The orgins of the black bird

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Submitted: November 29, 2016

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Submitted: November 29, 2016





One day I and my friends were going to a birthday party. It was a place called “Jerry’s pizzeria”, we didn’t really like the food or games there but, the outside of the restaurant had exotic animals. My friends and I would always take a look outside to look for any weird or out of place animals. Every time we would go to that pizzeria we would usually only see two or three exotic animals. Until one day, I and my friend were walking through the driveway of the pizzeria, when we saw a black bird. Because we never go outside to play or anything, this was very new to us and we didn’t know what to do. We walked closer to the bird, the bird didn’t move, so we grabbed the bird and took very good care of it for about a good five hours, while waiting for another party to end. When the party ended the bird was well fed and ready to go back to nature but, this bird was special to us, so I asked my parents if we could come to the pizzeria every week to check on the bird. They said no, so sadly we said our goodbyes, and left the pizzeria. The next day we couldn’t help to not go back to see the black bird so, we walked to the pizzeria and saw the black bird peacefully waiting at the same spot we had found him. We started to whistle, trying to get the bird’s attention, the bird quickly recognized us and flew towards our feet. My friend quickly picked it up and took it to our tree house back at my house. We put it in a cage and named it “Rudy“. We started to buy bird food for Rudy. This resulted to a shortage of money so, we had to give Rudy bread crumbs for a couple of months. Other than that we would visit the bird and take very good care of it as if it was a newborn baby. My parents never found out about him until one fateful day.






My parents were packing and getting ready to move into a brand new house where we can have more space for playing outside. As my parents packed I got ready to go to school, which was about three blocks away. I walked to school and hoped to talk to my friend about where we could move Rudy since my parents didn’t know a thing about him. He suggested that he could keep him at his room for a few days but had to give him back when I had moved and had a new tree house for him. I agreed to his idea and carried on through the school day. When the bell rang I quickly ran home so I can give the bird to my friend. When I arrived, my tree house was sawed down to only dust. All I could see was Rudy’s cage on the floor, opened. This tore me up inside and made me have a sudden depressing stage in my life. I just wanted to leave this world to be with him again, at least for another day. I hated my parents and whenever I saw a black bird I started to feel very bad and all my dark memories came back to me. My friend was sad for a moment but not as much I was. He only was sad for a week but, I felt like I had a deeper connection with the bird than he did. Soon I felt like any animal that came close to me would hate me. This changed my life forever but, at least I kept my best friend close to my side every day.




I have been living in my new house for about ten years now and I still don’t have a tree house so, my fiend let the bird loose to migrate or something. I now don’t live close to him so I thought I wouldn’t ever see him again. Until a moment of hope popped into my mind. Migrating season was close and if Rudy was still at Chicago it would have to go south and maybe, somehow find its way to Brownsville. This made me have a little glimpse of hope and maybe get to see him one more time.





I was walking with some of my neighborhood friends down the street. When I saw a murder coming from the sky, coming at a high speeds from all angles. It was migrating season. I quickly started running to my house in search for some bread crumbs so I can place on the floor, hoping that Rudy would eat the crumbs like in the old days. I run back towards my friends leaving a little bit of crumbs behind me every step of the way. This moment was a very important part in my life because this is when I was given another chance to make things better. I turned back and saw only one bird pecking and eating the crumbs on the floor. It was him. The one who I had the guilt held inside me. The one who caused me to mad at the world for losing him. But I found him and, I will keep him for as long as I live. I was finally reunited with my old friend Rudy. He quickly flew on my shoulder, after all these years he still remembered me. This bought me pure joy and cheerfulness for this miracle. I instantly left my friends and carried my new pet to the new house where I had made a special place for him in honor of him. My parents got mad at me but I negotiated with them and we came to an agreement. That was the happiest moment of my life. Anyways, I put him on his spot and fed it more seeds, which I had left over. Now me and my bird go on adventures and never leave each other’s side.



Present day- ????


But you don’t believe that do you? Not all stories have happy endings. The truth always lies somewhere. Here is what really happened.


2003- New house

 I was always hoping for another chance to see my black bird again. So I sat in my room everyday waiting for my second chance to come. “But not everyone gets a second chance.” This phrase kept repeating in my head, day and night. I just wanted one thing to make me happy for the rest of my life. But life isn’t fair and I knew if I wanted one thing it would never go as planned. So I kept waiting for years and years, but he never came back. I started to feel like he was starving and was already dead. So I did what I had to do. I went to the H-E-B down the street and bought some stuff. When I was done paying I rushed home and hanged the rope on one of the worn out trees in my backyard. Then I just hanged, so I can be with him again… Turns out that hell was where my black bird was. Rudy was there, standing with his yellow little eyes. What happened next I thought would never happen. Rudy peeled his skin or feathers off this body and showed his real face. It was Satan himself...

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