The Magnificent Adventure with Jack Grange

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It's been 2 days now before the incident of appearing in the magical world inside that classroom, Jack decides to start taking care of his own problems.

Chapter 5 (v.1) - The Real world vs. The Unreal World

Submitted: November 29, 2016

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Submitted: November 29, 2016



  Jack wakes up to his last day of school for this week, yes, Friday. Waking up to the sound of his alarm, he groans loudly, picking Milly's attention to go to his room and wake him up herself, Jack as grateful as he is, received Milly with full of his love and affection, Jack looks into his dogs blue eyes, and says "Only one more day Milly" Although, Jack realized that he still had the mark on his thumb bone, he sighs and goes to get ready for school once again. 

"Substitute will come for second period, if in first, please head to the cafeteria" Jack knowing this, decides to go to the closed classroom which was again.. closed. "Hmm" He thinks of another way to go in, leaning his face on the window door, he looks at the very end of the classroom to only know that it's connected to another classroom, without hesitation, he drives in the classroom that's connected to it. Checking his surrounding, with his hands a little bit shaky, he tells himself to calm down until he hears footsteps and with the tension building up and the footsteps getting louder and louder, he decides to bust  open the doorknob with the lamp on the desk, and he succeeds. Jack dives into the student desk and disappears quickly, landing onto solid ground, he appeared where him and his friends left off. Jack whispers "Herald, Herald are you here?" 

— "Honestly boy, you can't keep quiet can't you?" Herald appears from the darkness. Jack smiles and he walks with him. 

— "Sir, I mean– Herald.. what's this mark, on my hand?" Jack slowly shows his mark on the bone of his thumb. 

— "Ahh the lands mark has been stuck with you I see" 

  Jack, with an expression of sorrow and woe, holds his hand covering the mark. "What does it mean?" 

— "My boy, the meaning of that mark is that this land, has chosen you, because I had it as well" Herald lift his right paw, having the mark at the center of it. Jack gasps and starts panicking, he walks in circles, although, Herald calms him down saying "Jack Grange, you must rule this land at the age of 18–" 

— "But I don't want to! I didn't asked for this, I asked for nothing! I have my own problems... my own dreams that I'm trying to figure out" 

— "How long has it been since your last dream, and what was it?" Exclaims Herald, with a look of seriousness. 

– "Probably one week ago before school, and it was... it was, about this girl named Nicole.. the image is vague now because I can't remember but, all my friends, are talking about her–" 

— "What was the last name Jack?" Herald starts asking quickly, as Jack tries to come up with the answer. "I don't know" He says once again while looking at Herald. Herald starts growling but then calms down "No worries Jack, it's probably another Nicole, now go back, your friends must be waiting" Jack obeys and heads back only to be in way more trouble, as he walks out through the door with no knob, there's a whole classroom looking at him, as the teacher clears his throat, then takes Jack to the principals office. 

  "I'm sorry, Mr. Thompson" Jack says in a low voice as  the principal begins talking to him. 

— "Listen, uhh- Jack, there's no worries and there's no evidence that you broke that doorknob, you just came outside the classroom at the wrong time, but you do know that, that classroom is off-limits right?" 

  Jack quickly says "Of course! I was just checking to see if the student who did such a thing was there, it's only practical–" 

— With a face of tiredness and a laughable grin on his face, he sends Jack away to his class, since he thought that he didn't do such a thing. 

  Later, at lunch time, Jack goes to meet up with his friends, and hears the conversation about a girl. "Destiny, what did the student looked like? You know when the door opened?" Destiny looks back at Jack who asked the question and responded with "oh, it was definitely a girl, now may I ask why?"

— "No reason" says Jack innocently as he sits down on the table. 

  "Did you guys hear about–" Cadam wanting to finish the sentence, but Jack is the one to do so. "Nicole? Am I right?" 

— "Jack, how do you know this?" Bella looks worryingly at Jack, who thinks something is wrong with him. 

— "I'm a good guesser" Jack smiles and starts eating his food. Minutes later the bell rings, and everyone heads off to their class, and ready to start their plans for the weekend. 

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