The Magnificent Adventure with Jack Grange

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Here, Jack and his friends find out mostly about the history behind the castle and behind this magical world they found.

Chapter 4 (v.1) - The Castle with its Queen

Submitted: November 28, 2016

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Submitted: November 28, 2016



  Walking down this steep incline staircase that leads onto the main entrance of the castle, most animals stay far away from such entrance as far as possible. "Don't go in there! You'll never come back"  an unfamiliar voice has the whole crew stopped, as they turn around, to only see a creature, with the body of a dog, but the face and tail of a fox. 

— "Why shouldn't we?" Jack says after checking up and down the weird fox-dog like creature. 

— "The queen is a very evil woman.. so evil that now her soldiers are afraid to even set foot inside, you see my child, let me not fool you by my appearance.. but rather guide all of you through good, with my wisdom upon this place.. follow me please" 

  Without a doubt the six friends followed this creature, since they have already seen everything that you can imagine. Herald, was the fox-dog's name, a very reasonable creature, with a very much alike human reasoning. "You see, this land was filled with joy and happiness, humans were as much as welcomed as us creatures here, but there were two rather remarkable people... a man who once thought that his friend would never betray him, and a woman who thought that her friend would never leave her side. Both humans knew each other for a very long time" Herald keeps walking as the six friends look around with amusement, at every other creature in that area, monkeys with eight arms and four eyes, snakes with puffy tales and whiskers, centaurs running through the woods, "now what I'm about to tell you is the complete and utterly truth, everything else that you hear is a lie.. understood?" Jack and the rest nod slowly. "As both man and woman, they were once at a young age and found this place on solitude, predators hunting for prey, a huge food chain I would say.. until one day they found a castle. Ah yes, that very castle that you saw on top of that cliff, was discovered by the man and woman, now both of them decided after leaving it intact and spotless with the help of all the magical creatures here– as you humans would say – although, they couldn't quite leave, since the creatures and this place require order, something that every place needs. And so the man and woman argued about actually staying here and abandoning the real world, until one night.. everything that the man thought was a lie, and the woman betrayed him over power and lust, she on one hand wanted a war for the territory, although the man, as humble and generous as he is, decided to leave and never come back... but as always the woman had to go over the top, and put a curse on the man until she dies.." 

— "Excuse me Herald sir, but what were their names?" Remarks Rachel while holding hands with Thomas.

— "His name was.. Herald Dumble, and Nicole Hamilton" says the fox-dog like creature.

  Amusingly, everyone gasped and had a sense of schock but covered with a little smile. Bella "so, that story was about you and your frie–" 

— "and a lying, incompetent traitor.. yes" Herald finishes the sentence with a taste of disgust for saying her name. 

  Jack looks at everyone else, "Herald, my apologies but we need to go" 

— Herald chuckles and smiles at the floor "I understand, I was once like that as well.. if you keep going straight into this direction, you will find your way out" 

  All of the friends quickly follow his directions, as all of them appear at the desk once again but fall since they all don't fit in it, and there it was. The first bell to end first period. "What? It feels like we were there for hours" says Bella while looking around "I need to go everyone." And so as Bella leaves, and everyone else does, Jack looks at the three triangle insignia, one smaller than the other, inside each other. Jack willingly gives it up for the day as he goes to open the door, his eyes widen, for he had the same mark on the bone of his thumb, in panic he covers it with his long sleeve sweater, and walks away as if it was nothing, to continue on his day. 

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