26th november 2016

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a short story about a friend whose attributes would fill pages

Submitted: November 26, 2016

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Submitted: November 26, 2016



Hey you, 

Either you opened this link because you've been really curious about who or what a Fizza is or you honestly had nothing better to do on facebook at that moment and thought, 'hey what the heck, lets see what this link reveals.' In any case, welcome to what I have decided to call

'Fizza Appreciation post.' 

You might also be thinking, why is this even here? And to answer this important question, I say why the hell not. 

So let's begin. 

Our story begins on a warm Monday afternoon where I was busy trying to get the canteen wala to make me plate of dahi bhale. I say trying because that canteen wala was the most sought after person in the entire school because those dahi bhale were a treasure. I still dream of them. Anyways, there I am getting my plate of food and this random curly haired girl appears out of no where and starts just making awkward small talk. She mentions that her cousin and my brother are friends and then something else probably, I honestly dont remember. 

At that moment in my life, I was  studying for my A levels. Those 2 years were an odd mix of amazing memorable moments intwined with the nightmarish trauma that were the CIEexams. I did not care for A levels and shall despise them as long as I live. But during those days, I also became friends with a group of 8 people who were my closest confidantes and all around a hilarious bunch of weirdos. I thought okay, great, eight is a solid number of friends and there is absolutely no need to try and add onto that number. Which is why as the curly blob kept on trying to make conversation, I wasnt paying too much attention. I figured I didnt need to get too invested in her, I had my group, I was done. 

And then A levels ended and this flurry of trying to figure out what your entire life is supposed to be began. People were sitting for their medical school exams or applying for engineering and I felt so utterly alone in my choices. I knew what I loved but it was one of those specialized fields within biology that werent a poplular choice when placed next to dentistry or a doctor. So I started my undergraduate degree from a university I was certain none of my batchmates were attending. I was alone and utterly scared. And as luck would happen, she appeared again. 

Like a pimple that just wont go away, she kept on popping up in all these important events in my life. But at that moment, seeing as she was the only one I knew from the new faceless crowd I was thrown in, I clung to her for dear life. And she was kind enough to not swat me away. 

4 years and a change of university later, the person I didnt think twice about in school became someone who I now know I cannot survive without. Its funny how such things happen, how life intervenes with all your carefully thought out plans and decides to just screw things up for the hell of it. 

Here are a few things you should know about her:

1. If she were to be compared to an animal, she would be an erratic squirrel.

2. If given the choice to sleep till 2pm and do just about anything else, she will always sleep.

3. She is unflinchingly honest and cannot lie to save her life. In fact, if a professor gives her extra marks on a test by mistake, she will go up to him and tell him to take them away. ( True story) Its disgusting how strong her principles are. Revolting actually. 

4.  She does not keep up to date with what ever is currently happening in the world and does not give a damn.

5. Asking her to play cool is equivalent of asking the Queen to step down and give Charles a chance, its never gonna happen. 

Trying to understand her almost embarrassingly lame sense of humor or her incessant need to jump up and down out of sheer excitement is impossible. But what is clear as day for anyone who knows her, even a slightest amount, is her unflailing determination in seeing her dreams realized. 

She is the definition of resilience.Life has thrown some crappy curveballs at her way be it from a personal, professional or an academic standpoint. And it has broken her many a times. But what is so inspiring is that after a day spent being broken, the very next morning she picks herself up and puts herself back together again. She doesnt ever give up. She tries to at times, but her own stubborness refuses to let up and give her struggles the satisfaction of a defeat.

And if that isnt enough, she forces those around her ( those who are worthy of being friends with her) to do the same. She is loyal to a fault and does what ever she can and goes above and beyond for those she cares about.

If she has been stuck at work for 10 hours you can still count on her to come to your house and say goodbye before you board your plane to an another country, or that she will sit through hours long skype sessions only to hear you read through your presentation because you are a ball full of nerves and she wants to help make you feel better. 

When I entered my freshman year of college, my only aim in life was to not think about my future for the next 4 years. Because I hate trying to figure out my future, to make long term plans or do something that will showcase my vulnerability. I'm a girl who craves excitement and adventure and yet is also a shameless coward who doesnt want to leave her safe little bubble. I was so relieved when I realized that atleast for the next 4 years of undergraduate life I wouldnt have to think about the future, I would just have to survive and live in the moment. And that's pretty much when Fizza decided to join in on my plans and effectively pop this fantasy bubble straight to hell.

Within a weeks time, she had mapped out our entire college life. While I wanted to avoid having anything to do with public speaking, she decided that societies and organizations that showcased those talents were what we needed. Because those would be key traits that look great in our CV, or teach us skills that wouldnt be found in a lecture room. She had thought of it all. 

So, when I look back at those times I know the only person responsible for my current achievements is her. Without her, frankly, I am not even sure I would have graduated on time. I had put her in charge of figuring out the courses we needed that were alligned with our future, to determine the number of credit hours required before we graduated etc. She handled it all without ever complaining, which was surprising since those things were horrible to figure out. But she did it, because at that moment when all I was concerned with were the courses I was studying or living the college life, she was looking at the bigger picture. A picture I tried so adamantly to avoid. 

She saw a future, not only for her but for me aswell, wherein we accomplished and achieved greatness. Where our talents would be realized and our potential untapped. I was always afraid of stepping out of my comfort zone and here this girl was pulling me into this scary new world. She saw something in me that I couldnt and forced me to dream bigger. And I did, while complaining and whining alot if I might add. But she stuck through all that, forcing me to look up colleges abroad and telling me to give all sorts of horrid tests like GRE or TOEFL etc and basically pushing me to never give up and to keep trying. 

There have been a number of people, mostly within my family, who supported and helped me reach the place I am in today but if I am ever asked how I did what i have done or reached where ive reached, my answers always circle back to her. She's the reason. She's all my reasons.

So, here's to celebrating the 26th of November. The day this hyperactive squirrel graduated with a major ( and minor) in Biotechnology from a university that not only gave us the tools to succeed but also threw at us  numerous obstacles and painful experiences that made us become more prepared for the outside world.

Which is why when, years down the road, this squirrel is getting someone to pen down her memoir ( she's much too successful to do that herself, please) she will undoubtedly look upon this day as the beginning of the rest of her life.

She might not see it now, with all her doubt and fears pulling her in her cave of pessimism, but i see it as clear as day. That this is the start to her phenomenal journey, where she will achieve the dreams she's been building upon since she was 16.

Life has kicked her down quite a few times but she will always gets up. She's a fighter who knows her worth and will make the world see it as well. And all the while the rest of us will stand by and wait and many of those who knew her before will undoubtedly say,

' Wait a minute, is she the same girl who would always be jumping up and down with excitement and laughing out loud like a maniac? And she's now this badass scientist whose work in cancer and genetics is blowing everyone's mind? Damn, shouldve been her friend man.'

Damn, straight.  

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