember this story my momma told a lot. About this broken-hearted girl who grew up with a cop. When Sexy Lexi was born, her mother never wanted her. Abandoned her in the trap (in the ghetto/drug house), she never knew who he farther was. She was there for two days straight, crying her eyes out, but then an off-duty cop and lawyers heard the cry’s. They broke the wood down climbed in, got her and climbed out. They started to go crazy, the cop finally had something to smile about. He was a single well paid officer. Luckily, when he turned the baby over to the judge, the judge granted him custody. He considered the baby's eyes, and said I’m a name you Lexi. Sexy Lexi smiled. She was used to him by next week, Lexi was set for life, at the age of 7 she was on the sports team. She had everything baseball, pony’s, Barbie mansions, and little girl dreams. Everything a girl could want, this little girl seen it. But everything changed from the ages 8-14. She started growing her body, her daddy started to look at her different. Knowing Lexi wasn’t his daughter, and he was her only protection. He would smoke, sniff, and had beer all over the kitchen. They had a private house in the woods so he knew nobody would listen. Sexy Lexi was sleeping, beautiful Puerto Rican girl. With an intoxicated white cop, she called dad, walking around creeping. He turned the door knob, Lexi opened an eye. He creeped up behind her, closed the door the door behind him. Poor little Lexi couldn’t change she had a nice little body now. He was throwing her around all crazy, he started ripping her clothes off. Lexi started to scream, he knocked her out, and she dozed off. He was a nasty muthaf***ka. She was only 8, she had blood all over the covers. HE had her in all potions, then did himself in the kitchen. Lexi woke up an knew her innocents was missing. Ni**ga blew his brains out there was blood all over the walls. Lexi could barely walk, called the cop and could barely talk. FBI came in the scene looking stunned. They threw her in the shower and rushed her to the hospital. They got her stitched up, she was open like 8 kilometers. Now the problem was Lexi had to go to foster care. And the one who raised her and raped her was the only family she knew. Lexi was confused in this world. This white lady grabbed her hand and said "let’s go". Lexi let go of her arm and ran toward the door. She ran a couple blocks, went into a corner store. Some 16-year-old drug dealer kids saw her. He went up to her and asked her who bothered he. She told him my dad is dead, and I never knew who my momma  was. He's told her I live with my sister you can stay with me, follow me. So Lexi followed him, she ran into a house that look just like her daddy’s. The boys mom was a prostitute, his dad was a drug dealer, his sister was 11. The boy started making love to poor little Lexi. But everybody loved Lexi. After a few years Lexi was convinced she was one of them. Lexi was no 14 her sister had babies. Lexi now looking like a grown a** lady. Her brother was 22, he had sex with her every day. Sex appeal was Lexi’s hustle, all she wanted was someone to love her. She met a boy her age, they fell in love on the first night. She brought him home and they had sex on the first night. Lexi later moved in with him, even started to be faithful. She told her mom she was pregnant, and he boyfriend moved in with them. Lexi boyfriend went to the bathroom, to take a piss and started peeping out blood. He was nervous he forgot to use  condom. He grabbed a gun and asked her if she loved him. She said she was in love but forgot to mention she had aids. The devil came out in him and he put five in her face (shot her five times in the face). He dragged her body to the basement stood over her and prayed.. And he blew his brains out so he can be with Lexi everyday... RIP

Submitted: November 27, 2016

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