The Magnificent Adventure with Jack Grange

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Alex finds out about Jack while talking about their plan to take back the crown.

Chapter 9 (v.1) - The Plan

Submitted: December 07, 2016

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Submitted: December 07, 2016



 Everyone is preparing on the first floor of Jack's house, while he goes upstairs, Bella intends to follow him. 
— "I'm sorry I didn't mean to say his name" says Bella after entering his room while he looks around. 
— "Bella I don't care... just go back downstairs." Without even looking back at Bella, as Jack is too focused into trying to find a marker, for the making of the insignia. 
— "What do you mean you don't care?  I'm your g–" Bella gets interrupted by a quick shout of Jack as he turns around facing her. "No you're not, you never were, Bella we have nothing, we had no moments at all." Bella looks at him as she's about to breakdown but says "Then let's make one.." after saying this Bella takes a few steps towards Jack and kisses him quickly, turning the kiss into a slow and heated moment between the two, as Bella removes her lips from Jack's, but still touching against each other "that's for saying we don't have any moments.. you asshole." She gives him this cold look as she shoves him to the bed and then walks away. Jack holding his marker looks in the distance, touching his lips with the tip of his fingers, he heads down giving the marker to Destiny. "Here you go Des, since you do it best" Jack claims as she chuckles and makes yet another perfect insignia, she leaves it on the floor, they all grab hands and Cadam steps on it teleporting everyone to the island.  
  Herald wagging his tail waiting for them to come, suddenly he steps aside as they roll into his way, he clears his throat indicating them to get up and stay quiet for him to talk. "It seems that you're all here, good, as you may know I've been gathering an army for quite the years now, recruiting non-stop, but now, I have found my last recruits.. let's meet, the Mythical Seven. 
— "Whoa! This is crazy, Jack where are you?" Alex appears after coming out of some bushes as everyone and even Herald looks at her, Jack mad comes to her aid, helping her up. 
— "Sis what the hell are you doing here" says Jack irritated. 
— "Well it's been a while with you acting all suspicious and stuff, and then I see the piece of paper on the floor, I picked it up and passed my fingers above it and it sent me here." She shows the piece of paper. 
— "Hello young one, how may I help you?" Herald bows a little with his ears behind. 
Alex creeps out. "Jack what's that?" 
Herald chuckles as his lifts his face and explains what he explained to the six friends when they got here, Jack stops him until he mentions the war. 
— "A war... Jack come home with me" 
— "No! Listen we need to do this, we just need to" Says Jack after stepping back with his friends. 
— "Fine.. if you're not coming I'm staying with you–" 
— "No you're not–" 
— "Jack look at yourself! You're only kids, I'm 17 and I'm graduating and my birthday is coming up, I'll responsible for you, whether you like it or not little bro, I'm here for you. Herald coughs and nods at both of them. 
"Through centuries this land has existed since the very beginning, the founders of such land was my great great great grandfather, Felix was his name if I recall, along with his six companions, Bradbury, Alexandria, Monica, Joanna, Adam, and Theodore, the seven of them made the mythical seven, heroes regarded in this magical land, and now they are reborn, right in front of me. Now, that doesn't mean you should stay high on your horse, you need to do everything that they did." Herald smiles and calls Ornament. 
— "Yes m'lord?" Ornament bows as Alex stays surprised. 
— "Call them, it's time.." Herald nods as Ornament does an almighty roar, having the trees shake and rocks move. 
  A snake, larger than an Anaconda, twice of everything, with whiskers on the side of its mouth and a fluffy tail at the end, with the name of Relic. An eagle with paws, whiskers, and tail of a cheetah, with the name of Remedy. A Pegasus, with wings bluer than the sea, with the name of Locus. A huge dragon, with intense yellow eyes and breathing blue fire, with the name of Aceus. A rhino, with its armored-skin made of pure silver, with the name of Ogonix. A tigress, with black and white lines, and blue raging eyes, long fangs, with the name Purity, and last but the Lion, with wings of an eagle, with the name of Ornament. These seven creatures go along with it's masters among the mythical seven. "Now, all of them will pick either one of you, you shall stand still children, do not move, just let them accept you first, before you accept them, now go back home." Jack looks at his friends and sister, as he turns around everyone is gone, the friends go back home, with no talking they all separate, even Alex, she walks straight to her room. 


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