inFamous: Afterlife

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For two years, all notable bio-terrorists have been captured and held in a laser prison, in the downtown part of Seattle. With no knowledge of who captured them, or if they'll ever be free, all held inside learn to adapt to the lives they have to live.
Sneaking in every night, Ken meets with his girlfriend, Mary, who became a bio-terrorist through unfortunate circumstances. Leading a different life outside the prison, his friends are clueless about his disappearances, or even know that Mary exists. Until one night, when they discover him walking into the conduit zone of Seattle, and immediately chase after him.
Felix, Marzia, Jack, Mark and Jason, all end up lost in the prison for conduits as they look for their friend. But someone finds them first.
Christy, Mary's closest friend, has been trying to break out from the laser force field for three months, ever since she gained the powers that made her a bio-terrorist. She dreams of escaping, and continuing to run away until she no longer knows any faces or names. When she finds five non-conduits roaming the city, she decides to run them out of town.
But once all the secrets come out, Ken finally reveals his relationship to his friends, Mary is kidnapped, and soon enough, Marzia is too.
Now conduits and humans join together to save their friends, as more questions begin to arise. Where were they taken? Who took them? How will they get them back? And will everyone make it out alive?

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Submitted: November 29, 2016

Seattle has always been an encasing city of drug dealers and hookers. Around every corner, there's someone with a secret, and a story to ... Read Chapter

1 - The Conduit Zone

Submitted: November 29, 2016

Like any day in Seattle, it rained. Starting heavy, then moving onto a slight drizzle, before coming to a complete stop and leaving not... Read Chapter

2 - Critical Acclaim

Submitted: November 29, 2016

In a swift amount of energy, Christy's body soared upwards, leaving a trail of bright pink, orange and red neon waves as she flew. When... Read Chapter

3 - Unlike the Others

Submitted: November 29, 2016

The body hurled towards the street below, and Delsin, heavy with exhaustion, looked over to Christy, who stared at the same scene. "You... Read Chapter