The Magnificent Adventure with Jack Grange

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In this chapter, Jack finds out what happens to Bella and then he decides to bring all of them to the land to talk with Herald.

Chapter 8 (v.1) - Only Me... No, Only Us

Submitted: December 02, 2016

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Submitted: December 02, 2016



  Jack invites everyone to his house, on a Saturday night, after his parents go out since it's their anniversary. "Jack, I didn't know your parents were married in December" remarks Bella smiling and looking around the house, as she heard giggles from Rachel and Thomas in the living room. 

— "Well, my mom had this fantasy of a perfect December wedding for her, so my dad went with it." Jack chuckles as he walks to the living room but he gets stopped by Bella's hand on his arm, "I'm okay Jack you know that" Bella gets closer, Jack looks at her lips and says, in a slow paced voice against her ear, she gets chills down her spine as his breath falls against her ear "If you knew that the queen was beautiful, would you'd still say she's beautiful, knowing that woman has done some terrible things to Herald, and I wouldn't even be saying this to you.. curiosity kills the cat" 

  Bella opens her eyes to find Jack walking away, she's takes some slow breaths, from the heated moment, she laughs at herself, and walks to see to the others. Destiny tells Cadam about her crazy adventure with Rachel, he laughs as Jack starts clearing his throat to speak. 

— "I'm glad everyone's ok, and that Rachel and Thomas are love birds again" he grins at Thomas, "and congrats to Thomas rescuing Bella as well" Bella looks down as Thomas looks at her but then Rachel quickly grabs his chin to kiss him again. "And congrats to Destiny about all the research, but, remember, it's not you.. it's not me.. it's us, we do this, together understood? Now the three islands, I don't know about those but they don't have the same insignia as this island Herald introduce us to, meaning that we don't go there until it's all of us, now you may have heard that Bella was caught by the queen.." Jack looks at Bella and nods at her to tell the story. 

— "I was scared and worried on what she would do to me.." Bella tries to get the words out of her mouth, but this voice in her head telling her leave them, they think you're useless.. She kneels down to the floor as Jack goes to her, holding her shoulder with his hand. 

  Cadam stands up exclaiming what's happening, Destiny tells them that queen whispered in her ear, "and maybe that's the way for her to Inside people's head, deceiving men and woman, by her beauty." Bella quickly starts breathing quickly saying Thomas over and over until she snaps, and passes out. Jack on the other hand, looks down at her, with no emotion, he sets her on his couch. "Let her explain.. when she wakes up." Jack goes to the kitchen to get drinks, after a few minutes Cadam goes to check up on him, not there, he goes to Destiny and says "He's not here, you said that we can get to the land with anything if we write the insignia? Right?" Destiny as she gets a piece of paper and pen, draws the insignia perfectly and gives it to Cadam, after a hug she whispers "bring him back." 

He dissapears, and drops down in front of Herald with Jack looking into the fire that they started. "Jack.." Cadam looks at him and Herald steps up. "He told me what happened my boy, and he isn't here for jealousy, he told me something rather.. shocking." Herald looks at the fire and Cadam asks "what? What's so shocking?" 

"He will help me take back the crown.." Herald tries finishing the sentence but Cadam quickly punches Jack with a right hook, knocking him back of the log he was sitting on. "Cadam! Calm down it's his choice!" Herald starts growling to seperate them. "No it's fine. I deserve it, i–" 

— "I didn't do it for you, I did to remind you that it's not me.. not you, it's us, we do this together, like you said!" Cadam clenches his fists as Jack chuckles "we'll die you know that.." "I don't care, we do this stuff together" 

  Herald smiles "go back, we'll talk tomorrow, both of you get some rest" 

  The two boys go back, Jack gets hugged by Destiny as Bella looks at him, she had explained why she said Thomas but Jack doesn't care, he tells everyone to go home, Bella tries to talk to him but he closes the door as they all leave, with no lights on, he looks at the floor and sighs, heading to his room, wanting to just sleep.

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