Botar: Napa Valley

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Science Fiction  |  House: Booksie Classic

An AmeriCorps team is assigned to a camp in the mountains of California - as beautiful as it is treacherous - unbeknownst to them that they're wondering into the domain of the monstrous giant known as Botar.

Table of Contents

Arriving in Sacromento

It was about 2:30 in the morning. The neighborhood was quiet as a grave yard, the only thing that can be heard was the sound of police ... Read Chapter

Silver 2

An alarm goes off and Talique jumped out of bed quickly and got dressed. He and Will left the room together and got breakfast. Breakfas... Read Chapter

Mt Veeder

After Halloween had passed, the next four days was mainly celebrating for the corps members completing their three week training. But t... Read Chapter

Seperated wolves

Everyone has a bad day, either if it's being late for work, a bad break up, even finding out a loved one passed away. Spencer though th... Read Chapter

The Bear

  They walked for hours up hills, every once in a while, Madison and Nora would switch places with Margi and Adam carrying Annalea... Read Chapter

Enchanted Hills Camp

  The sun started to rise over the mountain by next morning. The fire had already died out hours ago. Birds were singing and chirp... Read Chapter

Long live the King

Chris carried Annalea up the hill from the camp's fire pit. Adam and the others weren't far behind. They were taking in the scenery.... Read Chapter

Skull Scorpios

It wasn't the best idea thus far, but their original plan was somewhat scrapped due to the fact that the closest main road was guard... Read Chapter

Camp fire

Caroline and her group kept walking north of the valley the rest of the afternoon. They went up the mountain and found a nice spot with... Read Chapter

The search

The rest of the evening, Darren and the others got settled in a large cabin on the far side of the camp's lake. It was big enough to fi... Read Chapter

United wolves

Putting Talique and Spencer's plan into effect, the six of them began walking down the hill to reach the road down below. However, the ... Read Chapter

Lake of a better word

Caroline, Darren, Adam, and Nora stood there, completely lost. What just happen? Had Talique seen that trap coming? Was he still alive?... Read Chapter

Enchanted Hills part 2

It took them quite a while to walk back up to Enchanted Hill's camp grounds.  Talique and Caroline had nice conversations with Chr... Read Chapter

Here for a reason

Darren had quietly slipped away long after Talique and Angel finished arguing. The tension was so high that it was enough for him to le... Read Chapter

Forest fire fight

Darren had checked all the traps and in the area by the river, and it looked like whoever that set them up prepared to ambush Botar. He... Read Chapter

The big one

The team scurried up the hill. Angel stopped and turned around and watched as the two giants collided in the middle of the valley. The ... Read Chapter


After the weekend had passed the whole team got a chance to meet with Janet and Donnie and their Sponsor and CEO of Lighthouse, the org... Read Chapter

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