the holocaust fictional narrative

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dear reader, to whom it may concern,

taking inspiration from the book “night” by elie wiesel, which based is based in the holocaust, i wrote this fictional narrative when i was 13 years old and in the 8th grade, back in 2013, so i know that it is most likely has its flaws in most people’s opinions, however, these days i have not been as passionate about writing as i was back then, party due to increased amounts of homework in my other classes, and other factors. i would very much appreciate any feedback on this written work of mine, possibly some advice on how to improve? i would like to conclude by personally thanking anyone who took the time to read this fictional narrative. thank you very much, i really appreciate it.

mikkel sharwar
date: 11/28/2016

The Holocaust Fictional Narrative By: Mikkel Sharwar


Quotes taken from Elie Wiesel’s “Night”.



“Babies! Yes, I did see this, with my own eyes… children thrown into the flames.”pg.32

“We received more blows than food. The work was crushing.”pg.77


It’s been nearly 2 days now… I haven't been sleeping since my mother and sister left us that fateful day when we arrived in this hellish place known as Auschwitz, and men went to one side and children and women went to the other side. It was a nightmarish scene, with the gruesome image of the dark cloudy sky filled with smoke from the large chimney that seemed to catch everyone’s attention. Some of the current “prisoners” scolded us for coming here, claiming that we would perish and die, and then be thrown into the chimney we saw before us… We were doubting their tall tales at first but not so much right now. The prisoners also told my father and I to lie about our professions and say that we were farmers, considering we were already able bodied. We decided to take their advice, if we hadn’t we might not be alive right now.. After that my father and I, along with the other able bodied men were ordered to strip naked and run through around the area, shadowed by the guards carrying sticks to whip us if we were going too slow, but finally we were allowed to go to our block where we rested in the poor conditions, and that is where I am at this moment, writing in this diary that I have brought with me. Anyways, my father and I are worried sick about my Mother and little sister. I am also  worried about Father , he hasn’t been taking our separation very well, I mean he doesn’t speak at all, unless I ask him something, and whenever I ask him where he thinks Mother and Lillienet(little sister) are right now, he blankly says “Son, I do not know…” and goes back to his solitary silence. It’s been unbearable, to be without Mother and Lily(Lillianette’s nickname), but I can’t afford to break down now, I have a gut feeling that this is only the beginning of our hardships, which might be hard to believe after what we just went through. Besides… with the way Father has been acting, if I begin to breakdown as well, I doubt it will help with his condition. The best thing I can do now is hope and pray for their well being. However, Father and I aren’t the only ones that have gone through a separation, many of the others are also going through the same thing as us. For example, next to me sits my best friend Augustus Holger, but my everyone calls him August. He too has a little sister, who’s actually the same age as mine, in fact August is also the same age as me. He was separated from mother and sister just like my father and me. We are all trying our best to stay strong, but you can understand why our spirits are nearly broken. We have been separated from our mothers, fathers, and even sisters, but we still cling to the little piece of hope we have left(which isn’t much). After seeing the horrors we just witnessed it’s only natural that we feel the way we do. Those Nazis are monsters, but their time will surely come to pay for their sins. For what they have done is unforgivable… In my time here I have seen something truly frightening, and after seeing what we did  it’s a wonder that any of us are still brave enough to even speak. At first I didn't believe my eyes, but after seeing the same horror filled eyes of the other men that surrounded me, I knew that I wasn’t seeing things… It was the truth. The Nazis have done the unthinkable, so prepare yourself before I tell you what I saw… I saw large trucks unloading something into the fiery pits.. They were helpless babies! Being thrust into the flames, their existence being turned into ashes before my eyes… Those flames I will never forget. The same flames that created an immense hatred within me, a part of my soul burned and charred by the ashes of so many innocents who perished within those very flames. A part of you that has been turned this dark can never heal, it is this very dark side of my soul that will give me the strength to go on and endure whatever the future may bring, but the worst part is that even if all this ends, it will never go away, it will stay apart of me for the rest of my life, I can feel it, just like a scar on my body. Yes, the dark part of my soul is indeed a scar of anger and hatred that I shall bear forever, and like any scar, it can never be forgotten. So you see even after being beaten, humiliated, and stripped of not only our clothes, but also our dignity, I kept this hatred bottled up inside, and right now I still stand strong ready to endure much more simply because I’m waiting for the day I can unleash all this hatred and get my revenge on the those beasts who so gruesomely murdered all those innocent people without hesitation.



“We promised in three days, when we would see the smoke rising from the chimney, we would think of him.” pg.77

“But seeing that his advice had come too late, and that there was nothing left of my ration, he didn’t even start his own.”


It’s been nearly one month now, and it was the worst month of my life so far, but I am still standing strong waiting for the time I will be able to get my revenge. In all this time we haven’t heard from or seen Mother or Lily, but surprisingly neither Father or I  has spoken of it. This place has been enough torture all on it’s own, and I guess neither of us wanted to bring up the subject of Mother or Lily in a conversation, knowing that it would just bring more sorrow and pain to our hearts. Today is the day I remembered what humanity really felt like, obviously because this place is everything but human. How can those Nazis call themselves human after everything they did and are still doing… They have committed the worst crimes no humane person could ever do, but what really angers me is how easily they do it, without the single bit of remorse or hesitation. Can you imagine tossing living breathing babies into incinerators, or shooting someone without reason or consequence? Because this is exactly what the Nazi guards here do, everyday, over and over again… Despite all this I have remembered what true humanity was like before I was trapped in this neverending nightmare, and vowed to try and learn from it for the future, but how you ask? Simply by witnessing the kindness of another prisoner, which is actually truly amazing to me, because in this place, it’s usually every man for himself. Right after I was attacked by a guard for no apparent reason, I dodged his punch resisting the urge to grab his arm and break it behind his back, (knowing that if I fought back I would only make things worse). This just angered him more and he wildy tackled me like a maniac, sending me flailing on the ground. The volley of punches and kicks that came next, left me nearly numb and drenched in blood. Apparently the guard was drunk and he attacked me because he thought that I had looked at him funny… Anyway, as I dragged myself against the barrack walls to lean against them and rest, I found August, my longtime friend, offering me a bowl of dirty water, which I drank up thankfully. He then helped me to my poor excuse of a bed, and allowed me to rest. This act of kindness really struck me, and caused me to remember what life was like before, and I was thankful to him for not only aiding me in my time of need, but also allowing me to remember what true humanity really is.


“I once saw one of them, a boy of thirteen, beat his father for not making his bed properly.”pg.63

“Some even insinuated the he only wanted their pity, that he was imagining things. Others flatly said that he had gone mad.”


It’s been about seven weeks in total, since we were imprisoned in this hell hole, and my hatred toward the monsters that did this to us, only continues to grow larger and more immense. Withstanding the urge to fight back and rebel against these Nazi scum has gotten extremely difficult, but I shall not, because I know that at this point it would just make things a lot worse and more painful for both my father and me. Speaking of my father, he’s only gotten worse but thankfully he’s still able bodied enough to work and survive, he is all that I have left right now, assuming Mother and Lily haven’t already perished, (sometimes I wonder where God is right now, as he watches us being tortured and murdered the most inhumane ways possible, where is he when we his followers are crying out in pain that we do not deserve.) But in my time here so far I have only witnessed suffering and pain, but I have also witnessed a bit of light in the neverending darkness. However, right now I write bearing horrible news. Not everyone is as strong as me, in fact all this must have overwhelmed them and and turned them into monsters as well. Today I stood stunned at the door of my barracks as I saw a boy of thirteen, violently beating his father. Why you ask? Apparently because his father forgot to bring him his bowl of water… This struck me as extremely selfish, because I my self care for my father very dearly, knowing that he may be all that I have left in this hellish arena of death. This situation that I witnessed made me realize that even if we Jews do make it out of this death camp alive, many of us will probably be much more monstrous than we were before we came here, which frightened me and caused me to never forget what was truly important, the kindness and humanity left in my heart.



“But we no longer feared death, in any event not this particular death. Every bomb that hit filled us with joy, gave us renewed confidence.”pg.60

“I was afraid, my body was afraid of another blow, this time to my head.”pg.111


I’ve lost track of the days, but it seems that it soon won’t matter anymore! Today something truly spectacular occurred, despite the hardships it trailed for us in the near future, I still consider is great because even if a little, it filled me with hope for the first time in so long! We heard rumors of the soviet & US troops closing in, but it seemed too good to be true! For we have lived this life of endless sorrow and pain for so long, the idea of being free of it seemed unreal. I’m sure you are dying to hear what the event was, so I shall tell you. While I and the other prisoners were going about our normal routines in the Commons, we heard a extremely loud explosions, and shortly realized they must have been bombs! Yes, bombs from planes that must been either Soviet or US! We knew that must have meant that they were coming to free us, and so we cheered quietly among ourselves. We knew that the bombs might’ve hurt some of our own, but we’d gone through too much to care very much. We were simply happy that we might be freed in the near future! So you see it wasn’t selfish at all that we didn’t very much care about our other fellow Jews who might’ve been hurt in the explosions, I mean it’s not that we didn’t care at all, we were just too stressed to mourn over them. After all this we were all evacuated except for the sick… We split into groups and ran toward our next destination, being shot if we ran too slow, however my father and I managed to keep up. I was actually exhilarated from the previous event, but  also knew that I might be able to unleash my anger after so much waiting, this thought is part of the reason that kept me going.


“The days resembled nights, and the nights left in souls the dregs of their darkness.”pg.100

“The night was growing longer, neverending.”pg.98


The days do not matter to me anymore, considering I lost count of them already. TONIGHT something truly miraculous happened, but in a way it doesn’t at all seem real. I guess after so many years suffering, the idea of being free not only seems unreal, but also crazy. That’s right my fellow Jews and I have been liberated. It started late at night, a night like no other. There were already rumors that the soviet troops were extremely close. After we arrived in a new camp underground resistance formed shortly afterwards, I was obviously a member. Apparently someone had overheard the guards talking about the Soviet troops, and how they were extremely close. No one would lie since they would have no reason to, so it was settled. As soon as we saw any sign of soviet troops closing in, we would also fight back from the inside making the Nazis weaker, even though we knew there would be casualties, we still decided to go through with it, knowing that if the Nazis won, they would probably wipe us all out, without taking the risk of us being liberated. So we gathered all the small children in one area, readying them to run for their lives if needed, and they too had been through so much, matured greatly for their ages, so they quietly listened and agreed to do as they were told without hesitation. When the time finally came, we ambushed as many guard as we could, as we heard guns firing outside the walls. My time had come, I left my father in a safe hiding area with the children, as did many other men like me. We flooded the guard’s barracks and overwhelmed them, as this happened many of our own died due to gunshots fired at them, this included my friend August… I dragged his body to one corner and asked if their was anything I could do for him, but he simply said “FAREWELL” and his eyes rolled into his head, he died before my eyes. That filled me with such rage I couldn’t contain it anymore, so as I saw some guards who managed to flee outside I grabbed one of their machine guns laying on the floor, and rushed outside to climb on to the roof. I then aimed and shot as many guards as I could, see them drop dead in the midst of their flee, filled me with joy! Only when I saw that I had killed five of them, did I stop, for this feeling in me felt evil so I discarded it. Besides the remaining three guards were overwhelmed by the all the prisoners and beaten to death. After all this chaos, the soviet troops broke through the walls, we rejoiced. My father and I hugged, knowing that our suffering was finally over, and as the day ended and the night drew close, I was actually happy, for the first time in so long. For the all the previous nights in the camps I was filled with sorrow that, because I knew that once I woke up, I would have to go through same hell as yesterday, over and over again, but it finally ended, tonight I am filled with joy, knowing that tomorrow I will wake to begin my life a new, a more great and thankful life that I have ever lived in all my days, and so I rested in peace for the first time in so long, wanting the night to end so that when I wake, I can once again live happily.


Author’s note to the reader:


Dear Reader, To Whom It May Concern,


Taking inspiration from the book “Night” by Elie Wiesel, which based is based in The Holocaust, I wrote this fictional narrative when I was 13 years old and in the 8th Grade, back in 2013, so I know that it is most likely has its flaws in most people’s opinions, however, These days I have not been as passionate about writing as I was back then, party due to increased amounts of homework in my other classes, and other factors. I would very much appreciate any feedback on this written work of mine, possibly some advice on how to improve? I would like to conclude by personally thanking anyone who took the time to read this fictional narrative. Thank you very much, I really appreciate it.



Mikkel Sharwar

Date: 11/28/2016


Submitted: November 29, 2016

© Copyright 2021 Mikkel. All rights reserved.

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A touching story. You said you wrote this three years ago? Have you reread it since then? A lot of time the craft of writing is actually rewriting. Reading passages outloud will give you an idea if a sentence flows correctly or not. Hearing something vs reading it causes a different effect. Many writers are also readers, so reading various authors can also help with your craft.

Good luck to you!

Wed, December 21st, 2016 6:20am


Thank you so much for taking the time to read my story, I greatly appreciate the advice.

Thu, December 22nd, 2016 9:29pm

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