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watching youth interact

Submitted: November 28, 2016

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Submitted: November 28, 2016



She's got a,

close fit,

cherry red, short-length dress on.

The center is cut out, the pattern of a kite,

exposing her tan-lined chest.

The top portion of this kite leaves a,

one inch thick,

cherry red collar around the base of her long neck,

further complimenting her slender physique.

She's wearing violent red lipstick on her beautiful stretched out lips,

and inklings of fluorescent white teeth shine through.

Her brown eyes shine on him.

He's wearing a t-shirt with board shorts and flip flops.

They're talking for eternities over.

The beer in her cup is sloshing around as she reciprocates his conversation,

blindingly white teeth showering everything held in front of her.

Including him.

He's shifting his weight from flip flop to flip flop trying to hold onto the


that surround this woman.

It's noisy on the terrace.

You can see him dive forward, further and closer, closer and further,

wrapping his face around hers to make sure she's hearing every word.

Perhaps to make sure if she's ok being that close.

And she doesn't flinch.

She doesn't falter.

She just keeps smiling.

Keeps blinding.

Keeps bleeding red.


And he's correcting a scrunch in his board shorts.


They're so close now that they've created an orbit around each other,

only sucking the other in. 

I imagine they felt like they were actually alone on that bustling terrace.

And perhaps they were.


She's giving him correct change after every exchange of words,

even interrupting sips of her still sloshing drink to interject into

the steady flow of conversation.

Sticky red lips,

spitting sticky red words,

dark brown eyes,

throwing muddy-brown darts,

and pearly white teeth,

casting luminous sparks

all over his ugly blue t-shirt.

Dripping down his wrinkled, grey board shorts.

Landing stickily, and pooling around,

his cheap,


flip flops.

I imagine he slipped on the way out.

But I imagine also that she was right there to help him right back up.

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