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this is a short story i had to write for an english exam. the final product i wrote in the exam but this was my draft. i plan to make this into a full series of stories, but this is just going to be a starter for me. it had to be a fantasy story for the exam, but i might make it a sci fi. i will begin working on the stories after my exam's are over, which is at the end of this week.

Submitted: November 27, 2016

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Submitted: November 27, 2016



(Before reading this story, note that it might get deleted (if thats possible, I am new to this website) because I am going to expand the world that I have created into a series of stories)

The headless body slumped over into the blood. Sio coldly stared at the evil thing he just killed. The Lord of Tearth was dead, but the world was still in danger. The once perfect Lord of Tearth had been corrupted by the Karokrons, who are large fleshy creatures with magical powers who acted as law enforcers for the Lord. The Karokrons made the Lord put the world in chaos by killing off every race slowly. Sio put his hand in his pocket checking if the bottle was still there. Sure enough, the bottle gifted by the elders of his kind, the Igna’s, was still there. Igna’s are humanoid creatures who have the ability to control fire. Sio turned and walked away, as if he never did anything. He exited down the cold stone stairs. As he took each step, he viewed the creatures in the distance. Sio balled his fist as he watched the single file line of Karokrons marching into a large tree with a door in the trunk. Once he reached the bottom of the stairs, Sio approached the line and prepared to attack, but the Karokrons continued to walk, as if in a trance. He followed them inside and approached the stairs they were walking down. Sio managed to take one step, before the stairs vanished. It was a magical trap. Sio felt the cold air around him as he fell into a deep black abyss, but he didn’t panic. He tightly shut his eyes and faked unconsciousness


When he reopened his eyes, Sio felt some hands secure the cold metal against his wrists and ankles. He saw a figure standing in front of him. It was a large fleshy figure with thin arms and legs. It resembled a Karokron, but it was much thinner and skinnier. It reminded Sio of a skeleton shoved in dead skin. It had sharp, thin metal claws. “Who dares enter the realm of the Karokron King?” Sio began to struggle, but the Karokron King struck first. Sio felt a searing pain in his side, and watched as the Karokron King pulled its hand out of his skin. That was when he blacked out.


Sio awoke on the cold stone floor. He tried to stand, but his entire body ached and he couldn’t move. His bottle had smashed and the brown liquid inside had spilt all over the floor. The brown liquid was known as Neuro, the healing product of Igna’s. Sio rolled his wound onto it. The pain in his body drained out as the wound completely healed. Sio jumped to his feet. He needed to stop the Karokron King. Sio ran out of the room, and ran down a narrow corridor following the blood stains on the floor. With each turn, the blood on the floor became less dry. The blood stains ended at a room. He entered and sitting on a throne was the Karokron King. “H-h-how?!” the King said. It stood up and jumped at Sio. Sio swiftly dodged and punched it in the head. The King raised its arms and yelled what Sio thought was gibberish and sparks of lightning launched at Sio. Sio formed a fire sword in his hand. He slashed at the King, but the King dodged every single swing. The King then shouted more gibberish and it’s eyes turned yellow. It grew larger and larger. Sio ran back into the corridor for cover. Sio could barely think before the King’s hand came through the corridor and hooked Sio’s shirt with its claw, and pulled him back in and slammed him against a wall. Sio groaned as he managed to stand back up. As he stood, fire lit up in his eyes. Fire began to produce from his hands and his head was surrounded in flames. The fire changed colour into a bright green and revealed something that takes some Igna’s their life to master, the true form of an Igna. Sio launched forward and his flaming fist smashed into the chest of the Karokron King. The King’s skin burned up and disintegrated, leaving only its skeleton on the floor. Tearth was safe, once again.  

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