The Magnificent Adventure with Jack Grange

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Here, Jack Grange talks about his feelings on this situation they have with the island, Ornament opens up to Jack.

Chapter 11 (v.1) - Feelings

Submitted: February 03, 2017

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Submitted: February 03, 2017



Jack and Ornament we're walking down the beach, nothing but the sound of the waves was heard, Jack seems to appeared puzzled, kicking sand along the way Ornament exhales deeply. "What's the matter Jack?"  Questions Ornament after stopping in front of Jack to stop him from kicking sand. 

— "I'm fine, it's just.. I don't know what to feel." He sits down with a frown on his face, since it's his first to participate in something so heroic, yet unreal. 

—  "Why? Just because you're a child doesn't mean-" "I'm not a child" Jack points out after rudely interrupting Ornament. "My apologies" he grabs sand and holds it in his fist, thinking that he can never let go, letting the sand fall through his fingers. "Dear Jack, you're not alone on this, I'm with you. Everybody is" Ornament sits down as he's twice Jack's size, wagging  his tail and wrapping it around Jack's shoulder. "Listen Jack Grange, if it wasn't for you, and this triangular mark on the bone of your thumb, this place might have died in the process of the Queen's ruling." 

— "Why do you call her your queen, if she's just a manipulative woman.." Jack drops what was left of the sand and leans onto Ornament's big shoulder, as his wings rest on the floor. "It's because when we call her by her name, bad things happen." 

"Are you the same? You and Herald?" Jack questions as he looks up onto Ornament, hiding his face in his long hair. "No, Herald is the first man to ever step foot, alongside with the queen. He says that what she's done to him can be broken, but I do not believe that." Ornament looks into the distance. The two of them stay together, as if they knew each other, surprisingly, this is the first time Ornament has met Jack, and Jack has met Ornament. It seems that both have a strong connection, with every mysterious seven member, you can grow a bond that's beyond this world, if your partner feels pain, you feel pain as well. It is a system that's undoable, which is why Herald called them for the first time in decades. Each and every single one of the creatures are ready to fight, but are their members ready to fight as well? 

Jack suddenly stands up, as if he's gotten a brilliant idea - which he did - calls out Herald and everybody of the mysterious seven creatures, they gather round quite quickly, since- well, they are magical creatures after all. "Herald this might sound crazy" Jack takes a deep breath since he'll think it will actually sound crazy. "...for the great battle with the queen, what if we have a decoy, someone that will call her name since she comes to people that have the audacity to say it? Herald coughs and steps forward "my boy, even though it seems pretty crazy, it appears that your partner has told you what happens when you do.. say her name.." Ornament stands tall "he needs to know, as the next king of the island" 

— "I haven't agreed to that yet Ornament. Anywho, and then we ambush her? We'll have three teams. One, will be the decoy's guards. Two, will be the ambush squad, and three, will go and enter the castle." 

— "I'm sorry Jack but how in the hell are we going in the castle?" Exclaims Thomas as he was completely making-out with his girlfriend. Since all he ever heard was castle. If I need to remind you Rachel was the woman who was caught by Nicole– don't worry, the queen won't appear because I am talking to you. As I was saying, Thomas was quite worried and "promised he would never let go of her again" honestly, a freshman relationship? Plus a 15 year old kid has the loyalty to say that? No, that never happens. "Don't worry, apparently the castle is the best fortress, even though this island is pretty big, she obviously has more hideouts. If the plan goes completely wrong, we'll use the mysterious seven 'flying' animals that were at the ambush to fly over to the castle and wait for the queen to comeback." Jack smiles as he's out of breath. 

— "You can't guarantee anybody's safety Jack Grange. Everybody may go now, today was progress." Herald leaves the group disappearing into the deep darkness and not coming back. Jack and his crew go back to where they usually live, Bella tries to talk to Jack but he willingly avoids her. If I need to remind you that Jack and Bella have this so called "heat" between them, which requires some serious talking, which of course— they are simply not doing. 


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