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A poem about the increasing trend of being nasty and calling it 'Banter'.

Submitted: November 29, 2016

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Submitted: November 29, 2016



They poke fun and they mock and they sneer

And when I snap they give the answer

That they were not being serious

It was all just meant as banter.


They think they can say what they like

And insist they’re only having a laugh

It’s plain to see that they’re laughing at me

They must think that I’m daft.


The so-called jokes can wear a bit thin

It would get anyone down

If I shouted and told them to stop

They’d say they were messing around.

They try to come over as proper lads

They want to come over as cool

It’s all a bit playground if you ask me

All this constant ridicule.


Don't get me wrong it's not just me

They do it to each other all the time

Nobody else seems to bother

They all think that it's fine.


The lad banter is boys stuff really

It's becoming a childish bore

The constant tit for tat competition

A game in which no one keeps score.


I do like a laugh, I'm a bit of a clown

And I make fun of myself

But your so called lad banter

Is you mocking everyone else.


You say that you're only kidding

And that it's just a game

Well it's one that I'm not playing

Your words can hurt just the same


Maybe I'm being too touchy

Maybe I'm taking you wrong

You can carry on with your lad banter

But I am not playing along.

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