True Love Kiss

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Science Fiction  |  House: Booksie Classic

Well, I wanted to try and write a SQ story with a clean cut for Hook.

I don't ship anything (give or take) but I wanted to try it for the SwanQueen fandom. I think that it is really romantic.

** The story is bit long, and I am sure that you will find spelling and grammar mistakes so be nice, I only now finished it and its 3 am***


Emma was kidnapped and it’s been already 2 weeks after Rumple and Belles baby was born. It was not the Evil Queen or Jafar (who covered his identity by pretending to be Aladdin).

The one who took Emma was no one else but Robin, the dead Robin which his soul was obliterated is here and he want Emma to bring him back to life. Consumed by anger, he blames Emma for everything that happened, yet something seemed to be different about him. Well besides being dead, his soul got darker, as it was under a spell.

Emma refuses to help Robin as even she doesn’t have the power to bring back the dead and she was not going to use dark magic, not ever again. Furiously Robin takes a branding iron and imprinted a lion image within a back shield, he placed it on her arm, just above her flower tattoo.

Emma screamed from pain and fainted for several seconds. When she woke up she was tossed in the woods, Robin above her “Tell Reina that I love her, tell her to come and find me”.




Regina woke-up and a shout came out “Emma”. It was dark outside and she was shivering and confused. Her nightmare felt so real but she couldn’t remember any of it, and even more confused she was from shouting Emma’s name. She looked at the clock, it was five minutes to 2am.

She knew that the evil Queen will not be able to get into the mansion with the new protection spell and was rest assured knowing that Henry is safe in his room where he stayed for the fast few days.

“Is something wrong with Emma?” Regina heard a voice from the door.

“Come in Henry” she said and tapped on the bed, letting him under the blanket like when he was a young boy that was afraid of the lights and the thunderstorms.

“Don’t warry Henry, we will find your mother. We will find her” the words echoed in the room, as if by hearing them again and again Regina will start believing that Emma will come back as well. 


The morning has dawned and Emma dragged herself slowly down the town main street and into Granny’s balcony where she passed out again. She laid on the cold asphalt for who knows how long until Granny saw her and called David to come as fast as he can.


He got to Granny as fast as he could and cradle his little girl into his arms, protecting her from the rest of the world. Now when he can’t even be with Snow he couldn’t think of not having Emma there as well, her body was cold and her breath heavy, he didn’t want to waste more time and rushed Emma to the Emergency Room.

Regina, Henry and Hook headed to the Emergency Room as fast as they could and as they stood there gazing at Emma from the glass wall Henry saw a teardrop crawling down his mother cheek. Hook sat on one of the hospital plastic chairs, his head buried between his arms. He was tired and pained and confused and angry.

David was the only one allowed into the room, he sat next to Emma for over four hours, holding her hand and telling her stories from the enchanted forest. He told her more and more stories until finally she opened her eye and smiled at him.

“Hi Dad” she said quietly when she saw her father eyes gazing into hers and his hand brushing her hair and face.

“Your mom doesn’t know yet, that you are here you know. I wanted to make sure that you are oaky before I will wake her up.” and he continued “Emma, we looked everywhere for you, where were you?”

“I am not sure dad but…” she paused thinking if she should continue at all.

“It was Robin, his spirit or something, and he wanted my help coming back to life. When I said that I can’t…” and she paused again.

“Emma, tell me” David encouraged his daughter to speak as the rest looked at Emma and David from the large window

“When I said, I can’t help him he branded me” she said pulling her sleeve up, unveiling a lion image inside a black shield on her arm.

Regina, still staring at the window murmured “Robin” and her voice choked and confused.

David kept silent and kiss Emma on her forehead “I am going to wake up your mother Emma, I will see you soon” and he left, allowing Hook, Regina and Henry into the room. 


“Mom” Haney exclaim while running into her arms, she grabbed him and wrapped her arm around him exposing the mark that Robin left on her.

“Regina, he wants to see you. He asked me to tell you that he loves you and that you must come and see him” Emma said while spotting Hook in the corner of the room. He was almost afraid to get closer to Emma.

Regina gazed at the lion image, she couldn’t understand why Robin will do such a thing unless… “Where can I meet him? Can you take me Emma?” She asked when Hook abruptly burst in.

“She is not going to take you anywhere, looked at her, why would you want to meet him?” he was upset and his tone of voice clearly suggested that he had enough. The past 10 days turned into his biggest nightmare, the thoughts of losing Emma kept him wakeful and his mind was troubled.

“Stop” Emma asked

“Killian, let me, please” and she continued “Regina, he said that he will meet you in the forest, that he will wait next to the water well. I can come with you”

“You are not going anywhere” Hook said and Regina added “I have to agree with the guyliner this time Emma, you are in no shape to join me”

The doctor stepped into the room asking everyone to leave as Emma needed her rest. Snow was on her way to the hospital, she was worried although David left her a message that she has nothing to be worried about, but even more than worried she was angry for not being able to be there for her daughter when she needed her. She was so angary that she literally thought of killing the Evil Queen with her bare arms. The thing was that to get to Emma was more important at that moment.

Snow finally arrived to the hospital and to Emma’s room. Emma wasn’t there, the room was empty and there was no clue of Emma. As she turned to leave the room she bumped into Henry and Hook that stood behind him with hot coco in his hand for Emma.

“Where is she?” Snow asked Impatiently.

Hook took Henry to the cafeteria to get a snack as Emma asked him to, while Regina decided to pay a visit her vault, or so everyone thought. Everyone but Emma who knew exactly where Regina were headed to and followed her unknowingly. 


“You can’t see him without me” Regina heard a voice from behind her. She turned over and saw Emma standing there, she was in pain and some blood stain become bigger and bigger on her white top.

“Emma, you need to go. I can do it by myself” Regina said and continued “This is not your business, please go”

“Regina, you will not be able to open the vortex by yourself, the magic needed here is too strong for one” Emma said when both heard a voice approaching Regina

“Maybe she is not, but I am. You are no longer needed Emma, you and your pathetic magic” It was the Evil Queen

“You, you planned it all from the beginning” Regina called “I don’t need you or your magic, now buzz out of here”

“You see Regina, I can’t. I actually, came to make sure that you will not open the, if you will step inside it, if Robin will take you in you will die. We both will die and you see, I can’t let you do it”

Emma stood there, listening to the convention between the two queens. She always felt so bad because of everything that happened, she always had the feeling that it is all her fault.

“Regina, maybe I can go back, I can talk to Robin. I was there and came back, I think that I can do it again”

Regina looked at her, she couldn’t believe that Emma will do it for her after everything that she put the city thought and now, now she brought the Evil Queen into the town.

“Ok, Emma. You will go, but make it fast, ask him what he want, in and out” Regina said

“And whatever you do, don’t let him touch you” the voice of the Evil Queen came from the other side of the water well.


Emma and Regina stood one next to the other, Regina grabbed Emma’s hand channeling themselves to create a stronger magic and in their other hands they let out a powerful white and red stream of magic.

The vortex become more and more clear and visible, they could see Robin from the other side and Regina felt how her heart missed a bit. It was Robin for sure but there was something about him. Something was different, he was evil, he was angry. You could see his forehead veins pulsing and his neck was tight.

“I trust you to do the right thing Emma” Regina said and pushed Emma far from the opening, entering to the vortex herself. Regina headed towards the man who used to be her Robin and now, now she wasn’t sure.

“No!!!!” Emma bellowed, still trying to understand what just happened.

It was then when her family arrived, Hook and Snow and Henry.

“Mom, please, don’t let her go” she heard Henry and his voice creaked with tears.

No matter what, Emma was not about to let Regina pay the price of her mistakes. If she wouldn’t have taken them all to the underworld none of those things would have happened.


She saw Robin getting closer and closer to Regina, grabbing her arm and pulling her deeper and deeper into her extinction.

The Evil Queen started coughing, asking for air. She has failed, how stupid she was, she should have anticipated from Regain to do something stupid at that. With almost no air she bent down gazing at Henry and for a second she seemed to be sorry.


Emma was deep inside the vortex trying to grab Regina and get her out of there. Robin held on to her firmly and for a second Regina felt as she is torn into pieces. Her body and soul was burning, she could feel her blood bubbling as Robin grip become stronger and stronger and Emma’s weakening.

Emma noticed that the vortex was starting to close down, she looked at Regina, she looked at her eyes. Her eyes bagged Emma to save her, to not let her die. She closed her eyes and murmured towards Regina “Not today, not ever! I am done letting the ones I love die”


The vortex closed and from the dense, black smoke, Snow, Hook and Henry could see Emma and Regina laying on the ground, their hands are crossed together.

Emma looked at Regina, from far she saw the Evil Queen body dissolved into the ground. she quickly got above Regina, starting CPR. Breathing air into Regina’s lungs and pleading her to open her eyes, over and over and over again for over twenty minutes.


Snow got closer, placing a warm hand on Emma’s shoulder “Emma” her voice trembled “Emma, come, it’s over”.

Emma moved her mother’s hand and gazed into her eyes “No” she said quietly.

“No mom, I can’t, no” Emma said repeatedly. She looked at Regina peaceful face.

 “NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” Emma shrieked and tears started creep down her cheeks, heavier and bigger tears dropped gently on Regina’s face, lips and mouth.  

Hook bent down and pulled Emma slowly up, he reached out to Henry brining both Emma and Henry together, closer as he could under his wings.

Snow sat next to her step mother body trying to put her thoughts together when she saw David running towards her. When Regina died, the Evil Queen died and the curse broke and as much as she was happy to see David she couldn’t imagen that the price that all of them will pay will be so high.

“What a mistake we’ve done” Snow said letting David hold her close to him when all of them suddenly heard something grasping for air.

It was Regina.

“Mom! Mom!” Henry ran first to her, hanging on her neck while everyone approached her.

“Regina! We thought, we…” Snow said

“I think that it was the savior that saved me” Regina whispered looking at Emma, her face was still wet of crying but a wide grin appeared on her face.

“I am so happy to see that you are alive Regina” Emma said

David and Hook help Regina to the car and from there everyone headed to Granny.


Emma sat outside the eatery, sweeping her hand over and over her branded arm and the flower tattoo when she heard Hook behind her.

“Emma” he said and stopped as he was trying to say something and can’t find the words.

Emma took his hand and brought him closer to her “Thank you” she whispered “Thank you for being there for Henry and for me today” she said.

“Emma” he paused again and took a deep breath “Emma, do you remember when I’ve told you that you are my happy ending?”

She gazed at him and smile “Yes”

“Well, it is true. You are my happy ending. Your love changed me, made me a better man. I feel whole again and I can see my future and I am so grateful for that”


Emma smiled at him and kissed his cheek softly before she let him continue

“Emma, I don’t think that I am you happy ending. I love you Emma, but I have to set you free, to find your happy ending as well. I saw it today”

Emma looked at him, tears accumulated in her eyes, this is not the quite evening she was hoping for but Hook continued.

“Emma, I saw you today. When you thought that Regina died, your pain was real. It wasn’t anger, you weren’t afraid of losing Regina. You felt pain, the same one that I felt when Milah died, you felt your heart crushes into million pieces and this is true love”

Emma looked at Hook, her face expression couldn’t reveal her thoughts or feeling that changed from being astonished to overwhelmed to excitement and to fear.

“and you know Emma, you gave Regina the one thing that you will never be able to give me” Hook continued

“What is that?” Emma seemed to be confused

“I overhead you at the hospital, when Belle had the baby and you offered to give her your crib”

and then Hook lower his voice “you said that she can keep it, and when she asked if you will not need it, you said that you don’t want more children”

Emma got closer to Hook, brushing her fingers between his hair as this is the last time she will be doing so.

“You see Emma, you give Regina the biggest gift of all. The creation of a true love, you gave her Henry”

Hook stooped talking and pulled Emma slowly backward, just a few inches so he could see her face.

“You are my happy ending Emma, thank you” he said softly and kissed her lips for the last time before he headed to the Jolly Rogers.


Emma stood there, she knew that he was right, she couldn’t tell herself that she doesn’t love him, she did. But she also loved Regina, she loved her more and the pain that she felt today when she thought that she lost her forever was the most excruciating pain she have ever felt.




Regina walked down Granny’s stairs towards Emma “You know that the Evil Queen is again a part of me?” 

“Yes, I do know that Regina, but this is a part of who you are, this is what makes you so beautiful and you. I couldn’t see you in a different way. But I also think that all you have now from the Evil Queen are lessons. Valuable lessons and now Regina, now we all have, I have, a beautiful, great, strong and powerful good queen”


Regina took Emma’s hands, keeping it quiet for couple of moments before she could find the courage to continue, her voice is fragile and unsure.

“You know Emma, I met a fairy once who told me that my true love will have a symbol of a lion within a black shield on the arm”

“Do you think that you’ve found your true love?” Emma asked softly

Regina looked at Emma, brushing her hand against Emma’s face down her neck. Their faces so close to each other, almost touching.

“I think I have” Regina said, her lips flutter over Emma’s lips.

“I know I have” she said again, giving Emma no chance to replay as they both drowned into the most magical and beautiful kiss Storybroke and the enchanted forest have ever seen.

Submitted: November 27, 2016

© Copyright 2021 Alice J. Vader. All rights reserved.

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