Understanding Money, How It Works and the Power of Financial Matrix

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Your Financial Success Depends On How Well You Know How Money Works!

WHAT makes the difference between men of great wealth and achievement from those who are constantly performing below the average and are in direct opposite to financial wealth? The knowledge of financial literacy and investment!

In this recipe for financial success, the Academic Award Winner M.S. Joel shows you – step by step – the basic, fundamental elements of controlling your finance and establishing your wealth. If you don’t want to settle for less, if you’re committed to increasing the quality of your life, and you want to gain enormous strength and insight, either personally or professionally into your financial future, then Understanding Money, How It Works and the Power of Financial Matrix is a must read! Here you will discover the secrets on how to:

1. Find the shortcut to financial wealth
2. Expand your financial literacy and create a solid investment plan that sustains the lifestyle you long for.
3. Anticipate and master your finances and the skills of effectively tripling your money
4. Moving your resources, time, energy, and effort from an area of lower productivity to an area of higher productivity to achieve much more with less.

The minute you start reading this book, you’ll find why over 20,000 people, both young and old, have turned to this book – Understanding Money, How It Works and the Power of Financial Literacy – to find the effective strategies and techniques mostly used by great men like Andrew Carnegie, Steven Jobs, J.P Morgan, Oprah Winfrey etc, and how they were able to gain financial mastery.

Filled with thought-provoking ideas, this book helps explain how conventional education, the society and most of the belief we have concerning money has trained us in impeding the power of our financial genius.

“An investment in knowledge pays the best interest” -Benjamin Franklin

Table of Contents

How to Create Wealth

Submitted: November 28, 2016

Chapter 1   How to Create Wealth   MONEY! Yes, money! And the very mention of the word, whether it be among... Read Chapter