The Magnificent Adventure with Jack Grange

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The continuation of chapter 9.

Chapter 10 (v.1) - The Decision

Submitted: December 19, 2016

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Submitted: December 19, 2016



  Alex looking out through her window as her dad shouts "Alex take care of Jack for us, your mom and me are going to meet up with your uncle Joe." 
— "Okay, Dad" says Alex even though she's still looking out the window, Jack knocks on her door. 
— "Alex it's time to go" said Jack after opening the door and looking at her, as he takes a deep breath "the sooner we get it over with the better" 
— "I know Jack but, I got a feeling that this is going to be with us forever." Alex hesitates, but decides to stand up and draws on a piece of paper the insignia and they both teleport to the meet up with Herald and the others. 
  "Good, everyone is here. Now all of you stand in one column, do not shout, do not shriek, do not flinch, and do not.. in all conditions.. insult in any way, the mythical seven." Herald exclaims as he scratches the floor indicating the creatures to come forth, and pick their partners. Relic, comes forth, hissing slowly, as her eyes look around the humans, she slithers towards Thomas, wraps herself around him as he tries not to move. "My my I'm liking this one" she hisses to Herald and nods to him, as she makes Thomas come with her, disappearing in the darkness. Remedy, the  creature with a tail and paws of a cheetah, an eagle, flies down riding dirt having people cough, except for Cadam. For him only covered his mouth and closed his eyes, Remedy looks up and down at him, since Cadam is only as tall as his leg. 
— "You.. come with me" Remedy says as Cadam slowly walks with him, heading in a different direction. 
Locus, the mighty Pegasus, breathes onto Destiny, as he brings his head into her neck. They all chuckle, "I see Locus likes you a lot." Says Herald after Locus nods and says "woman with beautiful hair are my weakness.." 
— "no wonder why Herald saved you from the queen.." says Aceus after scoffing towards the side.
— "Aceus behave.." Herald remarks "choose..." 
  Aceus lifts his huge right hand, having his claw point towards Bella's chest, having a small hole in her shirt "come with me" Aceus exclaims as Bella walks with him. Ogonix the rhino, quickly picks up Alex by his horn and growls at the rest, having them step back. 
— "We're not animals.." Jack whispers to himself as Purity growls at him, saying he's not worthy of her, she takes Rachel with a smile while swaying her tail. Ornament, sighs looking at Jack as he walks towards him and they head to the beach. 


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